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How China & Mexico Are Stealing Money From America (Video)

In this video, Patrick Bet-David delves into how China & Mexico are impacting America’s economy and potentially ‘stealing’ money.

Inside Mexico’s New Generation of Brutal Cartels I IRONCLAD (Video)

Today’s guest is Matthew Thomas, Chief Deputy of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. Throughout his career, he has served in several specialty units—Detention, Patrol, Traffic, Training, the Police Academy, Motors, Narcotics, and Investigations.

The Darien Gap & Postmodernism | Bret Weinstein | EP 434 (Video)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with evolutionary biologist, author, and podcaster Dr. Bret Weinstein. They discuss the migration crisis, what values make up the “American Identity,” the potential for defining the transcendent, the origins of mutual reciprocity, and how the founding fathers codified these ideas into guidelines for the most functional nation in history.

The Rise of MS13 and Militarized Mexican Drug Cartels I IRONCLAD (Video)

Today is the second in a two-part series on BORDERLAND, examining the MS13 gang and the massive crackdown taking place in El Salvador.

Hector Berrellez: Cartels Own Tourist Resorts, 37,000 People Disappeared Last Year (Part 13) – Video

In this clip, Hector Berrellez sheds light on the horrific violence and corruption employed by Mexican drug cartels and the apparent impunity granted by the Mexican government. Hector shares chilling accounts of cartels torturing, decapitating, and murdering their enemies or their families, to intimidate and assert dominance

El Salvador’s President Is Wildly Popular. Here’s What We Can Learn From Him. (Video)

Matt Walsh

How El Salvador Destroyed their Brutal Gangs (Video)

How did El Salvador destroy their gangs? The story of Gang violence in El Salvador isn’t safely tucked far away in Central America like you might think. It’s effects have spread to the United States where the Salvadoran gang M13 has grown exponentially. Prisons have become overcrowded and filled. 70,000 people were arrested. How did the Cold War and influx of arms into the country change the dynamic? We look at the situation from multiple points of view and perspectives to dive deep into the historical and modern day aspects.

Mexico demands investigation into US military-grade weapons being used by drug cartels

The Mexican army said in June that it had seized 221 fully automatic machine guns, 56 grenade launchers and a dozen rocket launchers from drug cartels since late 2018.

Mexico wants an urgent investigation into how U.S. military-grade weapons are increasingly being found in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, Mexico’s top diplomat said Monday.

Mexico’s army is finding belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades that are not sold for civilian use in the United States.

“The (Mexican) Defense Department has warned the United States about weapons entering Mexico that are for the exclusive use of the U.S. army,” Foreign Relations Secretary Alicia Bárcena said. “It is very urgent that an investigation into this be carried out.”

The Mexican army said in June that it had seized 221 fully automatic machine guns, 56 grenade launchers and a dozen rocket launchers from drug cartels since late 2018.


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Mexico DEMANDS Joe Biden Grant Amnesty To 10 MILLION Migrants (Video)

Timcast IRL

El Salvador’s Incredible War on Gangs: Victory at Any Cost (Video)

Dive into the heart of El Salvador’s struggle for peace as we unravel the moral complexities of the War on Gangs. Discover the highs and lows, the crackdown’s impact, and the harsh realities faced by its people.