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ZZ Top – Live Full Concert


Complete Classic Movie: True Believer (1989)

Actor: James Woods, Robert Downey Jr., Margaret Colin. Eddie Dodd is a burnt-out attorney who has left behind civil rights work to defend drug dealers. Roger Baron is an idealistic young legal clerk, fresh out of law school, who encourages Dodd to take on the case of Shu Kai Kim, a young Korean man who was imprisoned for a gang-related murder and has now killed a fellow inmate.

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IOC Says Only Chinese Citizens Allowed to Attend 2022 Winter Games in Beijing

The International Olympic Committee announced on Wednesday that only Chinese citizens will be permitted to buy tickets to attend the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.

The IOC made its decision after “wide-ranging consultations” with China’s communist government, the committee said in a statement.

“Tickets will be sold exclusively to spectators residing in China’s mainland, who meet the requirements of the COVID-19 countermeasures,” the IOC said on Wednesday. “Specific requirements on COVID-19 countermeasures for spectators from China’s mainland and the details of ticketing arrangements are under discussion and development and will be released to the public in due course once they are finalized.”

“The IOC and IPC welcome the decision to allow for the sale of tickets to spectators residing in China’s mainland,” the committee added. “This will facilitate the growth of winter sports in China by giving those spectators a first-hand Olympic and Paralympic experience of elite winter sports, as well as bringing a favourable atmosphere to the venues. However, all parties feel for the athletes and the spectators from around the world, knowing that the restriction on spectators from outside mainland China had to be put in place in order to ensure the safe holding of the Games this winter.”


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Yalda Hakim Reports on Drug Use in Afghanistan’s Capital City (Video)

Yalda’s Kabul (2008): Journalist Yalda Hakim was commended for expertly handling a surprise from a Taliban spokesperson while she was live on BBC News. In this archive report – her first ever for SBS Australia’s Dateline – she returns to her birthplace of Kabul.

Youtube Announces Censorship Of ALL Content That Opposes ANY Vaccine, Several Channels Already NUKED (Video)


A War Over Weed & Water Is Tearing Apart This California Community (Video)

A battle has erupted over water and weed in Northern California, and the fight has pitted some long-time residents against a community of refugees from Southeast Asia.

Concentrating on Crime

An outsize share of lawbreaking occurs at certain places and times—and is perpetrated by a small group of people.

Though academics, the media, and politicians can’t seem to agree on much when it comes to crime in the United States, three stubborn facts generally apply.

First, crime is heavily concentrated by place. As a general matter, 5 percent of the locations in a given city account for 50 percent of that city’s crime. This finding has been replicated so often that it is sometimes referred to as “the law of crime concentration.” As David Weisburd and Taryn Zastrow note in a recent Manhattan Institute report, “there is tremendous consistency in the degree to which crime is concentrated at hot spots across cities.” This is not just a matter of neighborhoods: between 3 percent and 5 percent of specific addresses on city blocks generate 50 percent or more of reported crimes. And if the focus is strictly on violent crime, such as shootings, then even fewer locations—perhaps a drug house or a liquor-store check-cashing operation—are magnets for an even greater percentage of violent crime.

This first rule has important implications for law enforcement. Identifying and concentrating on hot spots can yield big rewards. Merely parking a patrol car outside of these addresses can lessen crime; even better to identify what exactly is going on there. Some crime may be displaced to other locations when the police shut down hot spots, but evidence shows that suppressing crime at these magnet addresses may create a diffusion of benefits that extends beyond the hot spot. After all, setting up another stash house or problematic liquor store is not always so simple.


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Frank Sinatra Spectacular – Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr

Vintage recording

Why Is The Gallipoli Campaign So Notorious? | Great Battles | War Stories (Video)

In the history of WWI the name Gallipoli is notorious. For over 10 months between 1915 and 1916, Anzac, Indian and Canadian forces fought to capture the Turkish straits and to weaken the Ottoman Empire’s power.

Paul Joseph Watson: The Work of the Devil (Video)

Is the Pope Catholic? No. [LANGUAGE WARNING]