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Serbia: A Lesson for the Modern World by David Yeagley

Mass migration of foreigners, enemies of the culture they invade; international government cooperation with the invaders, business cooperation, criminal pay-offs; and utter misrepresentation of liberal media; these things create cosmic crime. These are the lessons of Serbia to the world. Beware.

Serbians of their northern Kosovo resisted Albanian Muslim government elections in the internationally usurped province.

To this day, because of liberal, biased media, most people in the world still do not know what has happened to Serbia. The fraud, the corruption, and the international robbery of a nation go unrecognized, unjustified, and unpunished. Is this to be the fate of every country facing the same issues? has written numerous articles on Serbia, pointing out the ironies and agonies, and the stark shame due the United States government under President Bill Clinton and his NATO commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, as well as President Bush following, and the Obama administration to date.

It was all about crime, heroin, and Albanian Muslims. That’s how Kosovo became an “independent” nation, a heroin haven for world corruption, with such renowned leaders as former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari. The media never once pointed out these underlying evils. “Ethnic Albanians” who had migrated en mass into Serbia’s Kosovo province were presented as victims! Whoever helped them was heroic, just, and to be greatly honored, regardless of reality.

Serbia was branded barbarian, when the Serbians were simply white Christian nationalist patriots, trying to protect and preserve their own. The liberal West wouldn’t have it.


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Geronimo! Liberal Indians Are White by David Yeagley

“Liberal Indians think being anti-American is being more “Indian.” They don’t see how this alienates Indian youth. Liberal Indians destroy all natural aspirations of Indian young people, leaving them only closed doors and depression. Liberal Indians create the hopelessness which leads to the frightening suicide rates among Indian youth.” ~ David Yeagley, an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation.

Geronimo, 1829-1909, the famed and feared Apache warrior.

Liberal American Indians protest the use of the name “Geronimo” in the Bin Laden killing operation. They think they are standing up for American Indians, but they are shilling for white liberals. Contrary to their Indian chauvinist pretenses, they have betrayed and denigrated every sense of Indian honor, and no doubt contributed to the depression and alarming suicide rate among Indian youth.

Most of this Indian protest has a feminist base. Indians like Winona LaDuke (whose mother is Jewish) articulate the perfect irony of the modern American Indian predicament, but offer neither alternative nor solution. Instead, they offer only feminist-based outrage. They protest strength and the use of any image that represents it, like the Indian warrior mascot.

Just days after the president’s announcement of the Osama kill on May 1, LaDuke was killing Indian pride on the major liberal media outlets, saying the use of the name “Geronimo” in the U.S. Navy Seal operation to eliminate terrorist mass murderer Osama Bin Laden was nothing other than “the continuation of wars against indigenous peoples.” Endlessly lamenting the military use of Indian names and images, feminists like LaDuke quickly object to any association of the American Indian with anything aggressive or victorious.


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An American Indian asks: What’s Up With White Women?

They say that a warrior is measured by the strength of his enemies. As an Indian, I am proud of the fact that it took the mightiest nation on earth to defeat me. But I don’t feel so proud when I listen to Rachel. It gives me no solace to see the white man self-destruct. If Rachel’s people are “nothing,” what does that say about mine?

By David Yeagley

“Look, Dr, Yeagley, I don’t see anything about my culture to be proud of. It’s all nothing. My race is just nothing.”

The girl was white. She was tall and pretty, with amber hair and brown eyes. For convenience’ sake, let’s call her “Rachel.”

I had been leading a class on social psychology, in which we discussed patriotism – what it means to be a people or a nation. The discussion had been quite lively. But when Rachel spoke, everyone fell silent.

“Look at your culture,” she said to me. “Look at American Indian tradition. Now I think that’s really great. You have something to be proud of. My culture is nothing.”

“You’re not proud to be American?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m happy to be American, but I’m not proud of how America came about.”

Her choice of words was telling. She was “happy” to be an American. But not “proud” of it.

On one level, I wasn’t surprised. I knew the head of our American History department at Oklahoma State University-OKC, and I recognized his hackneyed liberal jargon in Rachel’s words. She had taken one of his courses, with predictable results.

Yet, I was still stunned. Her words disturbed and offended me in a way that I could not quite enunciate.

I could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. I lay awake that night thinking about what she had said.

On the surface, she was paying me a compliment. She was praising my Indian culture, at the expense of her own. Why, then, did it feel so much like a slap in the face?

As I lay awake that night, I thought of an old story by Kay Boyle, written in 1941, called “Defeat.” It’s about the French women in the German-occupied village of Pontcharra. All the French men were away at war. It was the 14th of July, Bastille Day, when Frenchmen were usually proud to be French. The village women, however, chose that day to give in to the German men.

They did it innocently enough. The women just wanted to wear their fancy holiday dresses. They wanted to drink and dance. And the Germans were the only men around with whom they could do it.

So they gave in.

The Cheyenne people have a saying: A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.

