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February 18, 2017

Mexican Presidential Candidate Holds Anti-Trump Rally in L.A.

Mexican presidential hopeful Andres Manuel López Obrador held a mass rally in Los Angeles on Sunday to criticize American President Donald J. Trump’s plans to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The populist López Obrador hoped to rally supporters against his country’s ruling party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), and to capitalize on resentment over Trump’s border wall proposal, wire service Reuters reported.

“I think the wall and the demagoguery of patriotism are no match for the dignity and humanity of the American people,” López Obrador said during his rally.

The Mexican politician went on to praise California as “a refuge and blessing for immigrants,” and exclaimed “long live California,” to the cheers of the crowd.

The candidate added that Trump is “stirring up” Americans against Mexicans, according to a version of his speech published on his website.

“Donald Trump and his advisors have gained from stirring up members in certain sectors of U.S. society against immigrants and, particularly, those of Mexican nationality,” he said.

“When they want to build a wall to segregate populations, or when the word ‘foreigner’ is used to insult, denigrate and discriminate against our fellow human beings, it goes against humanity, it goes against intelligence and against history,” López Obrador told the crowd.


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February 14, 2017

Mexican Cops Sentenced for Kidnapping, Murdering Ranchers

Half of the victims from the kidnappings were incinerated inside the state prison in Piedras Negras. High ranking government officials, including a former Coahuila governor, have been implicated in U.S. court hearings of having provided protection to Los Zetas.

Two former cops from this border state have been sent to prison in connection with the murder and kidnapping of three ranchers in 2015.

During a court hearing on Friday afternoon, Juan Carlos Favela Mares and Lauro Arturo Lerma Orozco were formally sentenced to 40 and 45 years in prison, respectively. The two men had been Coahuila state police officers since 2011 until their arrest.

The two former cops were convicted of having kidnapped and murdered three cattlemen from the Mexican state of Zacatecas, who were traveling to Piedras Negras. The cowboys were moving about 300 head of cattle to the border when the kidnapping took place near the rural community of Castaños, Coahuila, about 250 miles south of the Texas border. Court records do not reveal if the kidnapping was for ransom, however the three were eventually murdered. Authorities discovered the bodies of the three victims inside a vehicle. The victims had been handcuffed and shot in the head.


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February 3, 2017

Bill Whittle: VIVA MEXICO! Now Get To Work

I hope that this wall jolts Mexico out of their self-inflicted misery. The Mexicans I have known here in Los Angeles are some of the kindest, most family-oriented and most especially hardest-working people I have ever met. Perhaps their re-discovered pride will make them take a close look at a government that steals from them the way the Conquistadors have always stolen from them.

Trump’s wall seems to have re-awoken in Mexicans a fierce patriotism that we may not have seen since the days of Pancho Villa tweaking gringo noses a century ago.

We know this movement is serious and consequential because the Mexicans have deployed theater-specific, state-of-the-art hashtags aimed directly at the American homeland: #AdiosProductosGringos is one of them, but for those who do not speak Spanish there is also #AdiosStarbucks, #AdiosMcDonalds and #AdiosCocaCola.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto – coming off an approval rating of twelve percent a few weeks ago – exclaimed that “Today like never before, I feel proud to be Mexican.” He may not qualify as the George Washington of his nation, but he has an excellent shot at becoming the Michelle Obama of Mexico.

Well, ain’t that grand? I’m not kidding, either. I think a surge of Mexican patriotism is exactly what Mexico needs.


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February 2, 2017

U.S. Media Ignore Mexican President’s Ties to Drug Cartels

U.S. news outlets appear to have forgotten that the Juarez Cartel and multiple acts of corruption have been linked to the election of the current Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto. The Mexican president’s ties to cartels, the mysterious release from prison of major cartel figures during his presidency, and the fact that regions of Mexico are under operational control of these paramilitary transnational criminal organizations during his presidency are rarely, if ever, reported in the U.S. The outrageous number of journalists who have been murdered or who have simply disappeared in Peña Nieto’s Mexico is also rarely reported.

