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Douglas Murray: What is Happening in Sweden Should SCARE Us All… (I TRIED TO WARN YOU) – Video

Modern Wisdom

Douglas Murray Investigates: America’s Drug Crisis

As the U.S. has turned away from “the war on drugs,” many cities have sought more “humane” approaches to dealing with addiction. They’re not working.

What is good about being white? Douglas K. Murray answers. (Video)

Excerpt from the concluding chapter of Douglas K. Murray’s book The War on the West responding to the question, “What is good about being white?”

“I Don’t Recognise Our Country Anymore – It’s Filled With Islamist Parading Around” (Video)

This video originally aired on Talk TV.



“Most People Are Cowards” – Douglas Murray (Video)

Chris and Douglas Murray discuss why so many people are afraid to speak up. Why are people afraid to speak their minds according to Douglas Murray? What does Douglas recommend people do if they want to speak up more?

The Killing of History | Douglas Murray (Video)

Douglas Murray speaks about the distortion of western history and its consequences.

Scruton Lectures 2023 – Douglas Murray on The Life and Legacy of Sir Roger Scruton (Video)

In conversation with Jonathan Price and Maurice Glasman, with a special performance by Kevin Spacey. Held at The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on 16th October 2023.

‘It’s a joke.’ Douglas Murray on Europe’s miscalculations with the migrant crisis (Video)

The Spectator

Douglas Murray explains what WOKE is in 3 minutes (Video)

Douglas Murray speaks about the danger of utopian ideology which groups individuals into incoherent groups and makes everything equal at the expense of freedom.