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The Real Impact of American Aid on Palestinian Christians (Video)

How does the government of Israel treat Christians? In the west, Christian leaders don’t seem interested in knowing the answer. They should be. Here’s the view of a pastor from Bethlehem.

Graphic Quotes: Scott Adams on Tax

The point of a graduated tax rate system isn’t fairness. It’s designed so Congress can take as much as you can afford…


IRS Official: “No Problem Going After Small People, Destroying Lives” Use of AI “Unconstitutional” (Video)

RS official Alex Mena who works in “criminal investigations” says IRS ‘has no problem going after the small people, putting people in prison, and destroying people’s lives.’ Mena ‘doubts the constitutionality’ of his employer, the IRS, using AI to access everybody’s bank accounts nationwide. Mena recalls IRS agents stating “…the first person you shoot you’re gonna remember, but after that you’re gonna shoot like a hundred people, you’re not gonna remember any of them.”

SHOCKING Video! Americans Are Funding Pure Evil.

A disturbing series of videos has leaked revealing the sinister ways our tax dollars are funding wars overseas. Plus, an elementary school principal was placed on leave after she held an unauthorized school-shooter drill where she pretended to shoot students with her fingers and banged on windows telling students “BOOM, you’re dead”. And, a video has gone viral of a teacher coaching a student how to think critically about their assumption that JK Rowling is a “bigot”.

Fine Art: the world’s most secret tax scam (Video)

How fine art is used to evade taxes, and how the fine art market is a scam. In this video, I’m uncovering one of the least well known things in the global tax evasion scene: how fine art is used by people to evade taxes.

FARMERS REVOLT: Protests sweep across Germany against ‘unfair’ tax changes (Video)

There is a dangerous shift throughout Europe, with a wave of anti-farming policies being proposed across numerous countries. The change is being led by the World Economic Forum, arguing a shift away from farming is needed to lower climate emissions. But farmers are making their voices heard and taking to the streets to protest these policies.

Europe Absolutely Rocked By Growing Citizen REVOLT (Video)

“German government backtracks on tax hikes for farmers following protests”

Open Borders Boondoggle: Biden’s DHS Sends Millions in Taxpayer Money to NGOs Facilitating Illegal Immigration

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aiding border crossers and illegal aliens are raking in millions in American taxpayer cash from President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an accounting of public records shows.

This week, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that the administration was sending more than $12.2 million to NGOs like Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, United Way, Annunciation House, a Baptist Church association, an Episcopal Diocese, and Lawyers for Good Government Foundation, among others, for their facilitating illegal immigration.

Likewise, the taxpayer money is going to jurisdictions like Albuquerque, New Mexico; Brownsville, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; McAllen, Texas; Riverside County, California; El Paso, Texas; and Pima County, Arizona.


Complete text linked here.

US Abrams Tanks Deploy In Ukraine, CBS EXPOSES US Tax Dollars Funding UKR Civilians And NOT Just War (Video)


Budget Gimmicks: Washington labels everything an “emergency” to spend more of your tax dollars (Video)

President Biden and the Senate, plan to get around budget caps using an “emergency” loophole.