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October 19, 2017

Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Says Team Doctor Molested Her For Seven Years

“Nassar has been accused of molesting dozens of young athletes associated with USA Gymnastics and his Michigan State University clinic. He is being sued by more than 125 women claiming he sexually assaulted them under the pretense of medical treatment.”

On Wednesday, gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney claimed she was molested by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar for seven years, starting at the age of 13.

As noted by The New York Daily News, “Nassar has been accused of molesting dozens of young athletes associated with USA Gymnastics and his Michigan State University clinic. He is being sued by more than 125 women claiming he sexually assaulted them under the pretense of medical treatment.”

While it’s unclear if Maroney is involved in legal action against Nassar, she claims she was victimized in this same manner: under the guise of receiving “treatment.”

“I was molested by Dr. Larry Nassar,” she wrote in a Twitter post. “It seemed whenever and wherever this man could find the chance, I was ‘treated.'”

“It happened in London before my team and I won the gold medal, and it happened before I won my Silver,” said the 21-year-old.


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October 9, 2017

Retired NFLer Burgess Owens Identifies Biggest Threats To Blacks (Video)

“This is what is happening – liberals at the top, elitists, they are using my race, they are bringing misery to my race and then using this misery to make sure they keep their power.”

“We’re having a fight…within the black community against Marxism and socialism,” said retired NFL safety Burgess Owens on Saturday’s Fox & Friends.

Owens told host Chris Wallace that leftist ideology is fomenting anti-Americanism as well as feelings of hopelessness within the black community. Protests against the flag, Owens continued, demonstrate a lack of respect:

We have a country that’s giving every American, black and white, the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind, including the millionaires who stayed on the sideline today. So understand, we’re at a fight; we’re having a fight, but it’s a fight within the black community against Marxism and socialism. That’s our fight.

You have young men who do not understand the gratitude [for being American] that they should have been taught. …

This is something that’s been going on for decades in our community – the hopelessness, the belief that this country’s not for them has been happening for a long time.


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October 5, 2017

NFL players’ union teamed up with George Soros to fund leftist advocacy groups

Tax documents show NFLPA activism goes beyond take-a-knee protests.

Even before its feud over the national anthem with President Trump, the NFL Players Association wasn’t on the same political team as many of its fans, judging from its contributions to leftist advocacy groups.

Tax documents released by 2ndVote show the NFLPA donated $5,000 in 2015 to the Center for Community Change Action, a group active in the anti-Trump resistance and bankrolled by a host of liberal foundations, including top Democratic donor George Soros’s Foundation for Open Society.

A member of the AFL-CIO, the NFLPA also contributed in 2013 and 2015 to Working America, the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate, which Open Secrets said spent $1 million in 2016 to defeat Mr. Trump.

Working America has since mobilized against the Republican tax-cut framework, denouncing it as the “Trump tax scam.”

The NFLPA contributed $5,000 in 2014 to Jobs with Justice, another pro-union group backed by Mr. Soros, and $5,000 in 2013 to the progressive Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy.


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October 2, 2017

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: After Sunday Morning London Game, Fox Will No Longer Air the National Anthem

The first major broadcast domino has fallen. In response to crashing ratings, plummeting ticket sales, and a public backlash fueled by none other than the leader of the free world, Fox Sports has decided to cry Uncle! Becoming the first major NFL broadcast partner to publicly say that they will no longer air the national anthem.

Instead, Fox Sports is now saying that they will go back to what they had done in the past, namely, not showing the playing of the anthem during game broadcasts, according to Newsday.

Calling this year, “one of the more bizarre starts to the season that we have ever had,” Fox Sports President Eric Shanks released a statement saying: “The standard procedure is not to show them because of the way the commercial format works and the timing of the anthem to get to the kickoff,” Shanks said Tuesday at an event to promote Fox’s soccer coverage of the 2018 World Cup. “So I think we’re going to pay attention to events.

“Who knows what’s going to happen? A lot of time is happening between now and then. But I think the plan would be to get back to a normal schedule. I think that’s where we sit today on a Tuesday . . . It seems like there’s more than 24 hours in a day now, doesn’t there?”

But liberal sports reporters are already crying foul with the move to “get back to football.”

Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing, for instance, is furious with Fox for taking away the players’ forum to protest against the country, especially because it will cut off a way to attack Donald Trump.


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September 29, 2017

Knee Jerks – Intellectual Froglegs (Video)

This NFL crap is the latest chapter of the Left’s attempt to ‘normalize’ hating America, our flag and our anthem. The liberal philosophy is that you are only TRULY virtuous if you hate America.

The left apparently also experience some viagra-type euphoria from watching America be disrespected.

But you know what? This is just more of the same crap that gave us Trump—and now Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. CONGRATS JUDGE!!!

There is an American Revival of sorts going on… I feel it. You feel it. And the NFL is definitely feeling it, lol

As voters we still have a lot of work in front of us. Target: The Great Incumbent Purge of 2018.

In the meantime, enjoy the show.

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September 28, 2017

A new federal case exposes how big-money brands have corrupted US college sports

Kim named four assistant coaches who were charged: Person, at Auburn University; Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State University; Emanuel Richardson of Arizona University; and Anthony Bland of the University of Southern California.

