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February 24, 2017

Migrant Crisis: What to Expect in Spring (Video)

Lauren Southern of reports: When the snow melts the refugees will come. New reports are showing that there are millions of migrants just waiting to enter the country, will Europe be able to handle a new wave?

FL Sheriff: ‘Not a Day Goes By That We All Don’t Arrest A Lot of Illegal Aliens’ Who Are ‘Preying’ on People (Video)

“The people we arrest, they’re not harvesting any vegetables, or any citrus.”

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Polk County, FL Sheriff Grady Judd stated that illegal immigrants committing felonies is a phenomenon that is at an epidemic level “across the United States. There’s not a day goes by that we all don’t arrest a lot of illegal aliens that are out here preying on the people in this country.”

Judd was asked about his prior comments that illegal immigrants committing felonies are an “epidemic.” He said, “It is at that level across the United States. There’s not a day goes by that we all don’t arrest a lot of illegal aliens that are out here preying on the people in this country. And they’re committing felonies, violent felonies, and they’re trafficking in narcotics. And if that’s not enough, we deport them, they come back, and pick up doing the same thing again.”


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Gov. Abbott: New Bill Could Jail Officials Who Adopt Sanctuary City Policies (Video)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is proposing “real penalties” for officials who continue to adopt sanctuary city policies.

Under a bill that has passed the Texas Senate, Abbott said that in addition to defunding cities that adopt “sanctuary” policies for illegal immigrants, public officials could be prosecuted.

“If you have a public official, including a sheriff, who continues to adopt sanctuary city policies after this ban goes into place, they could be criminally prosecuted and themselves wind up in jail. The place they are releasing dangerous criminals from,” he said on “Fox & Friends” this morning.

Abbott said he expects to sign the bill into law in the coming months.

He specifically called out Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, who has vowed to continue sanctuary policies and reduce cooperation with federal authorities on possible deportations of criminal aliens.


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The Labyrinth of Illegal Immigration by Victor Davis Hanson

Navigating self-interest, ideals, and public opinion in the debate about illegal immigration.

Activists portray illegal immigration solely as a human story of the desperately poor from south of the border fleeing misery to start new, productive lives in the U.S. — despite exploitation and America’s nativist immigration laws.

But the truth is always more complex — and can reveal self-interested as well as idealistic parties.

Employers have long sought to undercut the wages of the American underclass by preference for cheaper imported labor. The upper-middle classes have developed aristocratic ideas of hiring inexpensive “help” to relieve them of domestic chores.

The Mexican government keeps taxes low on its elite in part by exporting, rather than helping, its own poor. It causes little worry that some $25 billion in remittances sent from Mexican citizens working in America puts hardship on those expatriates, who are often subsidized by generous U.S. social services.

Mexico City rarely welcomes a heartfelt discussion about why its citizens flee Mexican exploitation and apparently have no wish to return home. Nor does Mexico City publicize its own stern approaches to immigration enforcement along its southern border — or its ethnocentric approach to all immigration (not wanting to impair “the equilibrium of national demographics”) that is institutionalized in Mexico’s constitution.


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February 23, 2017

Video: Michelle Malkin ’We Have To Stop Calling These Places ’Sanctuary’ Cities. They’re OUTLAW CITIES’

@foxandfriends @michellemalkin only a liberal could advocate lawlessness and call it compassion. But then, they call murder “healthcare” — PNW Fit (@OpenMikee) February 22, 2017

“We have to stop calling these places ‘sanctuary’ cities. They’re outlaw cities.” -@michellemalkin

I agree with @michellemalkin comment “We have to stop calling these places ‘sanctuary’ cities. They’re outlaw cities” #Maga #Trump

— Immigrants?4?Trump (@immigrant4trump) February 22, 2017

@foxandfriends @michellemalkin This again is the culture Obama created, by not enforcing the law.

— Veteran Dan (@danecover1) February 22, 2017

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February 22, 2017

Tommy Robinson: Sweden self-destructs for “diversity” (Video)

Tommy Robinson of looks at the “fake news” hysteria over Trump’s comment about Sweden.

