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July 21, 2017

Camille Paglia On The “Always Be Nice” Nazi Crap They Teach In Public Schools (Video)

Must watch video.

July 16, 2017

Star Teacher: Schools Are Subjecting Pupils to ‘Left-Wing Brainwashing’

A teacher who fronted a major recruitment drive for the Department for Education accused schools of “indoctrinating” pupils “from a very young age” in the wake of the EU referendum, it has emerged.

In an article penned for the Conservatives for Liberty group shortly after the Brexit referendum, computer science teacher Calvin Robinson said he was “not at all surprised that the majority of young people voted in line with a Left-wing agenda to remain in the undemocratic, or even anti-democratic European Union.

“Schools have been grooming children towards this decision for years.”

Robinson, who was featured prominently in the ‘I Chose to Teach’ campaign, alleged that “[S]chools will talk about (see: preach) how important tolerance is, but the moment you express an opinion that isn’t in line with their thinking, you’ll see how short-lived their tolerance truly is”.


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July 14, 2017

Harvard to mandate English course on ‘marginalized’ authors

Students majoring in English at Harvard University will soon be required to take a diversity course featuring authors that have been “marginalized for historical reasons.”

Students majoring in English at Harvard University will soon be required to take a diversity course featuring authors that have been “marginalized for historical reasons.”

James Simpson, who chairs the English Department at Harvard, told Campus Reform that the requirement was created in response to a “very reflective” letter from a student, which argued that there was insufficient representation of racial minorities and women in the Harvard curriculum and proposed that the English department address this by instituting a diversity course requirement.

The proposal, which passed swiftly through the three governing bodies of the English department, was formally approved during a departmental meeting on January 24, and subsequently earned the endorsement of the Educational Policy Committee, which has oversight of changes to departmental requirements.

According to The Harvard Crimson, the new curriculum will affect students, starting with the Class of 2020, who declare an English concentration in the fall of 2017 or later.


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The Next Right-Wing Populist Will Win by Attacking American Higher Education

The academy is primed to be a punching bag for the GOP’s next standard-bearer, just as the media were in 2016.

I want to make a prediction: The next successful Republican politician will rally the Right by making America’s universities his punching bag — and the universities will prove even more vulnerable to that politician’s attacks than the media were to Donald Trump’s.

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that Republican opinion of the nation’s higher-education system has deteriorated remarkably in a very short time. In 2015, 58 percent of Republicans thought that colleges and universities had a positive effect on the country; an only slightly larger share of Democrats, 65 percent, agreed. Just two years later, the numbers are dramatically different: Only 36 percent of Republicans view colleges positively, compared to 72 percent of Democrats. A whopping 58 percent of Republicans think that colleges and universities have a negative effect on the country.

Now imagine what could happen to that number if a Republican presidential nominee tweeted every day and gave speeches around the country attacking our colleges. Imagine how many more Republicans would come to view the nation’s academic enclaves negatively if their party’s standard-bearer complained daily about the indoctrination of our children, the ceaseless rise in tuition costs that bleeds regular folks dry, the decline in pedagogical rigor, the political bias, the lies. Imagine what would happen if such a politician branded universities as the “enemy of the American people.”


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July 10, 2017

Comics and outsider art expert Michael Bonesteel blasts ‘Title IX abuse’ at SAIC

Longtime adjunct professor quits, calls out hostile PC environment.

Author, art critic, and longtime adjunct assistant professor Michael Bonesteel resigned from the faculty of the School of the Art Institute last month, citing a “toxic environment” that “feels more like a police state than a place where academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas is valued.”

Bonesteel, an internationally recognized expert on Chicago artist Henry Darger, left SAIC as a result of complaints by three students over two incidents that occurred within a three-day period in his classes last December. Both incidents consisted of objections to ideas and material related to the edgy historical subject matter Bonesteel has been teaching in popular classes at SAIC for 14 years.

Rude? Raw? Often violent? Steeped in the mass culture prejudices of its time? Well, yes—those are the calling cards of Bonesteel’s area of scholarly study: comic books and outsider art.

SAIC, in a written statement from dean of faculty Lisa Wainwright, says it is “unable to comment on individual personnel matters,” so what we know about this is what Bonesteel has to say—and even he’s only commenting in writing, via e-mail. But his story echoes what I’ve been hearing from professors at other colleges and universities: the classroom environment, as Bonesteel puts it, “has become increasingly threatening to any professor who [even inadvertently] does not toe the politically correct line.”


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July 8, 2017

Join the fight against anti-white indoctrination in our schools! (Video)

If you think that Jim Kardash should drop all white privilege material from his teacher’s lesson plans and the curriculum, as a whole, please, click below and sign our petition.

