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June 17, 2021

Police Say Gunman Who Shot 5 in 2 States Was Targeting ‘White Males’

Lockhart testified to the court that Roberts said, “I had to have him” with regards to the man he is accused of firing at several times, hitting him once in the back.

A man who is accused of shooting five people across two states is said to have purposely targeted white victims during the attacks.

Justin Tyran Roberts, 39, was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of wounding five people across Alabama and Georgia during a shooting spree that lasted 20 hours. Two of the shootings took place in Uptown Columbus while the other occurred in the parking lot of a hotel in Phenix City.

During a preliminary hearing at Columbus Recorder’s Court on Monday, Columbus Police Detective Brandon Lockhart said that the suspect sought out to harm white men as he said he had been targeted himself.


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June 8, 2021

Is Anyone Else Noticing a Pattern With the Increase in ‘Random’ Attacks on White, Asian, and Hispanic People?

I recently reported a handful of attacks on elderly white people, mostly women. These attacks aren’t random and they aren’t new. Author Colin Flaherty has written three books about black-on-white crime and how the media not only ignores it but claims white people are oppressing and attacking black people.

A 350-pound, large-breasted man pummeled a diminutive woman (actually two women) in Gardena, Calif., over the weekend. Fortunately, the second beating was caught on video, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released surveillance photos and video showing the shirtless “man” coolly walk up to a woman and brutally pound her. He then continued to hit her as she was on the ground. At one point in the video, he grabs her hair and slams her head against her car. He then walks back to his vehicle. The unidentified suspect was arrested this weekend and authorities say that he has a criminal history of violence and is on probation. He is also accused of attacking a woman in her car in Gardena last Saturday. After the video was released, another woman came forward to say she had been attacked on the same day as the woman in the video.

Random? Time to Call it a Pattern had the audacity to fly this headline, “Mystery Motive For Vicious Random Attack On Woman Pumping Gas In Gardena: Suspect Repeatedly Punched Her For No Reason.”


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April 17, 2021

Bitter media storm after former pro-migration French minister attacked in his home

A prominent French businessman who promoted mass migration was reportedly tied up along with his wife and tortured in his home by four men of foreign descent

It has been reported that prominent French businessman and former politician Bernard Tapie was attacked in his home by four assailants, three of whom are reportedly African, and one of North-African origin. Tapie, the former owner of Adidas and other high-profile businesses, was asleep in his Parisian mansion when the attackers struck, resulting in both he and his wife being tied up with electrical cords tortured by the assailants who demanded to know where the couple’s valuables are hidden. The 78-year-old tycoon, who is also undergoing cancer treatment, has received a blow to the head with a baton. The home invaders have made off with jewelry, watches and some mobile phones. Tapie’s wife Dominique was also assaulted but eventually escaped and alerted police.

While most French public figures have expressed their sympathies with the victims, one of them chose to do so while also reminding Tapie of his past stances on migration. Jean Messiha, an Egyptian-born French economist and politician and a former member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, also wished with Tapie a “good recovery” but at the same time pointed out the correlation between Tapie’s past criticism of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s migration stances and the fact that he was attacked by four criminals with a migration background:


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February 26, 2021

Hundreds of activists rally against ‘white supremacy’ after a black man stabbed an Asian man in NYC

The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

Activists in New York last week held a rally against “white supremacy” to protest the attack of an Asian man who was slashed with a box cutter on a New York subway by a black man.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Social justice warriors were protesting against white supremacy over an incident where an Asian was attacked by a black man.



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January 30, 2018

Waterloo region teachers wearing Kevlar as violence in classroom grows

1,300 incidents involving elementary student-on-teacher violence in the Waterloo Region District School Board.

Some teachers in Waterloo region now feel the need to wear Kevlar clothing to protect themselves due to the growing trend of violence in classrooms.

“We’re (dealing with) everything to biting to kicking and punching,” said Jeff Pelich, the vice president of the local chapter of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

“Between our teachers and educational assistants, and child and youth workers, many of them are now required to wear Kevlar, to wear full vests to protect themselves from punches and kicks.”

1,300 violent incidents

Last school year there were approximately 1,300 incidents involving elementary student-on-teacher violence in the Waterloo Region District School Board, up from around 900 the previous year.

The numbers were part of a report discussed at the school board’s Committee of the Whole meeting Monday night.


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December 30, 2017

London acid attack map reveals the areas of the capital too dangerous for delivery drivers because of the epidemic

Moped drivers now stop work after dark because of the danger of attacks.

Vast areas of East, North and South London have been declared “no-go zones” by terrified delivery drivers because of the acid attack epidemic, The Sun can reveal.

Moped riders say they won’t go to the violent hotspots after 8pm because they fear being attacked with acid or knives.