A two-year FBI investigation into kickbacks and corruption at the highest levels of US college basketball has borne fruit. Ten people, including ex-National Basketball Association (NBA) star Chuck Person and a senior executive at Adidas, are facing federal charges including bribery and fraud, US federal authorities said this morning.

“The picture painted by the charges brought today is not a pretty one,” Joon H. Kim, acting US attorney of New York’s southern district at a press conference in Manhattan. “Coaches at some of the nation’s top programs soliciting and accepting cash bribes. Managers and financial advisers circling blue-chip prospects like coyotes. And employees of one of the world’s largest sportswear companies secretly funneling cash to the families of high school recruits.” The complaint (pdf) doesn’t name the company, but two of the people charged are Adidas employees.

The case has cast a harsh light on brands’ involvement in college athletics, where students are not paid to play but can generate millions in revenue for schools and brands alike. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)’s total revenue in 2014 was nearly $1 billion.


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September 27, 2017

Legislation Seeking to Strip Taxpayer Funding from Sports Arenas Gains Momentum Following National Anthem Protests

Members of Congress are growing more interested in legislation that seeks to strip taxpayer funding from sports arenas following the recent NFL protests of the National Anthem.

Sen. James Lankford’s (R-OK) spokesperson told the Daily Caller on Sunday that interest in the “Eliminating Federal Tax Subsidies for Stadiums Act of 2017” (S. 1342) proposed by Lankford and his Democratic co-sponsor Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) in June, has grown in the past four weeks.

Booker and Lankford’s bill would ban professional sports teams from using federal tax-exempt funding and would amend the tax code to treat any bonds as taxable regardless of who is providing the bonds.

“Professional sports teams generate billions of dollars in revenue,” Booker said in a statement. “There’s no reason why we should give these multimillion-dollar businesses a federal tax break to build new stadiums. It’s not fair to finance these expensive projects on the backs of taxpayers, especially when wealthy teams end up reaping most of the benefits.”

Lankford agreed with his Democratic co-sponsor.

“The federal government is responsible for a lot of important functions, but financing sports stadiums for multi-million—sometimes billion—dollar franchises is definitely not one of them,” Lankford said.


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September 26, 2017

The NFL House of Cards by Victor Davis Hanson

If players were concerned about violence and injustice, why not collect a voluntary 10 percent contribution from the league’s multimillionaire players and use it to fund programs that address systematic and lethal violence in inner-city communities such as Baltimore or Chicago?

The problem with the NFL is not just Donald Trump, but the greater dilemma that the league’s reason to be has become predicated on a labyrinth of lies.

The majority of the viewing audience is not young, hip, and loyal as hyped, but, even if fading, still largely reflects the majorities in red-state America that have no patience with gratuitous insults to the National Anthem and flag. The NFL apparently never grasped the political truism that you never insult your base and core supporters; sympathetic CNN talking heads and the solidarity of progressive political activists will not turn around sagging revenues, but will only contribute to them.

Outside the NFL bubble today, most of America, to the extent it still watches, now sees Sunday afternoon pop demonstrations as increasingly a farce, played out among players who appear neither exploited nor as exemplary model sportsmen, but rather as overpaid and pampered. Given the NFL’s enormous overhead, even a 10–20 percent reduction in attendance and viewing could send financial tsunamis throughout the league.


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September 25, 2017

Trump urges fans to boycott NFL over anthem protests

Trump’s latest salvo came in an early morning tweet in which he said: “If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag and Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!”

President Donald Trump on Sunday urged fans to boycott National Football League games to pressure it to fire or suspend players who kneel in protest during the national anthem, intensifying a battle over politics, social justice and race in America’s most popular sport.

But in the first NFL game since Trump touched off the spat Friday with an expletive-laden speech to supporters in Alabama, at least a dozen players on the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonsville Jaguars, playing in London, took a knee Sunday during the playing of “The Star-Spangled banner.”

Others stood and locked arms in a show of solidarity. More protests were expected Sunday as the rest of the games of week three of the season were played.

It was one of the largest such protests since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is African American, first began refusing to stand for the anthem in 2016.

The protest spread Saturday to Major League Baseball for the first time: a black Oakland Athletics catcher named Bruce Maxwell knelt during the anthem before a game in California.


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September 5, 2017

NFL Legend Franco Harris: Players in My Day Would Have ‘Dealt With’ Anthem Protesters (Video)

Harris went on to say that the team must come first, and coaches and teammates in his day would have confronted Kaepernick over his protest. “We had two of the meanest guys in football, who I think would’ve dealt with it that way, and that would’ve been Joe Greene and Jack Lambert,” Harris said.

NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris says national anthem protests would not have been tolerated in his day.

In an interview with Mediate, Harris was asked about NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem, a demonstration that was started last season by Colin Kaepernick to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

During the 2017 NFL preseason, other players like the Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett and the Oakland Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch had similar protests of their own.

A recent protest by a group of Cleveland Browns players caused a backlash with local police and EMS workers, who said they would not participate in an upcoming pregame flag ceremony.

Harris said that America certainly has social issues that must be dealt with, but Kaepernick and other players should find a different platform for their protests.

“If someone has a certain stance that they want to take, that’s fine,” Harris said. “When he puts on that suit, when he steps out on that field, now it’s more than just him. It’s his teammates, it’s the NFL, and it’s the fans.”


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