Natasha Lennard Whitewashes Bill Ayers’ History

Natasha Lennard, the former New York Times writer who was defrocked by the left-wing paper after Breitbart News exposed her deceptive pro-Occupy efforts, has chosen to provide terrorist Bill Ayers with a platform to attack the late Andrew Breitbart.

Lennard interviewed Bill Ayers for to promote his new book. She titled her piece: “My Dinner with dopey Breitbart and Tucker Carlson: Bill Ayers talks with Salon.”

Perhaps most telling about the intentions and values of Lennard was her choosing to overtly diminish the terrorism of Bill Ayers in her opening question to the aging radical. She wrote: “As a member of the Weather Underground in the late 1960s and early ’70s, you were designated a “domestic terrorist” and targeted by the FBI for setting off explosives in symbolically pertinent places, never injuring any people” (emphasis added).

By providing a defense for Ayers and insisting that he never actually hurt anyone, she not only reveals her apparent acceptance of revolutionary acts of violence in the domestic U.S., but she also willfully overlooks the overt acts of killing that were committed by the people who had looked up to Ayers and had previously followed his leadership as former members of the Weather Underground—specifically, police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O’Grady, along with a Brinks guard named Peter Paige. In addition to the Brinks robbery, Ayers’ Weather Underground was also involved in a bomb-making attempt gone wrong that also resulted in the loss of human life, but of course Lennard forgot to mention that in her interview questions.


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