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April 28, 2017

Hungarian Prime Minister Challenges European Union in Fiery Address

In a powerful speech before the European Parliament Wednesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged leaders of the EU to respect Hungary’s sovereignty and to examine its need for serious structural reform.

“You may know that we Hungarians never give up the fight,” Orbán said defiantly, “and I will today once again try to apply the power of common sense in this debate.”

Orbán was referring to specific EU complaints about Hungary’s unilateral opposition to the heavy-handed pressures of American financial speculator George Soros, a major financer of abortion and open immigration throughout the world. Yet in his address, the Prime Minister went further, asserting Hungary’s right to self-governance and challenging the EU to acknowledge the state of crisis into which it has fallen.

He also came to the meeting to showcase the substantial economic progress made by Hungary in recent years, thanks to free market policies of fiscal restraint and pro-business legislation that fly in the face of European bureaucracy, social assistance and hyper-regulation.

“In 2008 we started from a point where Greece was,” Orbán recalled. “The government of Hungary at the time was the first to turn to the Monetary Fund and the EU for a loan. Since then, we have fully repaid this money, ahead of maturity.”


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George Soros ‘Has Ruined the Lives of Millions of Europeans’ Says Hungarian Prime Minister

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a stinging speech in the European Parliament Wednesday, asserting Hungary’s right to self-governance and defending its actions regarding immigration and against American financial speculator George Soros.

“I know that the power, size and weight of Hungary is much smaller than that of the financial speculator, George Soros, who is now attacking Hungary,” Orbán said.

“Despite ruining the lives of millions of European with his financial speculations, being penalized in Hungary for speculations, and who is an openly admitted enemy of the euro, he is so highly praised that he is received by the EU’s top leaders,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s address built upon comments he made in an Easter interview with Magyar Id?k, in which he stated the motives behind Hungary’s diffidence toward George Soros.

“There can be no special privileges, and no one may stand above the law – not even George Soros’s people,” he said.

Through his organisations in Hungary, and hidden from the public gaze, Orbán said, “George Soros is spending endless amounts of money to support illegal immigration.”


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April 16, 2017

Orban Easter Speech: ‘Battlefield Europe… Stop Mass Migration. The Future of Europe Is at Stake’

Calling international politics a “battlefield”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told newspaper Magyar Id?k that Hungary’s sovereignty is under constant attack from foreign interests and the powerful left wing activist George Soros. Adding that mass migration threatens the future of Europe, he urged for the preservation of Christian civilisation.

“Today we live in a time when international politics is a battlefield,” Prime Minister Orbán said on Easter Sunday. “The independence and freedom of European nations are at stake. And at the centre of the battlefield is migration.”

“This is what our future stands or falls on,” he said, “the fate of Europe. The question is whether the character of European nations will be determined by the same spirit, civilisation, culture and mentality as in our parents’ and grandparents’ time, or by something completely different.”

Discussing how his government has come under criticism following the implementation of stricter border controls and asylum policies in the ongoing migrant crisis, Mr. Orbán observed that “those calling themselves liberal and left-wing – who are supported with the money, power and networks of international forces, with George Soros at the forefront – claim that taking action against migration is wrong, impractical and immoral”.


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March 31, 2017

Orban: ‘EU Court of Human Rights Is a Security Threat to Europeans’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the annual congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) that the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR) is a “threat to the security of EU people” and an invitation to migrants. He urged the EPP to advocate for “national pride and Christian identity” or Europe will have a Muslim majority within a generation.

Addressing the conference in Malta on Thursday, Orbán called mass migration from the Middle East a “Trojan Horse of terrorism” and the language of political correctness “unable to identify and understand the true dangers of migration”, reports Euractiv.

Adding that migration has become an NGO business, he said it had imported a significant “anti-Semitic potential to Europe”.

The Hungarian premier slammed the ECHR, saying that it was in urgent need of reform as its decisions pose “a threat to the security of the European people and offer an invitation to migrants”.

“Europe is the best place in the world,” Orbán said, “at least for the time being”. He warned that the continent faces “serious dangers”, and that migrants settling in Europe favoured living in parallel societies over integration. The view in Central Europe, he said, remained that “if this keeps up”, Western Europe would have a Muslim majority “within our generation’s lifetime”.

