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March 26, 2017

Viktor Orban: The EU Has Orchestrated the Invasion of Europe (Video)

The Hungarian leader makes a brilliant speech on the EU migrant crisis and the unwillingness to discuss it. No one has the will to call it what it really is: an invasion.

February 27, 2017

Hungary’s Orbán: EU ‘Still Making Excuses for Crimes of Communism’

“Many in the West today are still making excuses for the crimes of communism; even the European Union itself is reluctant to unequivocally condemn them,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said.

Speaking at an event to mark Memorial Day for the Victims of Communism on Saturday, the populist leader noted the left wing ideology “emerged in the 20th century as an intellectual product of the West [but] in the end it was we Central Europeans who were forced to live under this originally Western idea”.

Orbán underlined that, in the West, communism remained nothing more than a theory, providing “tingling intellectual excitement [for] meddlesome global utopians” such as Sidney and Beatrice Webb, prominent figures in Fabian socialism accused of acting as apologists for the Soviet Union.

He recalled how “many members of the Western intelligentsia, artists, writers and politicians – self-proclaimed ‘progressives’ – praised the genocidal communist dictatorship”.

“It is difficult to believe that it was not obvious to them that those whom the Soviets regarded as class enemies – or as dangerous for any other reason – were being deported to slave labour camps.”


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February 12, 2017

Orban: Hungary Will Welcome ‘European Refugees’ Fleeing Multicultural West

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban says his country will open its arms to west Europeans fleeing mass immigration and “the lords of globalist politics”.

“We shall let in true refugees”, Mr Orban told a cheering audience: “Germans, Dutch, French and Italians, terrified politicians and journalists who here in Hungary want to find the Europe they have lost in their homelands.”

The populist leader has served as the de facto leader of the central and eastern European countries which have resisted the open borders policies of the European Union (EU) and leading member-states in the west of the continent.

Globalist politicians, Mr Orban contended, are seeking to “sweep away a democracy of debate and replace it with a democracy of [political] correctness”, where “true power, decisions and influence [are] not held by elected governments, but [by] unelected global networks, media gurus and international organisations.”

He cited Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s election in the United States as episodes in a wider popular revolt against the “arrogance and condescension” of global elites by ordinary people whose “mouths had been gagged” for too long.

He claimed that history’s departure from “the course marked out for it” in 2016 “mocked the prophets of liberal politics”, who have responded as though “the people are a danger to democracy”.


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January 26, 2017

Hungary’s Orban: European Union Federalism an ‘Illusion’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has blasted European Union (EU) federalists saying Brussels should “let go” of the idea of federalism and that Europe’s future is multipolar.

Prime Minister Orbán made the remarks at the Lámfalussy Conference in Budapest which was hosted by the National Bank of Hungary. The future of Europe, according to the Hungarian leader, is one of nation states cooperating together, rather than a federal EU super-state. He also used to occasion to praise U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to the Hungarian government’s website, Kormany, Orban said “Brussels has become enslaved to a utopia” when it comes to its dealing with the future prospects of the political bloc. He noted the EU was becoming weaker and claimed it struggled to even exert itself as a regional power, adding the euro had failed to achieve the status of a world reserve currency like the American dollar.

To Orbán, the future lies in stronger sovereignty for nation states and said that smaller, more regiona, political, blocs like the Visegrad group (V4) could be one of the poles in a new multi-polar Europe.

Orbán said the reason for the failure of the EU was that many of the bloc’s politicians and bureaucrats had viewed Europeans as one people. Orbán claimed there is no “European people”, but a Europe consisting of many peoples.


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January 23, 2017

Hungary’s Orban Praises Trump’s ‘End of Multilateralism’

Hungary’s prime minister says U.S. President Donald Trump’s position that all countries have the right to put their own interests first was the key phrase of his inaugural address.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban is interpreting Trump’s statement as “the end of multilateralism” and as permission for Hungary to also put itself in first place.

Orban was an early supporter of Trump and had praised his immigration policies.
Speaking Monday at an economic conference organized by the National Bank of Hungary, Orban also implied that conservative Francois Fillon is his preferred candidate to become the next president of France and supported his desire for a new military alliance in Europe.

Orban said this new alliance could give Europe greater self-confidence and the ability to negotiate with all parties, including Russia.

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January 14, 2017

Viktor Orbán speech to new Hungarian border patrol units Jan 12 2017 (Video)

“Grim times require brave and dedicated people.”

