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September 28, 2022

NYC restaurant owner robbed at gunpoint begs leaders to take criminals off the streets

New York City sees 34% increase in total crime since 2020, according to NYPD data

As crime rates continue to tick up in liberal-run New York City, one small business owner who was robbed at gunpoint earlier this year is calling on local leaders to “step in” and take action to stop violent crime.

“We need our leaders to step in and to keep the criminals off the streets. Please, we’re begging,” Nino’s owner Nino Selimaj told FOX Business’ Madison Alworth in an appearance on “Varney & Co.” Tuesday. “We as restaurateurs, we don’t need guns to protect ourselves. We need our leaders to take those criminals off the streets.”

In February, Selimaj and a hostess were approached by two intruders who held them at gunpoint before tying them up and stealing $9,000 in cash, the New York Post initially reported. Though the business owner recalled going into survival mode, the incident is still “extremely difficult” to talk about.

“Right now I’m getting chills, and any moment I think about this, it’s extremely difficult to face,” Selimaj said. “I never been held [up] before with a gun, but this time, I realize it’s difficult and I don’t wish anybody to go through that.”


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The Alarming Amount of Smash & Grabs, NYC Crime (Video)

Joe Rogan Experience

September 22, 2022

Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Violent Criminals to U.S. Border, Says DHS Report

A recent Department of Homeland Security intelligence report received by the Border Patrol instructs agents to look for Venezuelan inmates released from entering the U.S., according to a source within CBP. The report, reviewed by Breitbart Texas, indicates the Venezuelan government, under the leadership of Nicolás Maduro Moros, is purposely freeing inmates — including some convicted of murder, rape, and extortion.

The intelligence report warns agents the freed prisoners have been seen within migrant caravans traveling from Tapachula, Mexico toward the U.S.-Mexico border as recently as July. The source, not authorized to speak to the media, told Breitbart Texas the move is reminiscent of a similar action taken by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during the Mariel boat lift in the 1980s.

The report does not state whether the released prison inmates were traveling as a cohesive group but does state it was commonly shared knowledge among migrants traveling to the United States within a caravan in July that many of the Venezuelan migrants in the group were convicts and included hardened criminals.

The report does not specify that the release of the convicts — understanding they would head to the United States — could be a purposeful geopolitical move specifically intended to impact U.S. national security. Another information gap cited in the report acknowledges the unknown role the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), Venezuela’s equivalent to the CIA, may have played in the deliberate releases.


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September 19, 2022

VIDEOS: Chicago Police Overwhelmed by Mexican Independence Day Revelers

Americans celebrating Mexican Independence Day paralyzed downtown Chicago last night as police were overwhelmed by partying and petty crime

Police in Chicago, Illinois were overwhelmed last night due to revelers celebrating the independence of the United States’ southern neighbor.

Two or more people were shot last night as chaos gripped Chicago’s downtown area with revelers overwhelming police, throwing bottles, setting fires, and waving Mexican flags through the street to celebrate Mexico’s independence, CWB Chicago reported.

That outlet reports that some revelers climbed atop a bus to wave Mexican flags, burned a sports car while other vehicles “spun donuts in downtown intersections,” and generally causing low level violence.


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September 16, 2022

Migrants killing dogs, stealing from homes prompts some Texas border town residents to arm themselves (Video)

Border town residents describe how mass migration has made them feel unsafe, despite Kamala Harris’ claim that ‘the border is secure’

Migrants have killed pets, stolen from shops and knocked on doors late at night in a Texas border town, prompting some residents to arm themselves, locals told Fox News.

“I don’t feel safe,” Laura Ramos, an Eagle Pass business owner, told Fox News. She said she keeps “several weapons” at her store for defense.

Griselda, another local business owner whose employees are all female, said she used to close her business at 9 p.m.

“We now close at seven because it gets dark, people are walking around, all girls, you just never know,” she told Fox News.


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August 25, 2022

Hidden Wealth Revealed: Richest Criminal Organizations (Video)

You may have heard of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who dominated the world and gained billions of dollars through smuggling. During his time, he was one of the world’s wealthiest persons and the leader of one of the world’s largest criminal organizations. Even though information on the wealthiest criminal groups is not widely available on the internet, the list we have compiled will undoubtedly surprise many of you and reveal the wealth of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world .

August 24, 2022

Tucker Carlson: This is a clear indication of things unraveling (Video)

WARNING-Graphic footage: Fox News host Tucker Carlson voices his concerns over national rise in carjackings on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

California business owner flees Golden State, heads for Alabama: ‘It’s crazy out there’

Derek Thoms says several of his laundromats are sometimes targeted in broad daylight

Derek Thoms, who owns several laundromats in California, said he moved his family out of the Golden State to Alabama because of the increase in crime. 

Thoms told “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on Monday that what prompted him to move his family to Alabama included the fact that the state has “low crime” and “more strict laws.” 

“They’re definitely not afraid to put people in jail,” he told host Neil Cavuto. “You just don’t have to deal with all the stuff that comes with California,” the business owner added. 

“I mean, you have to be sensitive to everyone in California, even especially as a business owner, you really fear even saying the wrong thing to somebody and being boycotted out there,” Thoms continued. “It’s crazy out there.” 


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August 22, 2022

Actor Frank Grillo Slams L.A.’s Crime After His Trainer Killed: ‘Powers That Be Need to Get Off Their Asses and Fix This S**t’

Avengers and Captain America star Frank Grillo slammed the rising crime in Democrat-controlled Los Angeles after his boxing trainer, Azuma Bennett, was “shot and killed over nothing.” The actor also called on “the powers that be” in Los Angeles to “get off their asses and fix this shit.”

“He made everybody feel good about training,” Grillo told KNBC of Bennett. “I don’t know what’s happened to Los Angeles that a beautiful guy like this gets shot and killed over nothing.”

The 30-year-old, who was a trainer at Fortune Boxing Gym, was fatally shot outside of a marijuana dispensary on August 12. Homicide detectives have not yet revealed a motive or identified any suspects.

Bennett, an Australian native, was shot “at least eight times,” and died while being taken to a local hospital, according to a report by New York Post.

“I’m glad this story is traveling. Maybe we can force the powers that be to get off their asses and fix this shit,” Grillo wrote in an Instagram story, reacting to the news of him slamming the rising crime in Los Angeles. “We in LA need to wake up to what has become a common occurrence.”


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August 20, 2022

Is Bradford the most dangerous city in Europe? (Video)

A new statistical analysis has seemingly shown the English city of Bradford to be more dangerous than any other city in Europe. What is the reaction of the British press and also the police in the city itself?