Prime Minister Orbán urged the centre-right EPP, which includes parties such as Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the Austrian People’s Party, and Sweden’s Moderate Party, to take up the intellectual and political struggle against the left and be “Europe’s flagship”, advocating for “national pride and Christian identity”.


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March 26, 2017

Viktor Orban: The EU Has Orchestrated the Invasion of Europe (Video)

The Hungarian leader makes a brilliant speech on the EU migrant crisis and the unwillingness to discuss it. No one has the will to call it what it really is: an invasion.

February 27, 2017

Hungary’s Orbán: EU ‘Still Making Excuses for Crimes of Communism’

“Many in the West today are still making excuses for the crimes of communism; even the European Union itself is reluctant to unequivocally condemn them,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said.

Speaking at an event to mark Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism on Saturday, the populist leader noted the left wing ideology “emerged in the 20th century as an intellectual product of the West [but] in the end it was we Central Europeans who were forced to live under this originally Western idea”.

Orbán underlined that, in the West, communism remained nothing more than a theory, providing “tingling intellectual excitement [for] meddlesome global utopians” such as Sidney and Beatrice Webb, prominent figures in Fabian socialism accused of acting as apologists for the Soviet Union.

He recalled how “many members of the Western intelligentsia, artists, writers and politicians – self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ – praised the genocidal communist dictatorship”.

“It is difficult to believe that it was not obvious to them that those whom the Soviets regarded as class enemies – or as dangerous for any other reason – were being deported to slave labour camps.”


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February 12, 2017

Orban: Hungary Will Welcome ‘European Refugees’ Fleeing Multicultural West

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban says his country will open its arms to west Europeans fleeing mass immigration and “the lords of globalist politics”.

“We shall let in true refugees”, Mr Orban told a cheering audience: “Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.”

The populist leader has served as the de facto leader of the central and eastern European countries which have resisted the open borders policies of the European Union (EU) and leading member-states in the west of the continent.

Globalist politicians, Mr Orban contended, are seeking to “sweep away a democracy of debate and replace it with a democracy of [political] correctness”, where “true power, decisions and influence [are] not held by elected governments, but [by] unelected global networks, media gurus and international organisations.”

He cited Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s election in the United States as episodes in a wider popular revolt against the “arrogance and condescension” of global elites by ordinary people whose “mouths had been gagged” for too long.

He claimed that history’s departure from “the course marked out for it” in 2016 “mocked the prophets of liberal politics”, who have responded as though “the people are a danger to democracy”.


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January 26, 2017

Hungary’s Orban: European Union Federalism an ‘Illusion’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has blasted European Union (EU) federalists saying Brussels should “let go” of the idea of federalism and that Europe’s future is multipolar.

Prime Minister Orbán made the remarks at the Lámfalussy Conference in Budapest which was hosted by the National Bank of Hungary. The future of Europe, according to the Hungarian leader, is one of nation states cooperating together, rather than a federal EU super-state. He also used to occasion to praise U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to the Hungarian government’s website, Kormany, Orban said “Brussels has become enslaved to a utopia” when it comes to its dealing with the future prospects of the political bloc. He noted the EU was becoming weaker and claimed it struggled to even exert itself as a regional power, adding the euro had failed to achieve the status of a world reserve currency like the American dollar.

To Orbán, the future lies in stronger sovereignty for nation states and said that smaller, more regiona, political, blocs like the Visegrad group (V4) could be one of the poles in a new multi-polar Europe.

Orbán said the reason for the failure of the EU was that many of the bloc’s politicians and bureaucrats had viewed Europeans as one people. Orbán claimed there is no “European people”, but a Europe consisting of many peoples.


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January 23, 2017

Hungary’s Orban Praises Trump’s ‘End of Multilateralism’

Hungary’s prime minister says U.S. President Donald Trump’s position that all countries have the right to put their own interests first was the key phrase of his inaugural address.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is interpreting Trump’s statement as “the end of multilateralism” and as permission for Hungary to also put itself in first place.

Orban was an early supporter of Trump and had praised his immigration policies.
Speaking Monday at an economic conference organized by the National Bank of Hungary, Orban also implied that conservative Francois Fillon is his preferred candidate to become the next president of France and supported his desire for a new military alliance in Europe.

Orban said this new alliance could give Europe greater self-confidence and the ability to negotiate with all parties, including Russia.

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January 14, 2017

Viktor Orbán speech to new Hungarian border patrol units Jan 12 2017 (Video)

“Grim times require brave and dedicated people.”