They have been forced to cut down their hours – taking a massive pay cut – thanks to the dangers.

The House of Commons heard last week that London has more acid attacks per head of population than any other world city.

Labour MP Stephen Timms revealed there are “parts of London where drivers are not willing to go because of the danger of attack”.

Delivery drivers told The Sun they used to work as late as 2am, ferrying takeaways and packages around the capital.


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November 20, 2017

Instructor arrested for attacking conservative students (Video)

A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti-Trump protest Thursday, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk. Tariq Khan charged the students in a rage after one of them mocked the 39-year-old by asking, “Don’t you have anything better to do? Don’t you have kids?” After accusing the students of threatening his children, Khan chased after one of them, stealing his phone and hurling it to the sidewalk.

A University of Illinois graduate instructor was arrested for assaulting two students during an anti-Trump protest Thursday, stealing the phone of one student and throwing it on the sidewalk.

Tariq Khan is a PhD candidate at the university and has taught courses such as “Constructing Race in America” and “U.S. Gender History since 1877.” He is also involved with various anarchist and communist organizations including Black Rose Anarchist Federation and Antifa, in addition to working with the undergraduate socialist students.

The event Thursday began as a demonstration to air grievances about President Trump one year after his election. Khan spoke to students, urging them to resist the president’s agenda and fight fascism, but when his speech targeted Turning Point USA members on campus, conservative students who were present took notice.

Joel Valdez, executive board member and campus activism coordinator for TPUSA, asked, “Don’t you have anything better to do? Don’t you have kids?” Khan immediately charged from the Alma Mater statue and accused Valdez of threatening his children.


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November 6, 2017

Watch: Danish Immigration Minister’s Car Runs Over Immigrant After Attempt to Assault Politician

A visit to a deportation centre for illegal migrants by the Danish minister for immigration and integration Friday quickly turned violent as angry residents attempted to attack the politician, before throwing themselves in front her departing car.

Danish immigration and integration minister Inger Støjberg took to Facebook after the event to explain she had been visiting the deportation centre to speak with a family of migrants who were due to be removed from the country. However, instead of the conversation, the minister had expected scenes turned ugly as “around 40” people “became very excited”, leading to what she called an “aggressive mood”.

Footage from the incident acquired by Danish newspapers shows Støjberg’s security detail having to push back migrants as they extracted her from the building, and punches being thrown at police officers. As the minister’s car drove away from the scene, closely followed by a protection squad vehicle, a number of migrants stood in the way of the car — at least one of whom appears to have gone underneath the wheels.

Danish media reports “several” were hit by the car, but that there were no serious injuries.


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November 1, 2017

Up To 100 Teens, Some With Tasers, Run Wild In Amusement Park, Beat And Rob Patrons

Even the security supervisor reported being taunted and jumped by five assailants. “When the guard flipped one to the ground, he said, the others fled.”

The Halloween advertisement for Great America, a huge amusement park in Santa Clara, California, not far from San Francisco, told park goers that “Fear is waiting for you.”

It sure was.

As many as 100 marauding youths, some armed with Tasers, assaulted and robbed patrons, terrifying thousands of park goers, many of whom fled. The mayhem on Saturday, with about 20,000 people in the park, occurred during the 10th annual Halloween fest and broke out about 10:30 p.m., The Mercury News reported.

Park patrons reported encountering groups of robbers, some armed with Tasers, who ran through crowds stealing mobile phones, purses, and backpacks and sending visitors fleeing for exits. Some panicked visitors tried to scale park fences. About 30 patrons were injured, by one security guard’s estimate.

“It was terrible,” said a San Francisco mom who had brought her 17-year-old daughter and a friend to the haunt. “A kid in a hoodie ran up and pried the phone out of my hands.”


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October 6, 2017

Police fear spike in ‘Knockout Game’ craze after thug floors stranger with sickening blow from behind

Shocking footage shows a man savagely punching a passerby in the back of the head knocking him unconscious in Rosenberg, Texas.

Police fear that a viral video trend known as the “Knockout Game” may be rearing its ugly head again after footage emerged of a man decking a total stranger.

Shocking footage has emerged of an unsuspecting victim strolling down the street in Rosenberg, Texas before being laid out by a thug.

Police fear a rise in the so called ‘Knockout Game’ after a man was punched unconscious in Texas

The passerby was caught completely unaware by the blow which instantly knocked him unconscious with such force that it sent his hat flying off his head.

Bystanders failed to help the man after he thudded to the floor in footage released by local cops.

The 30-year-old victim spent several nights in hospital and is understood to still be recovering from his injuries.

Cops have now named 18-year-old Alejandro Maldonado as a suspect in the crime.


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