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February 5, 2017

Stefan Molyneux Speaks With Girl Pepper Sprayed At The UC Berkeley Anti Milo Riot (Video)

The University of California at Berkeley was in flames on Wednesday after violent leftist rioters shut down the finale of Milo Yiannopoulos’s college lecture tour. Stefan Molyneux is joined by Kiara Robles who attempted to attend Milo’s speech only to be pepper-sprayed by leftist rioters for wearing the “wrong” clothing.

February 4, 2017

Pepper-Sprayed At The UC Berkeley Anti-Milo Riot – Stefan Molyneux (Video)

The University of California at Berkeley was in flames on Wednesday after violent leftist rioters shut down the finale of Milo Yiannopoulos’s college lecture tour. Stefan Molyneux is joined by Kiara Robles who attempted to attend Milo’s speech only to be pepper-sprayed by leftist rioters for wearing the “wrong” clothing.

January 29, 2017

College Lecturer Punched In The Face And Knocked Into Freezing Canal For ‘Being White’

A media lecturer at Stratford College was set upon by a group of Muslim males and sent tumbling into a freezing canal while out jogging in Birmingham for, he believes, “being white” on January 15th.

The Stratford Observer reports that Lee Skinner was running along the canal side near Yardley Road, Acocks Green in the middle of the afternoon when one of the five-strong group suddenly struck him full force in the face, knocking him into the icy waters.

The Daily Mirror records how Skinner was “able to identify them as Pakistani as I’ve worked in Muslim communities and have a detailed knowledge of Islam and speak Arabic to a certain level”.

The slightly-built lecturer described how the blow sent him “up into the air and into the water. I sank and was completely submerged, my feet were not touching the bottom.”

Skinner was not knocked completely unconscious and drowned, fortunately, but a police spokesman said he was “prevented from getting out by his assailant”.

Only after the quick-thinking linguist cried out “There is no God but Allah” in Arabic did his attackers panic and flee the scene, possibly suspecting they may have assaulted a fellow Muslim. He was then able to heave himself out of the frigid waters, but cut his legs badly while doing so.

Skinner caught up to four of the group, though not his principal aggressor, who told him “the attack happened because I was white”.


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January 25, 2017

Police Investigation After Woman Brutally Beaten by ‘Anti Fascists’ for Wearing National Flag Bracelet (Video)

The full weight of the law must be brought against the ‘antifascists’ who brutally beat a woman, reportedly for wearing a bracelet bearing the national flag, Spain’s interior minister said on Tuesday.

The attack, which left the 20-year-old woman with head injuries and a broken tooth, has been celebrated by the far left on social media. Among the seven so-called anti-fascists who have so far been arrested for the vicious assault is Alejandro Espín Sogo, who stood in local elections as a candidate for the United Left party in 2015.

The young woman was beaten by a group of as many as 20 hooded youths on Sunday morning in the city of Murcia, La Gaceta reported.

Speaking to the national newspaper, the 20-year-old recalled receiving a shower of insults from the far left mob when she exited the cocktail bar she was visiting with friends to have a smoke. Once outside, a woman chanted “Pig, pig, we’re going to kill you”, and shoved her.

The female aggressor then fled the scene while the men from the group moved in to beat their victim. After being knocked to the ground by the left wing extremists, the 20-year-old said she tried to protect herself, but that the mob then “started kicking [her] in the head”.


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January 8, 2017

Another violent crime live-streamed on Facebook

Baton Rouge pair accused of stabbing, failed kidnapping.

Two Baton Rouge people were arrested late Sunday after they live-streamed on Facebook a failed attempt to kidnap a man who they later slashed with a knives and whose vehicle they purposely crashed into, police said.

Tony Green, 23, and Keeston Davis, 25, went to the victim’s home in the 6800 block of Titian Avenue, where they opened the front door and unsuccessfully tried to pull the man outside, according to Baton Rouge police reports. They then busted the windows of the home and left.

“This incident was documented live and in progress on (Green’s) Facebook page,” an officer noted in one of the arrest reports.


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December 17, 2016

Scott Baio: Wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer ‘Attacked’ Me Over Trump

Actor Scott Baio says he was physically attacked by Nancy Mack, wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, over his support for Donald Trump.

The alleged accident occurred Saturday night during an event at the elementary school both Mack and Baio’s children attend.

Baio has filed a police report, according to TMZ, in which he claims Mack was “berating and cursing” at him. The report says Mack shouted “Grab ’em by the pussy” while grilling Baio about how he could support a man who’d made lewd comments about women.

Baio was a vocal celebrity surrogate for Trump’s campaign and spoke at the Republican National Convention in July.

