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The U.S. Hates Hungary. Here’s Why. (Video)

The Biden State Department seems to dislike Hungary more than North Korea. Why is that? Maybe because Hungary is a Christian country with secure borders. Balazs Orban explains.

‘Ukraine is not anymore sovereign state’, says Hungary’s Orban (Video)

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Victor Orbán Interview with Yoram Hazony | We Need Change In Brussels | NatCon Brussels 2 (Video)

Viktor Orbán’s keynote conversation with Yoram Hazony at the National Conservatism Conference in Brussels on April 17, 2024.

Orban Predicts 2024. And We think HE is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT (Video)

2024 also marks Hungary’s turn at the helm of the rotating EU Council presidency. Orbán laid out a succinct agenda: “Make Europe Great Again—MAGA there, MEGA here,” drawing a parallel between his vision for Europe and Trump’s slogan for America. This statement reflects Orbán’s aspiration to instigate a political shift within the EU, aiming to bridge the widening gap he perceives between the bureaucratic policies of Brussels and the genuine interests and will of European citizens.

Prime Minister Orbán Accuses the EU of Conducting Population Replacement

The balance of power in the world has shifted, and we are now suffering the serious consequences of this, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Romania’s Baile Tusnad (Tusnádfürdő) on Saturday, reported Magyar Nemzet. In his speech at the 32nd Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp (Tusványos) he claimed that the European Union has rejected its Christian heritage, and it is carrying out a population replacement.

Viktor Orbán said that in world politics we are moving towards a collision day by day, because the number one great power sees itself sinking to second place. According to the Prime Minister, a new balance must be found to replace the current world balance. Referring to the United States and China, he said that something should be done that has never been done before:

“the big powers should accept that there are two suns in the sky”.

Welcome to Romania

He started his speech by saying that “we have arrived here through the Romanian cohorts, but we would rather see them as a welcoming committee”, referring to the large crowds of Romanian ultra-nationalists who had gathered trying to prevent his arrival. The Prime Minister added that the Romanian Orthodox Church is also needed in the fight to defend Christianity. “They advised me not to talk about anything that might offend Romanian sensitivities,” he said. He said that he was advised not to talk about collective minority rights, but Orbán indicated that these exist and that Hungarians are entitled to them.


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‘Time to Drain the Swamp’ – Orban Says ‘Everyone Knew’ EU was Corrupt Before Scandal

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán says the massive corruption scandal in the European Union should be used as an opportunity to “drain the swamp” in Brussels.

An ongoing corruption scandal at the heart of the European Union has seen a Vice President of the European Parliament arrested, among others, and the offices of two human rights organisations shuttered, as Belgian law enforcement probe officials possibly being paid off as part of an influence operation by the sharia-governed State of Qatar, which is hosting the still-ongoing World Cup.

Evidence pictures shared with the Associated Press by Belgium’s Federal Judicial Police show literal briefcases filled with cash  —  “a portion of the 1.5 million euro dollars found and seized by Belgian police in Brussels,” according to the news agency.

“This EU summit has been marked by the arrest, on corruption charges, of the left-wing vice-president of the European Parliament. Everyone knew that Brussels was full of corruption, but now it’s reached the stage at which the police have had to take action,” commented Prime Minister Orbán, in the EU power centre himself for an end-of-the-year European Council meeting, in comments shared on Facebook, an official translation of which has been seen by Breitbart London.


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Hungarian PM urges US Christian conservatives to ‘unite forces’ at conference in Dallas (Video)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is urging American conservatives to “take back the institutions,” stick to hardline stances on gay rights and immigration and fight for the pivotal next US presidential election.

‘Hungary First, America First’ – Orban Hands Right ‘Antidote to Progressive Dominance’ at CPAC

In his opening address at CPAC Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presented the global right with what he called the “antidote to progressive dominance”.

The global right can be victorious against the progressive hegemony so long as it acts sensibly and puts in the work to win the culture war – this was the message Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave to attendees with his opening address at CPAC Hungary on Thursday, launching the event which represents the first time that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has ventured beyond America.

According to a report by Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet, Orbán presented the crowd with what he called the “antidote to progressive dominance” that he believed would help the right worldwide to achieve power.

Although noting that there are no “miracle weapons” that will end the culture war, the Prime Minister said that the Right could gain significant ground by cultivating its own media and political class, while staying away from fringe conspiracy theories and the extremes of politics.


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Orbán’s Hungary: Lessons for Britain? Is Hungary Unfairly Demonised in the West? (Video)

Amid the ideological madness and hysteria currently besieging the West, many conservatives view Hungary as a land of sanity and common sense. Hungary’s measured approach to immigration, its patriotic cultural policies and its promotion of the traditional family have angered much of the establishment in Britain and the EU. But for traditionalists and conservatives, Hungary reminds them of how the West used to be.

Hungarian PM warns tyranny ‘greater than this pandemic’ is coming

‘Ownership is obsolete, privacy is non-existent, and globalist organizations achieve complete control’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban long has been recognized as a renegade – the leader not willing to submit to a globalist agenda or mandates from the established power structure.

He began his career objecting to Russian troops in Hungary, and they were removed a short time later. He moved his nation toward a free-market economy, led its entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, urged the adoption of a constitution outlining conservative moral themes and defended national sovereignty.

He further outraged the establishment by erecting a fence on his nation’s border to disrupt the flow of illegal aliens coming from the Middle East and Africa.

And even while fighting COVID, his nation enacted legislation that banned school content “deemed to promote homosexuality and gender change.”


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