Mayfield Secondary School, in Caledon, Ontario is home to a concerned mother, Rebecca Knotts.

Rebecca doesn’t believe in the concept of “white privilege” that the teachers are indoctrinating in her son’s grade school classrooms.

This family just wants opposing arguments to be taught as well. “White privilege” is far from a fact, and if children are going to be indoctrinated with that theory, then opposing theories should be presented as well.

So when Rebecca’s son voiced his disagreement with the teacher as she was teaching white privilege, it should come as no surprise that the son was met with a racist remark.

Right after voicing his disagreements, the teacher said, “coming from a white male.” Obviously dismissing what the boy said because he’s a white male, which is racist let alone inappropriate to say to a high school student.


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Here’s How Anti-Conservative Academic Discrimination Works

It is understood that applicants will employ forms of analysis that address race, gender, sexuality, and/or other intersecting forms of social power, such as womanist, feminist, and/or queer approaches.

Students loved Keith Fink’s free-speech classes at UCLA. Other professors did not.

Last week the Chronicle of Higher Education wrote a lengthy report on the curious case of Keith Fink, a part-time lecturer at the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA refused to renew his contract, writing in a letter that his teaching did not “meet the standard of excellence.” Fink cried foul, arguing that his free-speech classes were popular with students and that he was really fired for his pointed criticisms of the university and his stalwart defense of free speech on campus.

And, in fact, he was popular. As the Chronicle notes, “Student evaluations of the free-speech course Mr. Fink taught this year . . . mostly paint a picture of Mr. Fink as an engaging teacher and his course as stimulating and interesting.” His faculty evaluators, however, believed that there was “more to it than what the students think.” They took issue with his Socratic method of teaching (common in law schools), believed that he pushed his own point of view too much, and raised concerns about the “climate” in the classroom.


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July 5, 2017

There’s a new counterculture emerging on campuses and free speech is at the front lines

Because for every nitwit who aspires to smash the busts of Plato and Shakespeare as atonement for their white male privilege, there is now a non-conformist student ready to step up and fight back.

Hallelujah, the pushback has begun.

For a couple of years it seemed like campuses across North America were descending into a fact-free realm of moral and cultural relativism.

Everything was about trigger warnings, owning your privilege and cisgenderism (if you don’t know that last one, trust me, you’re better off for it).

None of it had anything to do with the real world. If you tried to explain the basics of what was happening to anyone uninitiated in this circus you’d be at a loss for words, so unmoored from reality these antics had become.

With all this going on, there was good reason to worry for our future. After all, if the alternate reality invading campuses wasn’t just a fringe element but actually taking over the administration and general mood, it would go on to infect all grads — the very people who’d be running society in a couple of decades.

Bye-bye to the strong and stable post-Second World War world we knew and loved! Hello, socialist dystopia!


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Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Wife Help Illegal Immigrants with College Tuition

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have donated millions of dollars via the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative to TheDream.US, a program that will award over 100 college scholarships to illegal immigrants in the Bay Area.

The donations have been spread out over the past several years, and the 139 scholarships given out are part of a concerted effort to ensure that 400 young illegals will attend college in the region by 2020. The “dreamers,” as they are commonly known, are not eligible for federal financial aid, private scholarships, or other grants, so cannot generally afford college. TheDream.US believes that it is a shame to “waste [their] talent.” Tania Wilcox, the program’s director for college partnerships, said that the organization “truly believes that an education is so important for people to be able to contribute to this community and this nation.”

Mary Papazian, the president of San Jose State University, argued that the illegal students have a “real sense of drive and purpose… with just a little support, it’s really incredible what they can do.” San Jose State is set to receive more than 40% of the scholarship recipients this year. The organization has also assisted universities in sharing information in how to support these students, which Pablo Reguerin, the assistant vice provost for student success at UC Santa Cruz, said made people feel “better equipped to address the changing demographics and the varying needs that students bring in.”


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July 4, 2017

Way Too Many Americans Think We Declared Independence From Mexico In 1776

A full 82 percent of Republicans and 83 percent of Independents correctly identified Great Britain, while 72 percent of Democrats got the answer right, according to the data.

Some Americans apparently believe that the U.S. declared its independence from Mexico in 1776, according to a poll released Tuesday.

While 77 percent of the people surveyed correctly named Great Britain when asked which country the United States won its independence from, 23 percent — nearly a quarter of the population — named the wrong country or weren’t sure, a NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found.

“A scattering of people mention France, Mexico and Germany among the longer list of countries,” said Dr. Lee Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.

At least one person out of more than 1,000 people surveyed answered that the U.S. declared independence from Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Panama or Russia.

The registered voters taking the poll didn’t do much better than the average — around 79 percent of those polled who are registered to vote answered the question correctly.


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