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February 28, 2021

Report: Under Armour Forced White Employees to Undergo ‘Antiracist’ Reeducation Program

Under Armour appears to be the next big corporation found to be forcing employees to undergo anti-white training sessions, a report says.

According to the Outkick, a whistleblower is reporting that the sportswear giant has mandated that employees take a so-called “anti-racism” course entitled “Above the Surface: Dominant White Progressive Narratives” that urges white employees to examine how they might be racist.

Under Armour “forced its white employees to participate in a training program that asked them to consider ways in which they might be racist.”

The course’s moderator even reportedly asked white employees how many “virtually all-white” funerals they had attended during their lives, insisting that not going to a minority funeral may prove the employee is racist. After asking that question, the moderator quickly interrupted, saying that she didn’t want to give whites time to think of their answer. She then told white employees that the question “should be something that you are thinking about if you are white for the rest of your life.”

In another part of the training, whites are told that saying “I was taught to treat everyone the same” is also racist.


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February 20, 2021

Verizon Cut Off Donations to Republicans, Partnered With Marxist Thought Author

Verizon won’t work with conservatives, but will work with antisemitic socialist Cornel West.

Verizon is a $200 billion corporation and Cornel West is the author of “The Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought”. Verizon is one of the biggest companies in America, while West claims to hate corporations so much that he taunted Obama as a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface”.

But Verizon’s Yahoo subsidiary is working together with the infamous socialist who had praised Venezulean butcher Hugo Chavez as part of its #YahooAllyshipPledge which vows to connect “diverse creators” with “thought leaders, nonprofits and activists, including Dr. Cornel West.”

West got a doctorate in philosophy for his aforementioned dissertation on the ethical dimensions of an ideology that killed millions of people in which he mentioned “the profound tragedy of the epochal change in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe” and argued that, “Marxist thought becomes even more relevant after the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union.”


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February 13, 2021

Container crunch upends global food trade while ships queue at U.S. ports

Around the world, some foodstuff buyers are waiting while others have halted purchases altogether, traders say. “It’s been like that since December,” said Kranig of IM-EX Global. “You’re going to get not only a shortage of food but a shortage of everything. I would not be surprised to hear some beneficial cargo owners’ freight rates for 2021-2022 shipping season double from previous years.”

Food is piling up in all the wrong places, thanks to carriers hauling empty shipping containers.

Global competition for the ribbed steel containers means that Thailand can’t ship its rice, Canada is stuck with peas and India can’t offload its mountain of sugar. Shipping empty boxes back to China has become so profitable that even some American soybean shippers are having to fight for containers to supply hungry Asian buyers. Strikes in Argentina have also boosted Asian demand for U.S. agriculture products, adding to competition for boxes.

“People aren’t getting their goods where they need them,” said Steve Kranig, director of logistics at IM-EX Global Inc., a freight forwarder that handles cargoes including rice, bananas and dumplings from Asia to the U.S. “One of my customers ships 8 to 10 containers of rice every week from Thailand to Los Angeles. But he can only ship 2 to 3 containers a week right now.”

China has recovered faster from COVID-19, so has revved up its export economy and is paying huge premiums for containers — making it far more profitable to send them back empty than to refill them.


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January 31, 2021

Harry Dent: Stocks to crash 40% by April and won’t rebound for decades, here’s why (Pt. 1/2) – Video

Watch part 2 of this interview on gold: The cyclical bull market for equities is over; after December, stocks will begin a secular multi-year decline, starting with a 40% correction by April, said Harry Dent, founder of HS Dent. “If we see another new low in the stock market, I predict we are not going to see new highs on the Dow, S&P, NASDAQ, biotech, you pick anything…you’re not going to see new highs on anything for decades,” Dent said. “You didn’t see new highs after 1929 for 24 years.”

December 13, 2020

Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover

Leaked database of 1.95m registered party members reveals how Beijing’s malign influence now stretches into almost every corner of British life, including defence firms, banks and pharmaceutical giants

Loyal members of the Chinese Communist Party are working in British consulates, universities and for some of the UK’s leading companies, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

An extraordinary leaked database of 1.95 million registered party members reveals how Beijing’s malign influence now stretches into almost every corner of British life, including defence firms, banks and pharmaceutical giants.

Most alarmingly, some of its members – who swear a solemn oath to ‘guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight for communism throughout my life…and never betray the Party’ – are understood to have secured jobs in British consulates. 

