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Resignation letters piling up at FBI

James Comey’s wife urged director to take powerful action.

The decision by FBI Director James Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server and her mishandling of classified material came after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by FBI agents described as “mutinous.”

In an article for Britain’s Daily Mail, bestselling author Ed Klein reports some of Comey’s top deputies were in on the mutiny, according to a source close to the director.

“The atmosphere at the FBI has been toxic ever since Jim announced last July that he wouldn’t recommend an indictment against Hillary,” said the source, who Klein says has known Comey for nearly 20 years and spends family outings together.

“Some people, including department heads, stopped talking to Jim, and even ignored his greetings when they passed him in the hall,” said the source. “They felt that he betrayed them and brought disgrace on the bureau by letting Hillary off with a slap on the wrist.”

The source says Comey agonized over the issue for months and even talked about it with his wife, Patrice.


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Seven Migrants Sexually Abuse Underage Girls in German Pool

At an indoor pool in Berlin seven migrant boys, all under 15 years old, surrounded underage girls and systematically sexually abused them.

The indoor pool located in Mariendorf, just south of Berlin, is the latest scene of migrant-led sexual abuse of underage girls, reports Die Welt. The seven migrants, six of whom were confirmed to be Syrian, are said to have abused multiple girls in the pool.

According to police, who are now investigating the incident, the migrant youths were between the ages of seven and 14. The group swam behind their victims in the pool and then surrounded them while in the water, groping and touching the underage girls in a sexual manner.

The father of three of the victims explained to German media that his daughters had reported to him and the police that the migrant youths had groped and grabbed her and her sisters’ buttocks and breasts. His daughters, aged nine, 11, and 14, were at the swimming pool with a friend of the eldest daughter who was celebrating her birthday.

After breaking free from the young migrants, the 11-year-old girl was able to inform the lifeguards at the pool. The pool staff immediately called the police who arrived on the scene a short time later.

After being taken into custody by the police, the boys were questioned and then released into the care of their parents. All seven of the migrants are now banned from the pool entirely and police are questioning witnesses.


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9,000 Companies Left California Since 2008

At least 9,000 companies have left California from 2008 to 2015, according to the 378 page study by Spectrum Location Solutions titled, California’s Forty Year Legacy of Hostility to Business.

Joseph Vranich, president of site selection consultants Spectrum Location Solutions (VLS) in Irvine, found that roughly 9,000 California companies moved their headquarters or diverted projects to out-of-state locations in the last seven years due to the Golden State’s “hostile” business environment.

Vranich reports that the bitter negative perceptions of California for business began during Jerry Brown’s first chaotic two terms as California Governor from 1975 to 1983. Things got so bad that the Governor instructed his aides in 1977 to begin wearing “California Means Business” buttons.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Brown tried to convince reporters on a late 1970s junket to Japan that “Our economic climate is very good.” He added, “I think this is dissipating a good deal of the political rhetoric surrounding the business-climate talk.”

VLS points out that despite the growing anti-business environment, California’s economy grew for the next three decades due to wonderful scenery and climate, a workforce with technical expertise, and trade access to Asian nations.


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Sweden Help Wanted: Activities Coordinator for bored illegal alien Muslim freeloaders and rapists

Muslim illegal alien invaders taking up space in Sweden and living off the government dole, say they are vandalizing and burning cars (not to mention gang-raping Swedish girls) because they do not have enough “activities” to keep them busy.

Friatider “It is clear as hell that we take out our frustration by destroying and vandalizing when we have a shortage of activities here,” one of the illegals living in Skallberget in Vasteras writes in a letter to the editor in the local newspaper VLT.

Vasteras has recently been subjected to a long series of car fires. The submitter tries the young man, who wishes to remain anonymous, explain what the phenomenon is due.

He writes that he came to Sweden when he was young and admittedly had “good potential” but that he was subject to persistent “racism” by the authorities. (What “race” is Islam?)

“Already at an early age became a man treated differently. Sometimes it was because of ethnicity, sometimes because they were at a certain place, and sometimes just to those very people who were in power felt to fuck with us. So many times I had been propped up against the wall and strip-searched in front of my loved ones. It really depressed me and my value, “ he writes.


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Why David Horowitz Loved Donald Trump From The Start (Audio)

For David Horowitz, Donald Trump’s candidacy was a love affair from the beginning. Horowitz explained why in the latest episode of “The Jamie Weinstein Show,” where the former New Left activist turned conservative firebrand also discussed what he loves most about Trump, his decision to call Bill Kristol a “Renegade Jew,” his influences and much more.

