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Farming, Warfare, and a Classical Life | Victor Davis Hanson (Video)

In this episode of The Larry Arnn Show, Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn interviews classicist and military historian Victor Davis Hanson. The two discuss Hanson’s life growing up on his family farm, how he began to study the classics, and his insight into the works of Aristophanes and Thucydides. Later, Hanson speaks on the nature of warfare, the death of citizenship, and his prescription for getting America out of its current mess.

Dr. Phil on China Buying US Farmland (Video)


They’re Fighting Back & NOT Giving In To The World Economic Forum! (Video)

The Jimmy Dore Show

FARMERS REVOLT: Protests sweep across Germany against ‘unfair’ tax changes (Video)

There is a dangerous shift throughout Europe, with a wave of anti-farming policies being proposed across numerous countries. The change is being led by the World Economic Forum, arguing a shift away from farming is needed to lower climate emissions. But farmers are making their voices heard and taking to the streets to protest these policies.

Tucker Carlson Reacts to the German Farmer Protest (Video)

The biggest protests in modern German history. What’s happening? Eva Vlaardingerbroek is there.

Why Farmers Are on the Brink of Bankruptcy, Despite Epic Rainfall | James Gallagher (Video)

Siyamak sits down with Assembly Leader and sixth-generation farmer James Gallagher. He discusses the challenges he faces as a farmer and the current California policies that impact agriculture.

American Farmers Are Now Finished | Massive Land Transfer Under Way (Video)


China’s Unstoppable Corn Raiders – Crop Stealing Army! (Video)

Wheat and corn are under attack in China! No really!

CA Declares War on Rural Communities (Video)

THE WAR AGAINST RURAL CA – State politicians are cutting off water, roads, and insurance – and even suing to stop people from moving to rural areas! Learn the ugly truth and how we fight back!

It’s Over: China Took Over America’s Food Supply (Video)