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1982 CW Scientology Hearings – Ron DeWolf – Day 1 (Video)

Ron DeWolf (L. Ron Hubbard Jr.) was the son of Hubbard and worked very closely with his father during the growth of Scientology in the 1950’s. He had a very rocky relationship with his dad and ultimately wound up testifying against him in court.

Series: Hatfields & McCoys Part 3

Actor: Kevin Costner, Bill Paxton, Matt Barr. Bad Frank’s raids force the besieged Hatfields deeper into the mountains; the impulsive Johnse sets his sights on another McCoy woman; the ruthless Nancy McCoy spies on the Hatfields; and the feud leads to a shattering New Year’s Day battle.

Click here to watch Hatfields & McCoys Part 3.

THE SUMMER OF PSY-OPS: Manson, Son of Sam & Scientology – Part 2 (Video)

Picking up from where we left off in Part 1 of ‘The Summer of Psy-Ops: Manson, Son of Sam & Scientology’, delving deeper into the rabbit hole.

Belinda Carlisle – Mad About You

Official Video

The destruction of British heritage and culture continues apace (Video)

From musicals and plays to famous and much-loved historical figures such as David Livingstone, the drive to rid Britain of its history and besmirch that which remains is now moving ahead with full vigour.

Chip Roy EXPLODES, warns DHS Chief new policy is “impeachable act” (Video)

We have a raging border crisis and the Biden administration’s answer is to make it WORSE.

Complete Classic Movie: Elvis & Nixon (2016)

Actor: Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey, Alex Pettyfer. The untold true story behind the meeting between Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n Roll, and President Richard Nixon, resulting in this revealing, yet humorous moment immortalized in the most requested photograph in the National Archives.

Click here to watch Elvis & Nixon.

Jon Stewart ROASTED For Struggling To Read Woke Propaganda On Prompter, Complains About White People (Video)


Ron DeSantis Rips Disney Parental Rights Opposition Hypocrisy: They Would’ve Endorsed a Ban on Teaching China’s Uyghur Genocide (Video)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) slammed the Walt Disney Company on Tuesday for its threat to go after the Sunshine State’s new parental rights law, saying “if we would’ve put in the bill that you were not allowed to have curriculum that discussed the oppression of the Uyghurs in China, Disney would have endorsed that in a second — and that’s the hypocrisy of this.”

DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Act — the measure establishment media and other leftists have misrepresented as the “don’t say gay” bill — into law Monday. In response, Disney released a statement promising to use its influence to have the bill be overturned and challenge it in court.

“We’re going to make sure we’re fighting back when people are threatening our parents and threatening our kids,” he said in defense of the bill.

“For Disney to come out and put a statement and say that ‘the bill should have never passed’ and that they are going to actively work to repeal it, I think, one, was fundamentally dishonest, two, I think that crossed the line,” DeSantis said at a press conference. “This state is governed by the interests of the people of the state of Florida. It is not based on the demands of California corporate executives.”


Complete text and video linked here.

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

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