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February 22, 2017

American Gigolos (GOP Watch List, Part 2) by Ann Coulter

Congressional Republicans are just nincompoops. The only thing they know is: Imitate Reagan — from 30 years ago. It would make more sense for Republicans to demand that all air traffic controllers be fired for no reason than it is for them to keep treating Putin like it’s 1950 and he’s Stalin.

Americans thought electing a trash-talking billionaire reality TV star to the presidency of the #$%^ United States would finally be enough to convey the message that they hate both political parties. If anything, they hate Republicans more.

But the Uni-Party can’t learn. The bureaucracy, the judiciary and congressional Republicans are all openly working for the “Resistance.” It’s President Trump against the world.

In Congress, the hate for Trump is personal. Not only did he throw a grenade into politicians’ little do-nothing club, but his very existence destroys their self-conception as people with a set of skills.

While Trump was making billions of dollars building skyscrapers, developing golf courses and starring on a hit reality TV show, members of Congress were slowly working their way up the political ladder — interning at think tanks and congressional offices, taking some small government job, then running for the House or Senate, and, hopefully, marrying a woman with a large inheritance.

A stunning number of senators and congressmen are supported by rich wives — Sens. John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Richard Blumenthal, John Kerry and Ron Wyden, and Reps. Michael McCaul, Scott Peters and Paul Ryan, to name a few. Is there any other profession with as high a percentage of men sponging off their wives’ inheritances?


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February 16, 2017

Coulter on Immigration Policy: ‘Our Country Is Not a Battered Woman’s Shelter’ (Audio)

“America has taken in more refugees than the entire rest of the world combined. Our country is not a battered woman’s shelter. We’re not here to take in all the charity cases of the world.”

Monday on Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio program, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter maintained President Donald Trump was within his legal authority to act as he had with his executive order placing restrictions on those coming to the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

But she also pointed out that the 2016 presidential election was a mandate from the American people for Trump to take a more aggressive approach with regards to immigration, including the admission of refugees.

“I think that is the reason for this election,” Coulter said. “The public has been begging for less immigration overall. Forget the ones from the countries designation by Hillary Clinton’s State Department as terrorist countries. For decades now, if you ask Americans do you want immigration to stay the same, go up or be reduced — nobody wants it to go up. And I believe it’s been a consistent majority saying, ‘No, fewer, fewer, fewer immigrants. We’ve taken in enough. America needs a break.’ We have taken, as I describe in ‘Adios America, for the past several decades, America has taken in more refugees than the entire rest of the world combined. Our country is not a battered woman’s shelter. We’re not here to take in all the charity cases of the world. This was the point of this election — please help us, the American people, including immigrants who have come in.”

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February 9, 2017

A Maniac Is Running Our Foreign Policy! (It’s Not Trump) by Ann Coulter

Congress could write laws requiring immigrants to pay taxes, learn English, forgo welfare and have good moral character. It could write laws giving the president authority to exclude aliens in the public interest. Except it already has. Those laws were swept away by INS officials, federal judges and Democratic administrations — under ferocious pressure from America-hating, left-wing groups.

If only we were able to deport citizens, we could use Trump’s new policy of excluding those who are “hostile” toward our country to get rid of Judge James Robart.

Judge Robart’s veto of Trump’s travel ban notwithstanding, there is not the slightest question but that the president, in his sole discretion, can choose to admit or exclude any foreigners he likes, based on “the interests of the United States.”

The Clinton administration used the executive branch’s broad power over immigration to send a 6-year-old boy back to a communist dictatorship. The courts were completely powerless to stop him.

As explained by the federal appellate court that ruled on Elian Gonzalez’s asylum application: “It is the duty of the Congress and of the executive branch to exercise political will,” and “in no context is the executive branch entitled to more deference than in the context of foreign affairs,” which includes immigration.

The court acknowledged that Elian might well be subjected to “re-education,” “communist indoctrination” and “political manipulation.” (Then again, so would enrolling him at Sidwell Friends.) It didn’t matter! Sending little boys back to communist dictatorships was the policy of the Clinton administration.

The Obama administration’s immigration policy was to ensure that millions of poverty-stricken foreigners would come here and help turn our country into a Mexican version of Pakistan.


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February 4, 2017

Ann Coulter: Trump Should Withdraw Funding from Any School with Speech Codes (Audio)

In an interview broadcast Friday on Breitbart News Daily, author Ann Coulter talked about the violent demonstrations left-wingers have employed to shut down speech they dislike, notably Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News at UC Berkeley this week.

