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Music Has NO MEANING Anymore, Deep State Controls Music & Promotes Degeneracy To Control People (Video)

Tim Pool

“100% True” – Roc-A-Fella Founder Dame Dash CONFIRMS Hip Hop Is A CIA Psyop (Video)

Patrick Bet-David and Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon Dash discuss how Ice Cube’s claims that Hip Hop is a CIA Psyop.

A billionaire and his rich friends are waging war against Disney

‘Why do I need an all-Black cast?’

It’s like a storyline from “Succession”: an aging businessman worth billions has everything he’s ever wanted except the full respect of his peers. In an attempt to cement his legacy, and to place the grandest feather in his cap, he sets his sights on his most ambitious target yet: the biggest entertainment company in the world. He will force his way through the doors. He will conquer the company from the inside. And he will bend it to his will.

It sounds like fiction, but it’s very real. Despite his self-professed lack of experience in entertainment, billionaire Nelson Peltz, through his company Trian Partners, is waging a proxy war against the Walt Disney Company, demanding two seats on the board and influence over the company’s decisions. It’s a fight that has been playing out for more than a year, and it has as many backstabbings, broken loyalties and burdens of familial legacy as a Shakespearean tragedy. 


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The Bach Effect: What the GREATS Hear That You Don’t (Video)

In today’s episode I explore the profound influence of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) on music legends, revealing the timeless impact of Bach’s genius across genres.

Jason Isaacs Talks The Patriot (Video)

In a clip from my Jason Isaacs interview, the actor talks The Patriot 20th Anniversary. Jason Isaacs played the infamous Colonel Tavington in the Roland Emmerich directed film. Squaring off against Mel Gibson in The Patriot, Isaacs recounts some incredible stories from his time on set, what it was like working with Mel Gibson, and the genius of Roland Emmerich movies. Is The Patriot a true story? Absolutely not, and Isaacs talks about why we need to stop getting our history from movies.

Inside the Bubble of Public Broadcasting – Josh Szeps (Video)

Josh Szeps is an Australian journalist and TV presenter. He has previously hosted Weekend Breakfast on ABC News and was a founding host for HuffPost Live. He is now the host of Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps.

The Oscars DEI Requirements Are INSANE! (Video)

The 2024 Academy Awards, more commonly known as The Oscars, was the first to feature a slew of new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) requirements in order for a movie to qualify for the coveted ‘Best Picture’ nomination. Is it any wonder that Hollywood produces nothing but crap these days?

Kevin Sorbo and Ricky Schroder Are Building a Conservative Competitor to Hollywood (Video)

Hollywood veterans Kevin Sorbo and Ricky Schroder join us to discuss how Hollywood is collapsing under the weight of woke ideology, and how courageous storytellers creating a values-based entertainment industry is the way conservatives will reclaim the culture from the left.

“Lost $140 Billion” – Disney’s Value Plummets Following Gina Carano Firing (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by actress and MMA fighter Gina Carano as they discuss Disney’s value plummeting following their firing of Gina from “The Mandalorian.”

The Dark Truth About Hollywood & California | Joe Rogan & Tom Green (Video)

Tom Green is a comedian, actor, musician, filmmaker, and podcaster. Catch him on “The Tom Green Podcast” or live on tour in 2024.