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June 16, 2017

Marxist Wisconsin Professor Rakes In $170,000 Per Year Teaching About Inequality And Oppression

“Human emancipation” is the goal of Marxism, the fat-cat professor explains.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a sociology course informing students that capitalism creates “a world of great misery, inequality and oppression” that “is irrational in ways that hurt nearly everyone.”

Erik Olin Wright, the well-heeled professor who teaches the graduate-level course, rakes a sweet annual salary of $170,000 per year.

The MacIver Institute, a free-market think tank, obtained the syllabus for Wright’s course by way of a public records request. The course is entitled: “Class, State, and Ideology: An Introduction to Social Science in the Marxist Tradition.”

The affluent professor’s course syllabus, which goes on — and on — for almost 80 pages, declares that capitalism “generates harms” and “generates injustices” which “can be broadly grouped under three rubrics: exploitation, domination and irrationality.”

Marxism, on the other hand, is an “emancipatory social science” that seeks to “fulfill the goal of generating critical social scientific knowledge relevant to the task of challenging systems of oppression.”


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June 13, 2017

The Fruits of Socialism: Venezuela in 20 Photos

As Venezuela enters year eighteen of the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution, the international community is finally paying attention, as Venezuelans struggle to find food, medicine, and an outlet for their frustration that will not trigger rampant state violence.

There is no short version of the story of how South America’s wealthiest nation, which boasts the world’s largest known oil reserves, became a nation where 15 percent of people need to scavenge through garbage to eat while the nation’s dictator dances on state television. Venezuela’s decline is the inevitable endgame of socialism, told by the deterioration of its streets, the abuse of its opposition politicians, and the use of the military to maim and kill Venezuelan children as young as 14.

Below, 20 images show the true toll of socialism in Venezuela.

December 2011: While the death of Hugo Chávez allowed for socialist leaders to rapidly develop the cult of personality around him as a saint and martyr of socialism, the North Korea-like cult worship of Chávez began during his lifetime. In 2011, chavista government officials put together a Christian “nativity scene” depicting Chávez as the baby Jesus figure, surrounded by founding fathers such as Simón Bolívar. (L’encre Noir)

May 2011: As violent drug and gang activity flourished under Chávez, Venezuelans grew to fear murder at the hands of thugs so much that they prayed to dead thugs to protect them, creating idols known as “santos malandros”–”holy thugs“–and offering them small sacrifices in exchange for safety on urban streets. (AP Photo)


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Murray: postmodernism, Trump to blame for left’s campus anger

Murray says he is identified as a “person of the right” on campus, which allows students to transfer their anti-Trump anger onto him.

Charles Murray spoke about the causes of the recent rise of violent mob protesters during a speech delivered at an Intellectual Takeout gala late last week.

Earlier this year, Middlebury students hijacked Murray’s planned speech by using mob rule, followed him outside of the building to attack his getaway car, and at least one person, Professor Allison Stanger, ended up in the hospital with a concussion.

Murray opened his speech (which begins at roughly the 17:40 mark in the linked video) by explaining the Middlebury fiasco, and then segued into a discussion about the state of elite higher education. He said the Middlebury debacle was “pretty awful, because it represents the opposite of what a university is supposed to represent.”

He lamented that what happened at Middlebury wasn’t an isolated incident and that those types of protests have begun to spread, not just at his own lectures, but at other speeches, too.

“What is going on there?” he inquired.


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June 10, 2017

Colleges now teaching social justice to high-schoolers

At least three universities will offer social-justice themed summer programs for high-school students discussing topics such as Black Lives Matter and “Gayborhoods.” Some of the programs, such as one at the University of Pennsylvania, will cost more than $7,000 to attend.

Colleges across the country are playing host to month-long summer programs that aim to teach high-school students the merits of social justice.

The month-long Social Justice Intensive summer program at Sarah Lawrence College is one such program, vowing to teach high-schoolers “theoretical, historical, and present day perspectives on issues such as class, gender, sexuality, and race.”