That’s what I thought about as I lay there, with Rachel’s words running over and over in my mind. “My race is just nothing…. ” she had said. “My culture is nothing.”

After class, one older white student, a husband and father, had exchanged glances with me on the way out. He said to me in a low voice, “I don’t want her on my team!”

I understood what he meant. Frankly, I wouldn’t want her on my team either. A woman who won’t be true to her own people certainly won’t be true to someone else’s.

When Rachel denounced her people, she did it with the serene self-confidence of a High Priestess reciting a liturgy. She said it without fear of criticism or censure. And she received none. The other students listened in silence, their eyes moving timidly back and forth between me and Rachel, as if unsure which of us constituted a higher authority.

My goodness, if an Indian woman had said such a thing in front of Indian men, her ears would have burned for a week!


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David Yeagley: Can America stand divided?

America is going down, and has been for some time, really since the ‘60’s. We’re at the point of no return, it seems. Republicans have made no special difference. The Tea Party is the one spark of hope, but it remains to be seen if it can make a difference in a national election.

Over the last several years, multiculturalism has gone from being a sociological concept to functioning as the American mainstream.

What impact has this had on our country as a whole?

Academics and politicians might say one thing before the cameras, but the fact that a new set of dilemmas are being ushered in cannot go ignored. From language barriers to ethnic as well as religious conflicts, this country appears to be facing a serious lack of social unity.

Nothing highlights these problems more than the presidential campaign. President Obama is in a close, and increasingly bitter race with Mitt Romney. A great many on both ends of the political spectrum think that this election will be among the most important in American history.

What are David Yeagley’s opinions about all this?


Cotto: Multiculturalism is spreading across the United States at light speed. This has led to not only language barriers, but considerable religious, ethnic, and racial tensions. Nonetheless, many do believe that, in the long run, the aforementioned problems will fade into the history books. Do you share this opinion?

Dr. Yeagley: No. Multiculturalism is globalism, and obviously imperialism. That always spelled mass oppression and tyranny. It is always worse than anything it presumes to replace.

Evolution produced nationality. Even the Bible itself recognizes nationality, and attributes it directly to the Creator Himself. Either position declares that man is self-destructive to go against nature, or nature’s God.


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Netanyahu Warns Israel of African “Infiltration” by David Yeagley

Facing the classic threat of a hostile ethnic take-over, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently warned Israel that the nation could be overcome by African “infiltrators.” Even as Kosovo was usurped by massive Albanian Muslims immigrants, Israel could be lost to the subversive effects of uncontrolled influx of African population.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Facing the classic threat of a hostile ethnic take-over, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently warned Israel that the nation could be overcome by African “infiltrators.” Even as Kosovo was usurped by massive Albanian Muslims immigrants, Israel could be lost to the subversive effects of uncontrolled influx of African population.

Surely, such a statement must have broken the hearts of all the liberal Jews in the world. But, when reality collides with ideology, one has to choose one’s preferences. Reality demands it. Though ideology, especially liberal ideology, works methodically against nature and reality, in the end, liberals have to face the self-destruction their ideology has engendered.

Interestingly, the AP wire on Netanyahu’s statements shows how the liberal reporter struggles to tell the true story. “African migrants” is the term in the headline. “Infiltrators” is the word Netanyahu used (as later quoted by the reporter, in fact). Israel’s Haaretz posts the headline: Netanyahu: Israel could be overrun by African infiltrators The ‘moderate’ Haaretz story is nevertheless much more forceful.

Netanyahu praises the border fence being built in southern Israel (–the AP mentioned neither the praise nor the fence). The crime (rape noted specifically) brought in by “the phenomenon of illegal infiltrators from Africa is extremely serious and threatens Israel’s social fabric and national security.”


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Event – Daughter of Dawn: Premiere, OKC, June 10, 2012

Finally, my eighty-minute movie score will be premiered, here in Oklahoma City, June 10, 2012. This music was commissioned by the Oklahoma State Historical Society (Dr. Bob Blackburn, Executive Director), in December of 2007. The OSHS sought a symphonic score as a sound track to the 1920 silent film, “Daughter of Dawn,” by Norbert A. Myles. I, David Yeagley, was chosen. I am the first American Indian composer to be commissioned for a full-length movie score. The score was completed in June, 2008.

Daughter of Dawn, counseled by her Father. From the 1920 silent film, “Daughter of Dawn,” by Norbert A. Myles.

The film, with the music, will be present to the public, for the first time, June 10, 2012 (Sunday) by the Dead Center Film Festival in Oklahoma City. There are two showings: 12:30 and 2:30, both at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (415 Couch Drive) (See OKCMA schedule and tickets.)

Dr. David A. Yeagley, Comanche.

The music was recorded by the Oklahoma City University Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Benjamin Nilles (with recording engineer John Cross), during the 2011-2012 academic year.