MULTICULTURALISM, SOCIALISM BACKFIRE: Danish ISIS Members Were On Welfare. Just Like France, Germany, Brussels…

Welfare systems attract people who are more likely to depend on welfare; multiculturalism ensures that those people never integrate into the surrounding society, making it nearly impossible for them to get off of welfare or adopt Western values. This is a problem now recognized by nearly every major European leader.

While the left-wing media in the United States claims that Donald Trump is responsible for Muslim riots in Sweden – even though increases in crime in Sweden long predate Trump’s presidency – his general take on multiculturalism in Europe has been proved right once again. On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Danish Muslims fighting on behalf of ISIS were still receiving Danish welfare payments. Here’s the Times:

About 145 Danes have traveled to Syria or Iraq to fight for militant groups since 2012, according to the Danish security and intelligence services….Last year, the news media reported that more than two dozen Danish citizens receiving unemployment benefits had traveled to Syria to fight for ISIS, even though the law requires recipients to live in Denmark….Officials said that since last year, municipal and state authorities had been trying to collect about $95,000 in welfare benefits that had been wrongly paid to 29 citizens who had gone to Syria to fight for ISIS.

The law in Denmark prevents removal of welfare benefits without a full-scale trial, apparently.


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February 21, 2017

Sweden’s Million-Dollar Refugee Industry – Stefan Molyneux (Video)

Question: “I live in Sweden and a year ago my family got a call from the Swedish rescue service and offered what I call a deal with the devil. The deal was for us was to house up to 30 refugees for the most ridiculous sum of money I have ever seen. This was also during a period where we tried to sell our hotel and realized that my family were getting was not what we were hoping for. When you have been given the deal with the devil, will you take it and sacrifice your soul for wealth, or reject it and keep your soul but continue suffering?”

February 20, 2017

Angel Moms: Trump Administration to Support Program Helping Americans Hurt by Illegal Alien Crime

On Breitbart News Sunday, the Angel Moms who lost children or other loved ones to illegal alien crime said that the Trump administration plans to support a program aimed at helping American families devastated by illegal immigration put their lives back together.

Hundreds of taxpayer-funded programs assist illegal aliens, but not a single program exists specifically to help American victims of illegal alien crime, they told SiriusXM host Matthew Boyle.

Organized by the Remembrance Project’s Maria Espinoza, the Angel Moms described the immense emotional and financial costs burdening their families—and government’s complete indifference.

“The national program we put forth—Mr. Trump is the only candidate who met with us, of course, but also who agreed to support the Remembrance Project national program that would help with burial, medical, and counseling expenses,” said Espinoza. “Also, what’s very important that people don’t understand that in so many cases, our families are being re-victimized, because they’re being misguided in the court system. Either activist judges, or activist prosecutors—so we really need someone to help and guide our families.”

“Who can afford an attorney for themselves? And here illegal aliens get one. If they murder an American, they are given two attorneys to protect them, to defend them,” she added.

Ruth Johnston Martin, whose husband was shot by an illegal alien, said there is not one government program out there to help those suffering a loss due to illegal alien crime.


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February 19, 2017

Sweden’s two year U-Turn: How Liberals’ refugee policy turned public AGAINST migrants (Video)

Sweden’s politicians’ open-door refugee policies have turned the Swedish public against migrants in just two years, a study has claimed.

Fears of Swedes losing their culture and identity has fuelled a rise in anti-migrant sentiment, after 163,000 people arrived in the country in last year.

Sweden has been the poster child for openness and toleration for decades but that has changed in just two years, the study by independent British think-tank Demos found.

In September 2015, thousands of people took to the streets with banners saying “Refugees Welcome” while Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke about not building walls and offering help “when need is great”.

A year later, in October 2016, his government decided to implement border controls, which had always been available but not used, to stem the rapid flow of asylum seekers.

And a surge in nationalistic language has shown Swedes now consider migrants a threat to the nation, the report said.

The 458-page study into populism in Europe found an increasing use of “exclusionary nationalist rhetoric” in 2015 and 2016 by Swedish politicians across the spectrum.

Since the beginning of 2015, the study found an increasing use of the term “Swedish values” by not just the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats which have gained popularity since then, but by all main parties.


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