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Wokeness Is Literally A Religion – feat. James Lindsay (Video)

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. Wokeness IS a religion. There is a reason why I have called it the Religion of Academia for years. James Lindsay, Best-Selling author and the creator of delves into the DNA of these philosophies to show why our culture is changing so quickly.

Early Zionism to the Uganda Plan – Story of Early Zionism (Video)

We will be looking into the early stages of Zionism. How it came to be, with ideas like Spiritual Zionism and people Leon Pinsker, Ahad Ha’am and Martin Buber. Then we will look into Theodor Herzl and what he did to make Zionism a possibility.

Scientology’s devious tricks to hold its members hostage for life | 60 Minutes Australia (Video)

The Church of Scientology, increasingly labelled a secretive cult, is once again proving why it’s such a contentious organisation. Two months ago, a court in the United States found one of its members, Hollywood actor Danny Masterson, guilty of multiple rapes. As intolerable as that is, what the case also exposed were the extraordinary tactics the Church used to protect its star recruit, and how it cruelly attempted to silence his victims, who themselves were Scientologists.

Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism by Moses Hess, Meyer Waxman – Book

Rome and Jerusalem is a book published by Moses Hess in 1862 in Leipzig. It gave impetus to the Labor Zionism movement. In his magnum opus, Hess argued for the Jews to return to Palestine, and proposed a socialist country in which the Jews would become agrarianised through a process of “redemption of the soil”.

Click here to read Rome and Jerusalem.

Raised by Thetans in a Galactic Gulag | Aaron Smith-Levin | EP 413 (Video)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with former-Scientologist and podcaster Aaron Smith-Levin. They explore his upbringing within the “church,” how Scientology entices new members, the basis for Dianetics in Freudian psychology, the religiously inspired twist only found behind multiple paywalls, the higher being known as Xenu, what broke Aaron’s belief, and his now ongoing fight against the manipulation of this still relevant, international cult.

“Satan Has Engulfed the Churches” – Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel Reacts to the Woke Pope (Video)

Patrick Bet-David and Vincent Oshana are joined by Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and George Janko as they discuss Pope Francis’ stance on LGBTQ issues, climate change, and demasculinizing the Catholic church; and the effect of those positions on the growth of Catholicism.

Javier Milei Calls Out Pope Francis: “Communist” (Video)

Tucker Carlson traveled to Buenos Aires to speak with Argentina’s now President-elect Javier Milei. Here is what Milei thinks about Pope Francis.

Multiculturalism, Religion and the Therapeutic Age | Dr. James Orr (Video)

In this conversation, John Anderson sits down with Cambridge University Associate Professor James Orr to discuss multiculturalism, religion, and the therapeutic nature of modern society.

Jewish Rabbi talks about the Ideology of Ben Shapiro (Video)

The Ideology behind Ben Shapiro and how the Jews and Muslims lived in peace before it came to town

DEFAMATION | Anti-Semitism: The Movie – Full Movie

What is antisemitism? the Israeli documentary Defamation asks. Yoav Shamir began to ask himself this question five years ago, when his documentary Checkpoint (Machssomim, 2003), which questioned the policy of the State of Israel in relation to the Palestinian people, was accused by a journalist as “anti-Semitic.” It was then that he began to take note of the importance of the issue in the daily life of his country where, as he points out here, almost not a single day goes by without the local media publishing an article about Nazism, the Holocaust or directly about anti-Semitism.