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John Stossel: Critical Race Theory in American Schools (Video)

Critical race theory says racism permeates every American institution and exists to uphold white supremacy.

Amie (What You Wanna Do) – Pure Prairie League cover

Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren

How California Law Created A Massive Marijuana Black Market | John Nores Jr. (Video)

California passed proposition 64 to eliminate the illegal marijuana market. But 6 years later the black market is thriving and becoming more brazen as Cartels are buying out homes to grow marijuana illegally.

Complete Classic Movie: Beyond the Reach (2014)

Actor: Martin Palmer, Michael Douglas, Jeremy Irvine. A high-rolling corporate shark and his impoverished young guide play the most dangerous game during a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert.

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Inside The Underage Sex Trafficking Brothels Of Peru’s Illegal Gold Mines (Video)

As illegal gold mining in Peru’s remote Amazon ramps up, ramshackle brothels are sprouting up to cater to laborers with money to spend. In some instances, young girls are being lured to these camps with promises of regular work, only to be forced into selling themselves for sex. A sting operation by the authorities reveals the extent of these deplorable conditions.

Crazed Left-Wing Course Listings At The University Of Chicago Signify The Downfall Of The American Mind

By indoctrinating and coddling young people, American universities are breeding intolerance. We are already seeing the effects of this indoctrination. Young leftists have disavowed our founding documents and fathers, and they censorfireharass, and publicly slander anyone who dares think differently from them.

“Marxism, Anarchism, and the Black Radical Tradition,” “Witchcraft and the Cultural Imagination,” “Trans-bodies in Horror Cinema,” “The Problem of Whiteness,” and “Transnational Queer Politics and Practices” are not course titles invented by “The Babylon Bee” to mock the state of America’s universities. Rather, they are real classes I came across this year while scrolling through the course listings for the University of Chicago’s winter quarter. 

As a senior, I had flexibility in my schedule to take a class simply for the joy of learning, irrespective of whether it fulfilled a graduation requirement. This should have been an enjoyable experience. Instead, the process left me fearful of the close-minded young people being inculcated by my school and so many other academic institutions. 

As a politically conservative student, I am accustomed to being in the classroom minority. To be clear, I was not looking for a course that would reinforce my conservative beliefs (even if I was, “conservative” classes simply do not exist). All I wanted was to take a class that was not explicitly partisan by its very title or course description. 


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WATCH: How thousands of ‘mules’ dropped harvested ballots in 2020

True the Vote may have cracked code of massive vote fraud

True the Vote may have finally cracked the code behind the undercover massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

It’s apparently through the use of “mules” – or delivery people – who dropped off harvested ballots into absentee-ballot boxes like one in Georgia. True the Vote, a non-partisan effort, says they have similar cases from five other contested states.

Former President Donald Trump thanked Catherine Englebrecht, founder of True the Vote, who was sitting in the crowd at his rally in Conroe, Texas. Trump explained Englebrecht and her team uncovered “massive illegal ballot harvesting and other forms of ballot fraud, the scheme with 2,000, they call them ballot ‘mules,’ these are people, they call them ‘mules,’ people – and they walk in early in the morning with thousands and thousands of ballots, and they stuff the ballot boxes in Georgia and other states.”


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Eagles – Farewell Tour

Melbourne 2004

Complete Classic Movie: Americons (2017)

Actor: Beau Martin Williams, Matt Funke, Trai Byers. The movie is about Jason, a once promising college football star who is offered to become a sub-prime mortgage broker and quickly dives headfirst into the hedonistic and greedy lifestyle full of drugs, parties, hot women.

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Trump Truth Social Announces Its AI Will CENSOR MORE Than Twitter, Will Be The MOST Family Friendly (Video)