Though he says he didn’t officially support a candidate in the Republican primary, Horowitz admits he “really enjoyed Trump from the outset because he was so politically incorrect.”

“For years I’ve been frustrated by Republicans and by conservatives who are too damn polite when it comes to confronting Democrats and thethreat posed by the left,” Horowitz, who runs David Horowitz Freedom Center and, said. “Republicans and conservatives can get very blood thirsty when they’re attacking each other. But they put on the velvet gloves when they’re talking about or to Democrats. And Trump wasn’t doing that. I thought that was great.”

“‘Crooked Hillary,’” he mused, using Trump’s name for his Democratic rival. “I loved that. He was the first person to call Hillary a liar. The first one to call her a crook. How refreshing was that?”


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Gang of 17 migrant men in horror sex attack on two women in church square

Two women were sexually assaulted by up to 17 men, thought to be asylum seekers.

The two women, aged 21 and 29, were in a church square in Freiburg, in south west Germany, when the mob struck.

Men described as African in appearance surrounded the pair then groped their breasts and genitals.

And when an innocent passerby tried to help the women, the gang then attacked him.

Police have arrested three Gambian men, two of whom have had their asylum applications rejected.

A police spokesman said: “The men touched the women inappropriately on their stomachs, chests, and genitals.

“Some of the men also tried to kiss the women. An man who wanted to help the women was physically attacked by the group.”

The traumatised victims managed to struggle free from their attackers and raise the alarm.

Police raced to the scene and made three arrests a short while later.

The suspects, aged 17, 19 and 20, are all Gambian nationals who arrived in Germany between November 2015 and February 2016.

The men have been released on police bail while investigations continue.


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Graphic Quotes: David Crosby on Kanye West

Someone ‘should send him all of Ray Charles’ catalog so he can learn how to sing.’

Trump Attorney: Donald ‘Has a Gift’ for Homeless Woman Abused for Protecting His Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Los Angeles police are looking for a homeless woman who was verbally abused and harassed on Thursday for protecting Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

A videotape taken Thursday and reported on by Breitbart News showed a woman sitting on the sidewalk with pro-Donald Trump signs being cursed at and according to the Los Angeles Times “apparently bumped to the ground.”

The signs criticized President Obama’s “selling out of African Americans” and protested illegal immigration while there were so many homeless people living on the streets. The video shows one heavy set man with tattoos ripping up the woman’s signs.

The Times further reported that the LAPD would write up a misdemeanor battery report on behalf of the woman based on the video and information they obtained from her at another confrontation in Hollywood on Wednesday.

LAPD Officer Tony Im said, “We had a lot of people upset that we didn’t do anything.” He added, “If she’s a victim, she has a right to come forward.” Police took down her name and address and would visit her to further investigate the incident.

James Lambert Otis was arrested by the LAPD for alleged felony vandalism earlier in the week. He is being charged with using a pickax to demolish the Republican presidential nominee’s star.

Friday Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s attorney, messaged on his twitter account that he is looking for the woman and that Mr. Trump “has a gift for her.”


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Joke’s On You America: Obama’s Golf Trip with Tiger Woods Cost Taxpayers Nearly $4 MIllion

The specific schedule for Feb. 15, 2013, were that Obama flew from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland to Chicago to deliver remarks on the economy, He then flew to Palm Beach, Florida, for vacation, where he golfed with Woods before returning to Joint Base Andrews.

When it comes to taking advantage of the system, no one does it better than Barack Obama. And when it comes to golfing while on the job, Obama has completed more rounds than any person who has served in the White House in history.

And one of Obama’s most expensive rounds of golf came in 2013 with Tiger Woods, costing U.S. taxpayers nearly $3.6 million, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office.

The costs accounted for operating expenses of Air Force One, supporting aircraft, and U.S. Coast Guard small boats, travel expenses, which include commercial airfare and rental cars for Defense Department and Department of Homeland Security personnel supporting the trip, according to the report.

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Arizona Police Arrests Three Suspects in Sex Slave Ring Where Victims Were Forced to Have Sex 30 Times a Day (Video)

According to investigators, the women were cut off from the outside world for nearly a year with minimal food and no money.

Per a 12 News report, Arizona police have three suspects in custody for running a sex slave ring involving eight young women, including one as young as 17-years-old.

Two men and one woman were arrested and are accused of forcing the young women to have sex for money up to 30 times a day at hotels around the state.

Chief Bryan Jarrell of the Prescott Valley Police Department said detectives on a countywide drug task force uncovered the sex slave ring after getting several tips about potential prostitution.

“They were being required to perform sex acts for money and that they had been transported throughout the state of Arizona and across state lines into California,” Jarrell said.


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