Last year, Breitbart Texas reported on an investigation that revealed that a series of shell companies had been used by members of the Juarez cartel to funnel funds into Peña Nieto’s 2012 election. The investigation was carried out by Mexican award winning journalist Carmen Aristegui and her team; the subsequent scandal became known as Monexgate for the cash cards that were given out during Peña Nieto’s campaign. Those journalists have been under criticism by the Mexican government after discovering the cartel finance link, as well as the fact that Peña Nieto had received properties as bribes from government contractors.

A few examples of the current Mexican president’s softness towards his nation’s drug cartels provide some insight into the realities in Mexico that are ignored by U.S. media.


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January 28, 2017

The Fruits of Mexico’s Cheap Labor (Video)

In their 2014 global slavery index, the Walk Free Foundation estimated that more than a quarter of a million people in Mexico could be classified as modern day slaves.

January 14, 2017

Meth And Madness In Mexico (Video)

Stacey Dooley Investigates.

January 13, 2017

Life in the Deportee Slums of Mexico (Video)

About 40 percent of Mexican immigrants deported from the US are sent back through Tijuana. Many of the deported border crossers have established a makeshift shantytown inside a dry, concrete riverbed where the Tijuana River once flowed—called El Bordo.

January 9, 2017

Running on Fumes: Pandemonium at Mexico’s Gas Pumps

One week into 2017, and Mexico is already descending into chaos.

A week of protests in Mexico has devolved into looting, vandalism, and violence after a double-digit increase in gas prices that landed with a bang as the New Year began.

On Saturday, hundreds of protestors descended on the border dividing San Diego from Mexico, taking control of Mexican Customs and forcing a southbound border shutdown lasting several hours. Thousands of Mexicans returning home from California were forced to turn back toward the U.S. and seek out alternative border crossing points. And that was neither the worst nor the end of it.

These increasingly violent protests did not begin because of “The Wall” that U.S.-President-Elect Donald Trump will ask Congress to fund (for now), but they will certainly have an impact on the border he says he wants to defend. And the more he pressures Mexico economically, the worse it’s going to get.

Through the week, roads across Mexico were blocked by protesters and burning tires, thousands of businesses were ransacked, upward of 1500 people—among them, police officers— were arrested, and at least five people were killed as furious citizens took to the streets following the more than 20 percent price gas hike.


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December 26, 2016

Cartel Gunmen Wish Merry Christmas by Beheading Rival in Front of His Children

The continuing cartel violence that has taken hold of this state took a disturbing twist when cartel gunmen added a Christmas flavor by leaving the body of one of their latest beheading victims next to a banner saying “Merry Christmas.”

The recent murder took place when cartel gunmen stormed a house in the Esperanza neighborhood. The cartel gunmen shot a man five times with a 9mm handgun. The victim was murdered in front of his three children. After killing the man, the gunmen beheaded the victim and left a cartel banner with the message “Merry Christmas.” The banner was signed by the Cartel Del Noreste Faction of the Los Zetas Cartel.

As Breitbart Texas has been reporting, two rival factions of the Los Zetas Cartel have been fighting for control of lucrative drug trafficking routes in the border states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León and Coahuila. The faction calling themselves CDN has been at war with the factions Vieja Escuela Z and Grupo Bravo.

The fighting between the two rival factions have spread terror through this city as the number of kidnappings, executions and shootouts continue to climb every day.


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December 3, 2016

Papini Abduction Likely Work of Mexican Sex Traffickers

Private investigator says evidence suggests a brutal cartel kidnapped and tortured California mom.

Recently freed California mom Sherri Papini who was tortured and branded by her captors was likely the victim of a kidnapping gone awry by a Mexican sex-trafficking ring, according to a private investigator who worked on the case.

The case seems to underline how America’s porous borders enable criminals and other bad elements to enter the United States seeking victims. Mexican crime syndicates have become more active north of the border in recent years. The Redding area in Northern California has become an important corridor for sex-traffickers in recent years.

San Diego-based private investigator Bill Garcia volunteered to work on the case of Sherri Papini, a married mother of two, who was abducted while jogging Nov. 2 near her home in tiny Mountain Gate, which is near the community of Redding on Interstate 5 as it stretches through Shasta County in Northern California.

The Redding area is a primary sex-trafficking corridor, according to Garcia.

Papini has been “cooperative and courageous” while working with law enforcement to track down her captors, county sheriff Tom Bosenko told reporters at a news conference.


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