As the premiere approaches, there will be more and more publicity. The Oklahoma State Historical Society has major plans for the film and the music. After several different showings in Oklahoma, plans include showings at the major films festivals in the United States, like San Francisco, Sundance, Tribeka; and then festivals of the world, like Toronto, Cannes, and Milan. Fund raising has already begun.

The score features the American Indian flute as the musical persona of the main character, Daughter of Dawn. The flute part is performed by Timohty Archambault, Kichesipirini (The Kichesipirini are a Canadian Algonquian tribe, of the Ottawa River region around Morrison Island.) Archambault has performed and recorded my music before. He performed the Indian flute part for my Salve Regina (women’s chorus) at the National Museum of the American Indian, November 12, 2007. He has also make historical recordings for the Smithsonian. Archambault is an modern authority on all North American Indian flutes, their history, their use, and even the making of them. Archambault is able to perform all the chromatic scales on the flute, not just the traditional pentatonic (five note) scale. In the future he will have an album of my Suite Tragique (2007), a 45 minute collection of baroque dance forms for unaccompanied Indian flute.


Daughter of Dawn: Premiere, OKC, June 10, 2012

Sue Elizabeth Warren, Sue Harvard Law by Dr. David Yeagley

It is amazing how non-legal, or illegal, “legal” minds can think. Warren is a flaming Democrat and “Communist” liberal–just what Harvard loves, and lately claims credit for the Occupy Wall Street movement (or at least the “intellectual foundations” thereof)!

Prof. Elizabeth Warren, of Harvard, famed claimant of great things, like the being Cherokee, and creating Occupy Wall Street. The taller the tale, the higher the status in the Democrat party–even if you get snubbed once in a while.

Where’s the American Indian Movement when you need them? Where’s the Southern Poverty Law Center? Where’s the American Civil Liberties Union? A woman (Prof. Elizabeth Warren) claims to be American Indian, and she isn’t. Harvard Law hired her, as an Indian, and boasted about her as a minority/female statistic. This is high level legal suit material! Is there an attorney, or a group of attorneys, honest enough to uphold the law–for the sake of upholding the law?

Nah. It’s never been so. The higher level the case, the more generally insincere the attorney. Why expect anything different now?

Elizabeth Warren, Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard School of Law, has a genealogist (Christopher Child) who claims now to have on hand a marriage certificate of Warren’s great-great-great grandmother (O. C. Sarah Smith) on which said ancestor designated herself “Cherokee.” But that doesn’t meet the standard of legal identity as an American Indian. First of all, the issue is whether or not she has an ancestor on the Dawes Commission rolls (of 1898-1914). If she does not, she is not legally Indian. The marriage certificate is irrelevant. Secondly, the marriage certificate (of obviously nearly pre-Civil War date) does not indicate blood quantum. It might be very small, in which case, Elizabeth may as well claim Eve as her ancestor.

Has Elizabeth Herring Warren every identified with American Indians before? Has she ever been involved with the Cherokee or Delaware tribe? She is from Oklahoma City. Oklahoma is the territory of these tribes today. What kind of relationship has she had with the Indian people here? Has she had any interest at all?


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Website of the Week: – Dr. David Yeagley

Liberal Indians do more harm to Indians than they claim Christopher Columbus did. They are in perpetual mourning, for pay.

WELCOME to I created this Web site for American Indian patriots, and for all other people who support our cause — people who share our love for the United States of America.

My name is David A. Yeagley. As an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, Lawton, Oklahoma, the fate of my tribe rests heavily on my heart.

I look for guidance to my great-great-grandfather, Comanche leader Bad Eagle. Like him, I believe that Comanches — and all other American Indians, for that matter — can live in peace with the white man. We can prosper in America as good citizens of these United States. We just need to stop lamenting the past and start creating our own future.

I share Bad Eagle’s vision, and dedicate this Web site to his cause.

To learn more about my Bad Eagle Foundation, go here. To learn more about my vision for the return of American Indian greatness, read my essay, “The Red Man’s Burden“.

– Dr. David A. Yeagley – Dr. David Yeagley

A New Indian Suit: Yeagley v. Communists

I’ll not be robbed twice. Indians lost the first wars with the White Man, but, all Americans are threatened this second time—by white Oedipal liberals. I’ll not have anti-Americans, of any color, rob me again—at least not without a fight.

Dr. David Yeagley

When American Indians surrendered our weapons, there was only one hope left for us: the White Man’s law. That same law may be the last hope of American patriots today.

As an American Indian patriot, I just sued the enemies of American freedom. On August 8, 2011, I filed against the people who have attempted to deny First Amendment rights to American Renaissance, myself, and I have sued Daryle Lamont Jenkins, One People’s Project, and others; and an unspecified number of “John Does” to be revealed in the suit.

These professional protesters have been a menace to American freedom for years. They have recently succeeded in shutting down the American Renaissance conferences in 2010 and 2011 by directly threatening the hotel host management and employees. Their adverse and egregious influence is growing.


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