December 27, 2016

Close the borders! Hungarian PM demands EU act as Christians murdered at Christmas (Video)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called for a swathe of deportations insisting it is outrageous that Christians are being murdered on the streets of Europe.

And he has called for the immediate closure of borders insisting nothing can remain the same after the slaughter on the run up to the festive holiday season.

Mr Orbán spoke out following the deaths of 12 people and the injuring of 48 others in Berlin last week.

And he told HUngarian Veszprém online news site nothing will ever be the same and that the EU and leading politicians are refusing to listen to the people of Europe who are supportive of ending the free movement of people.

He said: “It is unprecedented that in the heart of Europe, Christians were murdered at Christmas.

“It’s clear that, in the case of migration, nothing can remain the way it was before.

“Brussels needs to change, migrants who entered Europe illegally must be deported, the borders need to be protected and the inflow of migrants has to be eliminated.”


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December 22, 2016

Orbán Declares 2017 the ‘Year of Rebellion’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has praised the victories of the populist Five Star Movement in the Italian referendum and the election of Donald Trump in the United States, claiming these developments are just the beginning of the “rebellion”.

The Hungarian leader, who is known to be outspoken in expressing his opinions on mass migration and the migrant crisis claims a kinship with rising populist leaders and movements across Europe and the United States.

Mr. Orbán said his party Fidesz was a “self-made story … about ten to twenty, or thirty guys coming from somewhere, rising up, fed up with the world that surrounds them” who wanted to change it.

He claimed to see the same attitude in President-Elect Donald J. Trump, saying in an interview with Hungarian news site that Trump had what he called a “self-made man mentality.” He went on to add, “Self-made figures are people who themselves are successful, who do not begin a sentence with ‘I know people,’ but say, ‘I’ve done that.’ ”

For the Hungarian prime minister, 2016 isn’t the end of the populist rebellion against globalism and the elites. Asked if he thought the anti-globalist sentiment would spread he said, “I am convinced that 2017 will be a year of rebellion. Whether they [the globalists] put down the rebellion or not, that’s another story.”

Orbán cited the victory of the Italian opposition in the recent referendum and said that despite the defeat for anti-mass migration candidate Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential elections, the rebellion was growing.


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November 10, 2016

Orban: Trump Win Is Chance for West to Break Free from Political Correctness

Donald Trump’s victory marks the end of “liberal non-democracy” and will allow the West to break free from the “captivity of ideologies” that distort reality through political correctness, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has said.

The election outcome indicates a shift in popular thinking in the West, Orbán said in remarks made yesterday evening on a trip to London, and this morning at a conference organised by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

During his one-day official visit to Britain’s capital, the Central European leader commented that the Republican candidate’s big win represents a victory for freedom of thought in the Western world.

He told reporters: “The world has always benefited whenever it has managed to release itself from the captivity of currently dominant ideological trends. In my view, this is what has happened just now in the United States.

“This also gives the rest of the Western world the chance to free itself from the captivity of ideologies, of political correctness, and of modes of thought and expression which are remote from reality: the chance to come back down to earth and see the world as it really is.”

This morning in Budapest, Hungary’s Prime Minister struck a similar tone, announcing that today is “the second day of a historic event, in which Western civilisation appears to successfully break free from the confines of an ideology”.


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July 23, 2016

Hungary’s prime minister endorses Donald Trump

Mr. Orbán noted that the three elements in Mr. Trump’s platform that he most agreed with were the belief that immigration poses a security risk, the national security apparatus must be expanded and the West must stop trying to export democracy to other parts of the world.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán became the first sitting leader of a European Union country to formally endorse Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Speaking at a gathering of right-wing politicians, thinkers and youth, in the heart of the Hungarian-majority region of Romania called Székelyföld (or Szeklerland), Mr. Orbán declared: “Trump would be better for Europe and for Hungary.” He then referred to Mr. Trump as being “outstanding.”

The full-length of Mr. Orbán’s comments in the Hungarian-majority town of Tusnádfürd? (in Romanian: B?ile Tu?nad) on Saturday sounded like this (in our English translation):

“I am not Donald Trump’s campaign man. I never thought that I would one day entertain the possibility that from amongst the possibilities, he would after all be better for Europe and for Hungary. I would never have imagined this, and yet this is how things stand now. I listened to this candidate and I have to tell you that he made three proposals to halt terrorism, and as a European, I could have hardly expressed what is best for Europe any better than he did.”


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