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July 3, 2022

How the quest for women’s liberation had the unexpected side effect of wrecking medicine in Britain (Video)

Even getting an appointment to see a doctor in modern Britain is an arduous process, made worse by the Covid epidemic. The problems with getting proper care from a GP though began long before 2020.

March 5, 2022

John Stossel: Woke Medicine (Video)

America has a shortage of doctors. It’s one reason why health care costs so much. Yet the AMA, the biggest doctor’s association, is focused on telling doctors to use Marxist language.

September 29, 2021

Russell Brand: How Big Pharma CEOs Plan To Profit From Keeping You Sick! (Video)

I spoke with Dr. Bob Gill, a British family doctor who is campaigning to stop the privatisation of our national health service. This is a shocking video that reveals how blatant our government’s intentions are to take away healthcare and hand it over to private companies using a 5 point plan.

August 8, 2021

Minorities ‘experience disability more often’ than White people, Stanford speaker says

Talila Lewis’ made the remarks in connection to her Stanford event on ableism, which she says includes anything that values ‘socially constructed ideas’ of intelligence, excellence, and productivity.’ A disability advisor from the Stanford Office of Accessible Education, an event co-sponsor, says Lewis’ views have expanded how the office sees disability.

Disability needs to be redefined, abolitionist community lawyer Talila Lewis explained at a Stanford event, “A Conversation with TL Lewis: Understanding the Intersection of Disability, Ableism, Racism, & anti-Blackness.”

“Disability is the most fluid marginalized identity that exists,” Lewis said during the conversation, which was co-sponsored by the Office of Accessible Education (OAE), the Division of Student Affairs and the Stanford Critical Law Society.

Lewis, who does not use gender pronouns but instead prefers to be called ‘TL,’ offered attendees her three core disability tenets during the July 15 event: 1) Disability is fluid, 2) Disability is a natural part of the human experience, and 3) Ableism informs and forms every systemic oppression that exists.  

Lewis defines ableism as anything that “places value on people’s bodies and minds” which come from concepts of excellence, desirability, normality, and productivity, which are socially constructed ideas.


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June 12, 2021

Medical journal publishes study attacking ‘whiteness’ as a ‘malignant, parasitic-like condition’

A prominent medical journal for US psychoanalysts has published a study demonizing “whiteness” as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition to which white people have a particular susceptibility.”

A prominent medical journal for US psychoanalysts has published a study demonizing “whiteness” as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition to which white people have a particular susceptibility.”

The study, which was given a platform late last month by the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, went on to portray whiteness as a disorder that doesn’t yet have a permanent cure. “Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable and perverse,” wrote author Donald Moss, a white New Yorker who has more than four decades of experience in private practice. “These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples.”

While it’s “nearly impossible” to eliminate such appetites, Moss said, they can be effectively treated with a combination of “psychic and social-historical interventions.” But medical professionals can only hope to “reshape” those appetites for the better, such as reducing their intensity, altering their aims and, in some cases, “turn those aims to the work of reparation.”


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August 19, 2020

Federal officers in Portland suffered 113 eye injuries from lasers, DHS official says

“A tactic that quickly developed among the violent participants in these activities was to cut those holes in the shields and instead of standing back at the back of a crowd and aiming at the eyes of officers, they will also now bring the shield up close and bring it right up into you. And so the intensity of the strike to the eyes of the officer is much more significant,” Cuccinelli said.

The deputy director of the Department of Homeland Security says federal officers in Portland suffered 113 eye injuries while guarding a courthouse from activists armed with powerful lasers.

The usually green beams produce uncomfortable heat, unlike common small red pointers, Ken Cuccinelli said Tuesday at a Senate subcommittee hearing on the clashes in Oregon.

“We’ve had a number of officers who have days-long blindness. So far they’ve all kind of come back, if you will,” Cuccinelli said. “But you also get what’s called flash blindness. Think of it as the old Kodak cameras where you get that blue spot and you can’t quite see your entire field of vision for a period.”


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July 12, 2020

Pharma execs used strip clubs, broke FDA laws to boost opioid sales (Video)

A former sales VP for a pharmaceutical company was sentenced to prison tells 60 Minutes he bribed doctors to prescribe fentanyl drugs. Bill Whitaker reports.

December 12, 2017

My Chat with Paediatric Endocrinologist Robert Lustig – The Saad Truth (Video)

Dr. Lustig is a New York Times bestselling author and a leading expert on childhood obesity. We covered a broad range of topics at the intersection of medicine, neurochemistry, nutrition, marketing, psychology, evolutionary theory, and propaganda.

November 3, 2017

Chuck Norris sues 11 drug companies for ‘poisoning’ wife

Action star claims dye used in MRI ‘left her close to death’

Action star Chuck Norris usually resolves problems with a roundhouse kick, but this time he’s taking a different approach – he’s going to court.

Norris filed suit against 11 drug companies Wednesday in San Francisco for “poisoning” his wife Gena with a dye containing the heavy metal gadolinium used with MRI scans in a procedure that “left her close to death with lifelong pain and weakness.” The dye makes the organs easier to see on the scans, improving diagnosis.

Following three MRI scans in one week five years ago to assess her rheumatoid arthritis, Gena began to feel like she was dying. And her husband could see it, too.

“I just heard that still small voice deep inside of me that said, ‘Gena your body is dying.’ And I walked out of the bathroom and he just took one look at me and he knew; ‘I’m about to lose my wife,’” Gena said in an interview on “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.”

Chuck Norris continued: “Well I saw death in her eyes. I saw her dying and I said you know I’ve got to do something.”


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September 12, 2017

Time travel with viruses

Viral infections leave trace information in our tissues. Researchers can read it like a history book extending from mediaeval smallpox epidemics to ancient Egypt.

Virologist Mari Toppinen began her journey through history at a lecture on identifying war dead, focusing on corpses left on the Russian side of the border after the war between Finland and the Soviet Union. The dead have been transported to Finland for identification, beginning in 1992.

“I was listening to professor of forensic medicine, Antti Sajantila, and I started wondering if the bones on the former battlefield could have signs of parvovirus, which was one of the research topics of our group,” Toppinen says. “During the infection, the parvovirus multiplies specifically in the bone marrow.”

The parvovirus causes a common, typically harmless disease known as fifth disease, which is characterised by an intense red rash. Scientists at the Department of Virology in the Academic Medical Center Helsinki place a special significance on it: It was while studying the very parvovirus that they found what a fascinating compendium of information viruses can leave in the tissues of their hosts during their visit.

Toppinen and her colleagues joined forces with forensic scientists, and found parvovirus DNA in the bones. “We analysed 106 of the war dead. Approximately every other individual had traces of the virus, despite the bones being exposed to UV radiation and the acidic earth.”


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