While students can’t earn college credit from these classes, they will still be taught by Sarah Lawrence Professors, who will offer courses such as “Intersectional Social Justice” and “Finding Our Voices: From Activists to Allies” at a cost of $6,580.

“Intersectional Social Justice,” taught by Professor Rachel Simon, will serve as a primer on intersectionality, arguing that the theory describes how “oppressive institutions” (such as rape culture and classism) are “interconnected” and thus “cannot be examined separately from one another.”

According to a course description, Simon will discuss issues such as Black Lives Matter, Feminist Activism, and what is apparently known as the “Theater of the Oppressed” in order to teach students ways to “dismantle” those “larger systems of oppression.”


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May 30, 2017

Genocide and Communism May Destroy South Africa (1/2) – Video

South Africa is on the verge of destruction under its corrupt, racist, communist regime, Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman reports. Communism kills. And as The New American has been warning for decades, South Africa is not immune. In fact, it appears to be on the brink of unprecedented chaos as the communists and communist-linked rulers–which very much included Mandela–step up their incitement to genocide, their stealing of land, and their socialization of the economy. While the media refuses to report it, the facts are undeniable.

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May 25, 2017

MAINSTREAM Part 1 – “Moving Images” (Documentary)

MAINSTREAM traces Hollywood’s origins from the early art-driven movie moguls to the profit-driven liberal corporations of today. Governed by just 6 conglomerates, Hollywood movies and New York media have become predatory, unethical and sometimes engaged in illegal business practices that result in discrimination against talents, crews, executives and whole populations. In pursuit of the Globalist Agenda, the indoctrination of children with Marxist and anti-Christian values is rampant in the Mainstream Media.

May 23, 2017

Harvard Talk: Postmodernism & the Mask of Compassion – Jordan Peterson (Video)

I was invited to speak at Harvard University in mid-April on the use of compassion as a mask for the advance of the profoundly anti-western postmodern and neomarxist doctrines. There was a fair bit of controversy surrounding the invitation (which accounted in part for the relatively confrontational tone of the interview/discussion). There were protesters in attendance, one of whom insisted (as is quite common) in speaking out of turn, because, of course, her comments were so important that putting them forward justified breaking the agreed-upon rules. That said, the protesters were civil.

May 17, 2017

The Democratic Party: Corruption, Communism, with Crashing and Burning

Instead of course corruption, the Democrats have embraced more socialistic lunacy. Wait, let’s tell it like it is: The DNC has gone full commie.

President Obama ran for office and run his office as “The One” to destroy the Republican Party. Eight years later Trump is President, and Republicans are finally reversing the damage of that administration. Ironically, the damage done to the Democratic Party has become incalculable and growing.

We all know that during Election 2016, The DNC lied, cheated, and stole the nomination from Bernie. LBernie delegates in California told me that the DNC charged them $2,000 more than Hillary delegates to attend the convention, as well as adding “mandatory” evenings. Dirty dealing from Day One. The corruption-turned- infighting from the top down has metastasized into Stage Four inoperable cancer.

The DNC Chairmanship to replace the corrupt Donna Brazile (who had replaced the corrupt Debbie Wasserman-Schulz) featured Hillary-Obama puppet Tom Perez and Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, who wanted to further the Bernie Revolution of unfettered socialism—and he praised the Muslim Brotherhood. Who can forget the Idaho DNC candidate who announced: “It’s my job to tell white men to sit down and shut up!” Another contender from Arkansas was booted … because he was from Arkansas. Great idea, Democrats—kick Southerners in the teeth, and keep asking yourselves why you keep losing. Yeah, smart.


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May 16, 2017

What is Cultural Marxism? (Video)

A primer on the history, present aspirations, and future implications of Cultural Marxism.

May 15, 2017

How They Sabotaged Western Civilization – Stefan Molyneux (Video)

Looking at historical trends and cause and effect, it certainly appears that Western Civilization has been sabotaged. Stefan Molyneux looks at the crimes against western civilization and how they have been covered up as society disintegrates under the weight of cultural marxism.