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September 22, 2022

George Floyd Ignited the Anti-White Cultural Revolution the Left were Waiting & Planning for (Video)

Douglas Murray, author of “The War on the West”, tells the New Culture Forum’s Peter Whittle that the death of George Floyd was the spark that ignited the anti-white revolution the left were waiting and planning for. “The revolution went mainstream.”

August 15, 2022

UK poster calling out straight white men is ‘very telling of our age’: Douglas Murray (Video)

It’s very telling of our age the “nasty way” in which we’ve accepted anti-white racism and anti-heterosexual bigotry, author Douglas Murray says.

June 26, 2022

Douglas Murray and Peter Boghossian – Is Wokeism a new religion? (Video)

Douglas Murray and Peter Boghossian discuss if Woke ideology has turned into a new religion.

June 23, 2022

Douglas Murray: Racism, Marxism, and the War on the West | Lex Fridman Podcast #296 (Video)

Douglas Murray is an author and political commentator.

June 6, 2022

Douglas Murray – Rewriting American History (Video)


May 27, 2022

Off to the Races

Murray does not deal with that last question because as of now none of us can answer it. The closest I can get is that it is a political project aimed directly at the white race, a witch hunt using state and cultural power at their disposal against perceived enemies.

Douglas Murray’s opus The War on the West has just been published, and it’s a doozy. He is a friend and fellow columnist in the London Spectator, the oldest magazine in the English-speaking world. It is a book about what happens when the good guys—those on the side of democracy, reason, and rights—prematurely surrender. As he writes in his preface, “Every schoolchild now knows about slavery. How many can describe the great gifts that the Western tradition has given the world?” The war that he writes about is carried out across the media and networks, and from as early as preschool. All major cultural institutions are now willingly distancing themselves from their own past, and the very top of the American government has called for the dismantling of the systemic racism prevalent in American life.

Personally, what I have yet to understand is, who is behind this war? As Murray points out, “the culture that gave the world lifesaving advances in science and medicine, and a free market that has raised billions of people around the world out of poverty, is interrogated through a lens of the deepest hostility.” All much too true, I’m afraid. Everywhere we now look, all we see and hear about is white privilege and racism. We no longer discuss Bach, Bernini, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and so on, not to mention Shakespeare, but are deluged by our so-called cruelties against African-Americans to this day. Is it some kind of a collective urge for suicide, or are there dark plotters aiming to benefit from our self-inflicted wounds?


Complete text linked here.

May 18, 2022

Douglas Murray: Why conservatives will win the war on the West (Video)

There is a war on the West. It is being fought by Western revolutionaries aimed at destroying our civilisation, and our past. It is a war we can and will win. To discuss his book, The War on The West, Douglas Murray joins Steven Edginton in the latest Off Script podcast. Watch the full episode above or listen on your podcast app by searching “Off Script”.

May 17, 2022

Douglas Murray: The left’s self-hatred is driving their war to destroy the West | Will Cain Podcast (Video)

On this episode, Will sits down with New York Post Columnist and author of ‘The War On The West’ Douglas Murray, who explains why he believes that the history of Western Civilization is fundamentally good, and must be defended. Douglas breaks down why segments of the progressive movement want to wage war on the pillars of our current civilization, and why this ideology has found its way into the mainstream in recent years.

May 16, 2022

Douglas Murray – More Slaves Are Alive Today Than Ever In History (Video)

Douglas Murray explains the history of slavery. Does Douglas Murray believe that more slaves are alive now than at any time in history? Why does no one care about China’s slave trade? Why does Douglas Murray think there is a war on the West?

May 12, 2022

How to END Marxist Attempts to Destroy America | Douglas Murray | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 145 (Video)

There’s a war on the West, and it’s distinctly Marxist, author Douglas Murray warns. It’s taking America down a very dangerous path. Our story is being rewritten from one of heroism to one of sin, one that makes slavery our defining characteristic and abortion our highest virtue. But on this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Douglas tells Glenn how Americans can end this Marxist attempt to destroy America once and for all.