Ignoring Baio’s requests that she stop screaming at him, Mack, allegedly grabbed the Happy Days star under his arms and began shaking and pushing him.

Mack’s explanation, according to TMZ sources, is “she was merely trying to show Baio how Trump hugs women and denies any intentional physical aggression.”

Mack hasn’t taken Hillary Clinton’s loss well. A day after the election, Mack took to Twitter and said “I pretty much don’t feel like speaking to any white working class American men right now….#youfuckedusall.”


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November 26, 2016

White School Girls Attacked by Black Boys on Bus

Four students of St. Catharine’s Academy in the Pelham Gardens section of the Bronx were reportedly attacked for being rich white girls.

The 15-year-old schoolgirl friends were taking their usual bus ride home Tuesday, November 22 when they were attacked without provocation, leaving them with non-life-threatening injuries.

Two black young men starting taunted them saying, “Oh white girl got money”. The girls tried to ignore the comments and laugh it off; however, the young men were making phone calls for female back up.

At the next stop, approximately 7 young black girls got on the bus and began to pull their hair, punch them in the face and drag them by the ankles.

In an interview given to The Post, the girls said the trouble began as soon as they got on the bus. The young men started leering at them and snapping pictures.

One of the victims, who only wants to be identified by the initials LT because the attackers are still at large, said they were in their school uniforms when the young men tried chatting with them and then threatened to “piss on them.”

“Oh, you go to St. Catharine’s? What, do you have money? Go drink your coffee, white girl, and go shopping,” one of them said.


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November 23, 2016

Hate Hoax: Another Student Fakes Mugging Claim by Trump Fans

Another student at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) has hoaxed a racist hate crime attack, local police have confirmed.

More than a week after the 2016 Election, a man on the BGSU campus claimed he had been pushed to the ground and robbed, all while the two perpetrators allegedly called him a racial slur.

The university’s vice president for student affairs, Thomas Gibson, put out a statement based off a local police investigation where he confirms that the alleged attack did not actually happen, The Blade reported.

It is still unclear whether or not the student will be charged for falsifying a police report.

The hate crime hoax is the second incident on the BGSU campus alone.

Breitbart Texas reported on an alleged incident where a black, female student claimed three white male President-Elect Donald Trump supporters had thrown rocks at her.

After a week-long police investigation, the student’s allegations turned out to be a hoax, as cell tower records indicated she was not in the location claimed at the time of the imagined attack.

Further, the student who hoaxed the attack, Eleesha Long, was involved with sending discriminatory text messages about Trump supporters, police said. In one text message, Long said about Trump supporters “should take an IQ test to vote,” while other messages said “I hope they all get AIDS” and “I haven’t met a decent Trump supporter yet.”


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November 14, 2016

Anti-Trump protesters assault LAPD cop, steal his handcuffs and gun

The police union criticized the top brass for lack of action, saying it was a “pathetic example of political correctness undermining the public’s safety.”

A police officer working undercover was assaulted by at least two suspects who were part of an Anti-Trump protest that went late Thursday night into Friday morning. After the assault, the officer realized his gun had also been stolen.

While demonstrations were being held downtown to show disdain for the results of last week’s presidential election, three undercover officers were given the task of protecting the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters building from vandalism and other possible damage. Around 10:30 p.m., the officers noticed about 20 people break away from the other, larger group of protesters and make their way toward the back of the building.

When a male suspect started spray painting near the building, the officers went to make an arrest, but a woman confronted one of the officers, grabbed the handcuffs out of his hands and hit him in the head several times with the handcuffs. During the scuffle, at least one other individual punched the officer, who was not seriously injured, an official, who did not have permission to discuss the case but chose to speak on the condition of anonymity, told the Los Angeles Times.


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November 7, 2016

Trump staffer assaulted, robbed for wearing MAGA hat (Video)

A Trump staffer was ambushed in a parking lot at Towson University, where he was spit on and slapped by a student for wearing a Make American Great Again hat. Gary Collins also had his phone taken by the student, who was later arrested after confessing to the assault.

A Trump staffer was ambushed in a parking lot at Towson University, where he was spit on and slapped by a student for wearing a Make American Great Again hat.

A police report of the incident obtained by Campus Reform indicates that Gary Collins, who currently serves as the Baltimore City co-chair for the Maryland Trump Campaign, was approached by a Towson student in the Glen Garage parking lot, where she punched Collins in the face and called him a “racist piece of shit” for sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Collins, naturally, began to film the altercation, but his phone was later stolen by the student, who deleted most of the videos he had captured, the police report explains.


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