SiriusXM host Alex Marlow contended that the mainstream media’s irresponsible use of terms like “fascist” and “white nationalist” for speakers who are not of the Left has laid the groundwork for violence against them.

“It is the rise of a genuinely violent fascist movement,” Coulter said of these left-wing gangs. “It would be as if the Nazis went around complaining about how the Jews were attacking them and oppressing them. That’s basically what we have going on now.”

She recalled how violent protesters shut down a Trump rally in Chicago during the 2016 presidential campaign. “It was amazing to me how many families with kids, and wives, and daughters, they continued to go out to see Trump. It is like my college speeches, something I’ve been doing for a long time. You know, you’ll have 20 speeches that are fine, and then suddenly, BAM! the violent mobs show up. You never know when it’s going to happen, so you have to be prepared all the time,” she said.

“But Americans still did come out. I think that was intended to reduce Trump’s crowds, and make it look like he was the one creating the violence. All of this, just for someone who says, ‘We have to take care of Americans first.’ That’s what they’re so upset about, Alex,” Coulter declared, returning to an earlier point about how the U.S. Congress is attempting to cut back on the cost of major programs for Americans, such as Social Security and Medicare, at the same time open-borders advocates insist on importing even more dependents.


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January 15, 2017

In Trump We Trust | Ann Coulter and Stefan Molyneux (Video)

Ann Coulter has logically proved that immigration is the most important issue facing the United States today. As Ann points out, if Americans cave to the scheme to bring in 30 million new liberal voters, conservatives lose on everything else, too, from the economy to social issues to foreign policy to constitutionalism, to national identity as a whole.

January 12, 2017

Ann Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers

In a country of more than 320 million people, everything must happen once. So it’s somewhat surprising that not one of the alleged post-election hate crimes committed by Trump supporters has turned out to be true.

They are false in one of two ways: Either they aren’t “hate” or they aren’t true. This week, we’ll provide tips for selling a hate crime that didn’t happen.

Hate Crime Hoaxer Tip No. 1: Don’t invent hate crimes that could form the opening of a Harlequin Romance.

Liberal girls always seem to be imagining strong, rough, Heathcliff-type white men demanding that they disrobe or become “sex slaves.” (Oddly, Heathcliff keeps doing this in well-trafficked areas in the middle of the day with no witnesses.)

The hijab hoaxer at the University of Michigan described her imaginary Trump-supporting pursuer as white, in his 20s or 30s, with an athletic build, unkempt and intoxicated. He demanded that she remove her hijab. (After a police investigation, she admitted she made it up.)

The alleged hijab victim at University of New Mexico, Leena Aggad, said her hijab was ripped off by “a really buff guy wearing a Trump shirt.” (The attack was serious enough for her to tell the media about it, but not serious enough to report it to campus security, much less the police.)

A 28-year-old black woman, Kara Stevens, claimed three Trump-supporting white men in their 30s approached her in a Safeway parking lot in Hillsboro, Oregon, mentioned Donald Trump — then threatened to turn her into their “sex slave”! (Investigation suspended with no video, no witnesses and no evidence.)


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January 5, 2017

Ann Coulter: The Great Hijab Cover-Up

Forget fake news; the real issue is fake “hate.”

Has there been one (1) documented hate crime committed by white people against any hue in the Rainbow Coalition since Nov. 8? That’s out of the 9,456,723 hate crimes alleged by America’s leading hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The SPLC is to “hate” what Rolling Stone is to rape. It is the biggest peddler of fantasies since Walt Disney.

I’ve read through dozens of SPLC “hate crimes” and they are all lies. The Muslim girls in particular seem to be very spirited liars.

Since the election, there have been vivid stories from across the nation of Trump supporters tearing off Muslim girls’ hijabs — at the University of Michigan (since retracted), Louisiana State University (also retracted), San Diego State University (that too was retracted), the New York City subway (again: retracted), and the University of New Mexico (no witnesses, won’t reveal attacker’s name or report the incident for investigation).

The main take-away from all these stories is: We sure have taken in a lot of Muslims! They seem to have trouble assimilating to American laws about not committing mass murder, but the good news is, when it comes to America’s culture of victimhood, they assimilate like fish to water!


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December 1, 2016

How Trump Could Ruin His Presidency by Ann Coulter

It will surprise consumers of American media to learn this, but every promise Trump made on immigration is already the law. Why? Because politicians know that’s what the public wants. So they pass the laws — and then refuse to enforce them.

