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Canada Is Becoming A COMMUNIST HELLHOLE: Kat Kanada Interview | Lauren Southern (Video)

Kat Kanada fled Soviet Moldova with her parents as the USSR was collapsing. Now, she sees many of the USSR’s issues occurring today in Canada. In this interview, Kat compares the brutal state of the country she fled with the declining west.

This is a Dangerous Game To Play I Glenn Loury and Charles Murray (Video)

The Glenn Show

Insider Leaks Disney’s Hidden LGBTQ Youth Programs and Children’s Pride Events (Video)

An insider source at Disney has provided OMG with startling internal documents and communications. These documents reveal Disney’s promotion of Pride events for children that involve n*ked men, maps of Disney-sponsored pride parades nationwide, Disney’s covert partnership with “Zebra Youth,” a program supporting LGBTQ youth ages 13-24, and messages about polys*xual virtual hangouts.

The Rise of Anti-Whiteism in the Media (Video)

Misha Petrov

Communists & Far Left Extremists TAKE OVER French Government | Lauren Southern (Video)

This week, riots and protests against police erupted across Paris as far left protestors took to the streets against Marine Le Pen’s party. At the same time, the entire left wing block of the French government formed a coalition – they include extremists on the terror watch list in France. Lauren breaks down what’s going on in France:

Former Space Force Officer Says ‘Separate Chain Of Command’ Enforces ‘Divisive Ideology’ In Military Academy

“My own alma mater, the U.S. Air Force Academy, has diversity and inclusion cadet officers who wear a special insignia within their cadet squadrons, they wear purple braided rope over the shoulders and they report to a separate chain of command other than their military chain of command, relating to diversity and inclusion issues,” he continued. “It reminds one of Soviet political commissars that have been established both in the Soviet Union and in other Marxist revolutionary efforts throughout the last century.”

A former United States Space Force officer said Saturday morning that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is enforced by a “separate chain of command” at the Air Force Academy.

Former Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matt Lohmeier, who was relieved of command after he spoke out against DEI initiatives in the military in 2021 and says he lost his pension, told guest host Joey Jones on “Fox and Friends Saturday” that the academy “has diversity and inclusion cadet officers” who “report to a separate chain of command.” Jones had referred to an Arizona State University study that found service academies encourage reporting “private conversations that challenge DEI precepts,” asking Lohmeier if he had similar experiences.


Complete text linked here.

“Timid & Artless” – Sean Penn SLAMS Hollywood’s DEI Initiatives for Ruining Movies (Video)

Sean Penn believes that the current climate in Hollywood regarding the casting of LGBTQ+ roles is too cautious and unimaginative.

“Reverse Discrimination” – Is DEI Racist? Surprising Poll Shows Americans Oppose Woke Hiring Process (Video)

Shocking! 48% of Americans believe corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs discriminate against white men, as reported in a Rasmussen Reports poll.

Britain’s New Scientist magazine endorses pseudoscientific theories about ethnicity and race (Video)

New Scientist suggests that racism is a greater hazard to health in Britain than heart disease or cancer, using Critical Race Theory to make the case

James Lindsay – Wokeness is a Cult Religion (Video)

Liberty Vault