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The Full Charles Murray: Race and IQ, Government Welfare, and Crime (Video)

Many people hate Charles Murray. They call him “dangerous” because he wrote about racial IQ differences.

Offered Business On England’s Worst Street (Video)

Britain; the world’s sixth biggest economy. But what is life like for the average Brit outside of the capital city? Well, I went to investigate and what I found wasn’t too promising. Join me on a journey into the provinces of this once great country for what might be my most brutal adventure yet…

Massachusetts school requests National Guard to rein in ‘violent’ students: ‘Sex and drugs in classrooms’ (Video)

The problem has become so desperate for teachers that many have taken to calling in sick due to fears of being attacked at school.

Members of a Massachusetts high school committee sent a letter asking their mayor to deploy National Guard troops to rein in violent chaos on campus — ranging from daily brawls in the halls to frequent drug use and fornication in empty classrooms.

“Recent events at Brockton High School have prompted us to seek immediate assistance to prevent a potential tragedy,” four members of the Brockton School Committee wrote in a February 15 letter.

“Over the past few months, our high school has experienced a disturbing increase in incidents related
to violence, security concerns, and substance abuse. The situation has reached a critical point, more recently we had an alarming 35 teachers absent, underscoring the severity of the challenges we are facing,” it continued.


Complete text and video linked here.

Increased Cost Of Water & Food Will Cause Crime & Fighting To SKYROCKET (Video)

Tim Pool

“All Criminals” – Invasion or Immigration at the Border? (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss a shocking claim about mass migration and illegal immigration.

Black “leaders” spreading the lie of the KC shooting and others are failing their communities (Video)

Legally Armed America

Inside South East Asia’s Criminal Empire (Video)

In this video, Crisis Group’s Senior Adviser for Myanmar Richard Horsey discusses organised crime in South East Asia’s Golden Triangle. Myanmar’s Shan State and northern Laos’ Bokeo province have become a contiguous zone of vibrant criminality, much of it beyond the reach of state authorities. The Mekong river, which bisects the zone, is also an axis of geopolitical competition, complicating efforts to combat organised crime.

FBI fears Venezuelan gang operating in NYC could join forces with MS-13: report (Video)

“While these gangs wouldn’t normally mix, it’s always going to be a concern as [Tren de Aragua] expands in strength and establishes a foothold,” Morales said.

Following revelations that many of the illegal immigrants suspected of carrying out dozens of robberies across New York City are tied to Tren de Aragua, fears have grown that the Venezuelan gang may join forces with MS-13, a notorious group formed in Los Angeles by Salvadoran migrants in the 1980s.

An official with the Federal Bureau of Investigation said that while there haven’t been any reported incidents of the gangs working together, the possibility has led to increased monitoring of the situation.

El Paso-based Senior FBI agent John Morales told the New York Post that the agency is actively looking into Tren de Aragua and sharing intelligence with other authorities to prevent alliances with other gangs, specifically MS-13.


Complete text and video linked here.

Transgender Gunman Opens Fire On Joel Osteen’s Church In Lakewood Texas (Video)


The Vatican, Marilyn Monroe & JFK Affair, Whacking Pablo Escobar’s Henchman | Gianni Russo • 184 (Video)

Gianni Russo is an actor, businessman, and author. He is most well known for playing Carlo Rizzi in the greatest movie ever made, “The Godfather.”