Among them is a senior official at the British Consulate in Shanghai. Its headquarters is also home to intelligence officers from the UK security services.

The official describes their role as supporting ministers and officials on visits to East China.


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September 1, 2020

Bombshell new documentary seeks to expose Joe and Hunter Biden’s secret Chinese business dealings

The deals allegedly went on to benefit the Chinese military

A new documentary promises to shine a light on Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s politically-wrought business dealings in China that for years have been largely hidden from the public eye — and have even benefited the Chinese military.

The documentary, called “Riding the Dragon: Uncovering the Bidens’ Chinese Secrets,” was produced by Lightspeed Pictures in association with BlazeTV and features New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer. It is currently available for viewing to subscribers on

Schweizer, who is also president of the Government Accountability Institute, investigated the Bidens — Hunter Biden’s suspicious board position at the infamous Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, in particular — for his 2018 book, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite.”


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July 29, 2020

How Greece Is Stopping China’s Plan For World Domination (Video)

Yet, despite having a population that is 140 times smaller than China, Greece has been the worlds shipping superpower for much of the past 50 years. Meaning that if your country imports bulk resources like oil, metals, coal, or grain…Or if you have simply bought an item from overseas, then you have most likely relied upon a Greek ship at some point in recent memory.

July 9, 2020

Coke, Nike, and Pro-Black Lives Matter Corps are Using Slave Labor

Modern Slavery Matters on the new Communist plantations.

Coca-Cola would like you to know that it cares about oppression and believes America is evil.

In a rambling statement by CEO James Quincey, titled, “Where We Stand on Social Justice”, the head of the obesity conglomerate declared that he is, “outraged, sad, frustrated, angry.”

It’s hard that out there for a guy in a racist country who is only making an $18 million salary.

The Coke CEO then pledged to give money to the social justice usual suspects and the company joined a boycott of Facebook to pressure it into censoring Trump and conservatives.

“Companies like ours must speak up as allies to the Black Lives Matter movement,” Quincey ranted. “I’ve been reflecting on our duty to Black people in America. Simply put, America hasn’t made enough progress, corporate America hasn’t made enough progress and nor has The Coca-Cola Company.”

While Coca-Cola pounds the Black Lives Matter pulpit, it’s got a present-day slavery problem.


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July 4, 2020

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

No private, unelected entity should have the power over the economy that BlackRock has, without a legally enforceable fiduciary duty to wield it in the public interest.

BlackRock is a global financial giant with customers in 100 countries and its tentacles in major asset classes all over the world; and it now manages the spigots to trillions of bailout dollars from the Federal Reserve. The fate of a large portion of the country’s corporations has been put in the hands of a megalithic private entity with the private capitalist mandate to make as much money as possible for its owners and investors; and that is what it has proceeded to do.

To most people, if they are familiar with it at all, BlackRock is an asset manager that helps pension funds and retirees manage their savings through “passive” investments that track the stock market. But working behind the scenes, it is much more than that. BlackRock has been called “the most powerful institution in the financial system,” “the most powerful company in the world” and the “secret power.” It is the world’s largest asset manager and “shadow bank,” larger than the world’s largest bank (which is in China), with over $7 trillion in assets under direct management  and another $20 trillion managed through its Aladdin risk-monitoring software. BlackRock has also been called “the fourth branch of government” and “almost a shadow government”, but no part of it actually belongs to the government. Despite its size and global power, BlackRock is not even regulated as a “Systemically Important Financial Institution” under the Dodd-Frank Act, thanks to pressure from its CEO Larry Fink, who has long had “cozy” relationships with government officials.


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June 5, 2020

Elon Musk calls for breakup of Amazon in tweet, slams ‘wrongful monopoly’

Telsa chief comes out in support of author who was unable to self-publish a book on Amazon.

Telsa Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk on Thursday called for Inc to be broken up, after an author complained on social media about being unable to self-publish a book via the world’s largest online retailer.

“This is insane @JeffBezos,” Musk tweeted at Amazon’s chief. Both men are billionaires and oversee competing space exploration companies on top of their duties at Telsa and Amazon. “Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!” Musk added in a second tweet.

Musk does not have legal authority to break up Amazon.

The retailer had no comment on Musk’s call for its dissolution but said the book in question, by author Alex Berenson, had been blocked in error and was now available for sale via its Kindle e-reading service. The decision to greenlight the book’s sale was not due to Musk, Amazon said.


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