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June 27, 2022

Cartel Corruption Explained by Mexican Crime Expert – Ed Calderon (Video)

Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with Ed Calderon, former counter narcotics agent. Calderon is recognized as one of the worlds preeminent researchers and trainers in the field of personal security that have come out of Mexico.

June 14, 2022

Ex-CEO of Amazon Mexico Accused of Paying Hitmen $9K to Murder Wife

The ex-CEO of Amazon Mexico was recently accused of paying two hitmen thousands of dollars to murder his wife three years ago.

Juan Carlos Garcia has been on the run but a trial recently opened over the killing of his wife, Abril Pérez Sagaón, in Mexico City, the New York Postreported Sunday.

The outlet continued:

One of the hired guns testified that Garcia offered an extra $2,500 if his wife was killed before the couple’s next court hearing in a lawsuit she had filed against him.

Pérez had filed for divorce from her husband after she accused him of trying to kill her when he beat her with a baseball bat in January 2019. She was in Mexico City for a scheduled hearing when she was fatally shot by a motorcyclist, authorities said.

Computer generated images depicted motorcyclists sitting next to a vehicle, with one pointing a handgun into the car at someone sitting in the passenger’s seat.


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May 19, 2022

The Migrant Jungle Cruise Of Death (Video)

Deep inside the deadly Darien Gap where migrants risk it all to make it to Americas Southern border.

Millie Weaver interviews war correspondent Michael Yon about his journey deep inside the most dangerous jungle between Panama and Columbia: the Darién Gap. Migrants from all over the world have to walk through sixty-miles of dense jungle and flash-floods facing robbery, rape, and even murder as smugglers and cartels exploit them for protection and transportation. Joe Biden’s policies which allow an open southern border have encouraged migrants from third world nations to flock to the dangerous migrant trail in hopes that they will illegally enter into the US.

In this two part series, we’ll see how a broken US immigration policy and an open border incentivizes tens-of-thousands of migrants to risk their lives and the lives of their children; bargaining with drug cartels and human traffickers; risking it all to take a chance.


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May 14, 2022

El Salvador drug gangs face ‘world’s coolest dictator’ as innocent suffer in crackdown (Video)

On a single Saturday in March, 62 people were killed – it was El Salvador’s deadliest day since the civil war ended three decades years ago.

April 13, 2022

El Salvador Arrests 6,000 Gang Members In 10 Days (Video)

El Salvador has continued its crackdown on what officials are calling a war on gangs as the government has arrested 6,000 gang members in response to a killing spree in March. The rise in gang violence caused a countrywide state of emergency, but advocates claim some of the the efforts are creating a framework for abuse. 

March 29, 2022

Living in Mexico’s kill zone | The Full Report (Video)

Michoacan state is an epicenter of Mexico’s violence. While cartels, vigilantes & authorities fight, the population’s trapped in the middle. Al Jazeera spent a month on the ground in the state to investigate.

March 13, 2022

Media Blackout: Mexico Leads The World in Child Porn Production And Distribution

Mexico’s current laws do not require internet service providers to hand over information to law enforcement on users who regularly distribute child pornographic images, making investigations very difficult. Only a few years ago, there were about 1,300 Mexican websites devoted to the distribution of child pornography, according to La Jornada.

There has been an alarming increase in the reports of illegal aliens distributing child pornography, much of it through social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

While the reports on this ongoing outrage may have recently increased, the problem has been around for many years, as Mexico has the disgusting distinction of being both the world’s number one producer and distributor of child pornography.

In November 2016, Rosario Alfaro, director of the child advocacy group known as “Guardianes,” spoke at the National Day Against Child Sexual Abuse conference, in Mexico City and stated that 60 percent of the world’s child pornography is produced in Mexico.


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January 24, 2022

Mexican Journalist Killed in Tijuana, 3rd Instance of 2022

A gunman shot and killed a journalist in Tijuana Sunday. The murder is the third of its kind in Mexico for 2022 and the second in Tijuana over a 7-day period.

The murder took place on Sunday night when a gunman shot and killed Lourdes Maldonado inside her vehicle, the Baja California Attorney General’s Office revealed.

According to Punto Norte, Maldonado’s belongings were left untouched. By the time paramedics were on scene, she had died from her wounds.

Maldonado previously asked Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to help her since she felt threatened by a top politician from his party. Maldonado made the request during one of AMLO’s daily press briefings.


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January 2, 2022

China unveils plan to ‘take over’ Latin America

“There are absolutely ambitions for China to become the dominant influence in Latin America,” Haydar added. “The challenge is comprehensive, and there’s absolutely a security and military interest there. … That threat is growing, and it’s a different kind of threat than what we saw with the Soviet threat.”

Chinese Communist Party officials have unveiled an “action plan for cooperation” with Latin American countries that amounts to a “comprehensive” plan to cultivate influence and threaten American interests, following a new ministerial with the nearest neighbors of the United States.

“The Chinese don’t say, ‘We want to take over Latin America,’ but they clearly set out a multidimensional engagement strategy, which, if successful, would significantly expand their leverage and produce enormous intelligence concerns for the United States,” U.S. Army War College research professor Evan Ellis, a former member of the State Department policy planning staff, told the Washington Examiner.

Chinese officials outlined their ambitions following a ministerial with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. This intergovernmental forum was launched in 2011 under the auspices of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who wanted a venue to rival the Organization of American States and challenge U.S. influence in Latin America, and it now stands to furnish Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping with a platform to gather a coalition of leftist and authoritarian leaders congenial to Beijing’s interests.


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December 26, 2021

The Crystal Meth Road (Video)

The Mexican Sinaloa cartel traffics highly addictive crystal meth from Chinese and Indian factories, to drug dealers across the globe. How do they successfully run such a complex illegal operation?