Soon after Trump’s announcement speech, I said he would win the nomination and likely the election. It wasn’t that hard to predict. For anyone familiar with the Republican Party’s repeated betrayals of the American people, it was a 2-foot putt.

I issue this warning with the same certitude — in fact, for the exact same reason I knew anyone running on Trump’s platform would have unbreakable support from millions of voters.

What coalesced Trump’s base, what made his support tempered steel, was the fact that voters had been lied to, over and over again — on many things, but most smugly and repeatedly on immigration.

How many times did we have to see the GOP choke? There’s 30 seconds left in the game, Republicans are down by two, they move the ball up the court, have a man in position — and, every time, the GOP would do anything to avoid taking the 3-point shot.

That is the beating heart of the anger that voters felt toward the party. No one trusted Republicans to ever score when they had the ball.

It’s why Trump’s supporters stuck with him through thick and thin — his attack on war hero John McCain (he deserved it), his mocking a disabled reporter (a lie), his lazy first debate performance (totally true), and the “Access Hollywood” tape (oh well).


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November 24, 2016

Ann Coulter: A Night to Remember

In fairness, we Trump supporters don’t want to be sore winners, so we ought to set a time limit on our gloating. I propose three years.

In that spirit, let us revel in the Never Trumpers’ tweets leading up to Trump’s election night triumph. Now that I’ve had time to do a full archeological dig, I’m able to present a whole new treasure trove of smug idiocy.

Save this column to share with your children, and they with their children, for years to come.

** ** **

— PATTON OSWALT: Comedian who realized he wasn’t really all that funny and decided to try his hand at political commentary instead.

His tweets are a perfect time capsule of the Never Trumpers’ smug certitude that Hillary would win — which would soon blossom into bitter recrimination.

The day before the election, Oswalt was snarky and nasty, but his mood turned as election results came in:

NOV. 7:

@pattonoswalt Every artisanal cocktail bar in Williamsburg is scrambling to create a “mazel tov cocktail” right now.

@pattonoswalt Someone create this drink, ASAP. That’s what we should toast with tomorrow.

NOV. 8:

@pattonoswalt This is the final, feeble insanity of the Trump campaign being slapped down. It’s over, Donny. Get ready.

@pattonoswalt Oh God, the LAUGHTER when he appears. “Gonna lose!” It’s all gone, Don. #Election2016


@pattonoswalt Come on, Broward County! Grind your democracy crotch on the stripper pole of freedom! #Florida #ElectionNight

@pattonoswalt f*ckf*ckf*ckf*ckf*ckF*CKF*CKF*CKF*CK #ElectionNight (Asterisks, mine.)


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November 4, 2016

My Final Argument For Trump: Humiliate The Media! by Ann Coulter

(EDITORS: Please note graphic language in column.)

For every argument the media make against Trump, Hillary’s worse.

(1) Eleven years ago, Trump said on a secretly recorded tape that celebrities can do anything — even grab a woman’s p*ssy.

Hillary, born-again Victorian virgin, campaigns with Beyonce, who performs a duet with the words “curvalicious, p*ssy served delicious.”

Hillary is thrilled to have the support of Madonna — who has publicly offered to give blow jobs to anyone who votes for Hillary. (She’ll even remove her teeth!)

Hillary’s campaign has deployed Miley Cyrus to canvas for her — when Cyrus is not busy inviting men in the audience to reach up and grab her p*ssy.

When Vernon Jordan was asked by CBS’ Mike Wallace what he talked about while golfing with Bill Clinton — aka Hillary’s husband — he answered: “P*ssy.”

Oh, and 11 years before Teddy Kennedy ran for president as the Conscience of the Democratic Party — he killed a girl. After grabbing her p*ssy.

(2) Trump’s a sexual predator!

Hillary’s husband is a well-established rapist, groper and pants-dropper. She’s his fixer.

Unlike the serial predations of her husband, leveled repeatedly throughout the decades, these 11th-hour allegations against Trump are highly suspect, for the timing alone.

Recall that The New York Times spent months investigating Trump’s treatment of women earlier this year. The Newspaper of Record put its best reporters on the job, interviewed a dozen women, and the paper splashed the story on its front page. But the best the Times could come up with was a story about Trump, as a bachelor, publicly praising a model for looking great in a bikini at his pool party. Then they dated. The horror.


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