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Complete Classic Movie: Mud (2012)

Starring: Jacob Lofland, Tye Sheridan, Matthew McConaughey. 14 year-old Ellis (Tye Sheridan) lives on a makeshift houseboat on the banks of a river in Arkansas with his parents, Mary Lee (Sarah Paulson) and Senior (Ray McKinnon). He sneaks out early one morning to meet his best friend, Neckbone (Jacob Lofland). Neckbone, also 14, lives with his uncle, Galen (Michael Shannon), who makes a hardscrabble living diving for oysters. The two boys set out to an island on the Mississippi River, where Neckbone has discovered an unusual sight-a boat, suspended high in the trees, a remnant of an extreme flood some time in the past.

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The Red Terror (1918) – How the Bolsheviks Went on a Rampage after the Russian Revolution (Video)

The Red Terror (1918) was an important element of the Russian Revolution that showed the violent character of the Bolshevik regime led by Vladimir Lenin. The terror was carried out by the Soviet secret police: the Cheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission to Combat Counterrevolution and Sabotage) and was led by Felix Dzerzhinsky. Underlaying causes were the Left-SR uprising and the assassination attempt on Lenin by Fanny Kaplan. Hundreds of thousands of people would die at the hands of the Cheka. History Hustle presents: The Red Terror (1918) – How the Bolsheviks Went on a Rampage after the Russian Revolution.

Second FBI Agent in Two Months Arrested for Raping, Molesting Children (VIDEO)

Another FBI Agent is Arrested For Raping-Molesting Small Children

51-year-old David Harris, is an active duty FBI agent at the New Orleans field office.

KLFY reported:

A Louisiana FBI agent has been arrested by the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Special Victims Unit and the United States Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General (USDOJ/OIG) for sexual misconduct against juveniles, according to a press release from LSP.

David Harris, age 51 of Prairieville, La was booked on numerous sexual misconduct charges. At the time of the investigation, Harris was assigned to the FBI New Orleans Field Office.


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Dinesh D’Souza: The FBI is a Large-Scale Jussie Smollett Operation (Video)

The FBI is now a Jussie Smollett operation. What I mean is the agency seems to have developed a specialty in faking incidents of racial terror and then “solving them”–all to foster a false narrative for which there is no actual evidence.

University offers $1,200 stipends to learn how ‘whiteness is normalized’ and how it can be ‘eradicated’

Attendees will learn about ‘liberatory conditions where whiteness has been eradicated’

California State University East Bay faculty members can earn $1,200 if they take professional development courses on anti-racism this summer and continue to work on their projects through the school year.

The stipends go to professors and instructors who attend the “Anti-Racist Liberatory Pedagogy Academy” this July.

The brochure from Professor G.T. Reyes said that CRT IS “a race-conscious framework that examines the ways that whiteness is normalized in our country and in our University.”

“Critical Race Theory takes an intersectional approach to interrogating race and racism in the United States,” the info sheet also said. Professor Reyes did not respond to a June 23 email that asked for a definition of “whiteness” and how many professors were enrolled.


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CHILLING: China Discussed Bioweapons Targeting Specific Races (Video)

The report is behind a paywall, but here are select excerpts from China’s submission to the biological weapons conventions, courtesy of The Daily Wire:

A new report alleges that China discussed how manmade viruses could be weaponized to target certain races.

The report comes from David Asher, who led the State Department’s investigation of the origins of COVID-19 before Joe Biden shut it down.

According to Asher, what China wrote in a declaration to The Seventh Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention at the United Nations office in Geneva “essentially laid out a road map of developments in biotechnology pertinent to the biological weapons convention that the Chinese indicated as particularly salient,” the Daily Wire reported.


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‘I refuse to become a minority in my own country’ – Exclusive interview with spokeswoman of disbanded Generation Identity

“My other motivation is the sense of urgency generated by the situation in France, which I find disturbing. I do not want my daughters to have to wear the veil one day, or my little sister to be assaulted in the street,” said 21-year-old activist, Thaïs d’Escufon

Since the arbitrary dissolution of the Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) movement in March, the French government has been increasing the number of legal proceedings against its young activists. The state’s targeting of these activists is raising fears that anyone campaigning against mass immigration policies and illegal immigration, even by peaceful means, could face increasingly repressive legal intimidation, effectively forbidding criticism and political protest on a topic many Europeans and the French are increasingly concerned with.

The move to outright ban political groups critical of the ruling government’s policies, as well as the attitude of public prosecutors and judges, is raising troubling questions about respect for democracy and the rule of law by one of the EU’s big players, which happens to be also one of the EU countries that is most vocal about supposed violations of democracy and the rule of law in Poland and Hungary. However, in the two Central European Countries ruled by right-wing conservative governments, there exists no such example of a legally acting, non-violent opposition group being dissolved in virtue of an administrative decision and its leaders being the subject of massive judicial harassment the way Generation Identity and its leaders are in France.


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Forcing Americans Not to Work, Paying Them Not To Work … Jobs Plan? (Video)

First government recklessly “locks down” businesses, forcing thousands to close, and ruining countless economic lives. Then government passes out money that it does not have. In essence, government pays people not to work. With record job openings, employers are struggling to find people willing to work! And now government wants to spend another $1 Trillion (that it does not have) in order to create jobs! This is the upside-down world created by hyper-interventionist government and The Federal Reserve.

Dinesh D’Souza: Time for Me to Vent Some “Brown Rage” (Video)

I’m experiencing a bit of brown rage against #GeneralMilley. Here I get it off my chest.

Complete Classic Movie: Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Starring: Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Jon Bernthal, Tracy Letts, Caitriona Balfe. American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

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