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September 30, 2022

China EXPOSED Running SECRET POLICE In US, Canada, And Europe As Fear Of World War Three Escalates (Video)

Russian and Chinese warships are confirmed to have entered US economic water near Alaska as fear of world war three grows and Putin and Xi Jinping remain steadfast. Among those in the US 80% surveyed said that WW3 may be upon us. Biden has made threats of ending Nord Stream and now NATO says it was sabotaged with many member states blaming Russia.

Reaction To South Park’s Famous Scientology Episode | “Trapped In The Closet” (Video)

Aaron Smith Levin reacts to the South Park episode that changed everything for Scientology.

September 29, 2022

‘How Many Members Of The US Senate Are White Supremacists?’: Ted Cruz Grills Biden Judicial Nominee (Video)

At Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned Nancy Abudu, nominee to United States Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit.

US denies ‘preposterous’ claim they ‘sabotaged’ Nord Stream 2 – as Trump shares video of Biden promising to ‘bring an end’ to pipeline and asks ‘World War III anyone?’

Trump shared a February 7, 2022 video on Truth Social of Joe Biden pledging to ‘stop’ Germany and Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. The same video was shared by Russia’s foreign ministry while accusing Biden of being behind the explosions that caused the Baltic Sea gas leaks. Asked for clarification on Trump’s stance, his spokesman told that the former president’s statements ‘speak for themselves’.

The US government is denying ‘preposterous’ allegations that it is behind a gas leak in the Baltic Sea on Wednesday.

It comes as Donald Trump suggested that ‘World War III’ could be near while sharing a video of President Joe Biden threatening to stop Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Mysterious and alarming leaks were found in both Nord Stream pipelines this week, prompting the European Union to call it the result of a ‘deliberate act.’

Multiple accusations have already been lobbed at the Kremlin amid ever-growing hostilities over its illegal invasion of Ukraine. 

Meanwhile Moscow is pointing the finger at the United States, declaring that Washington is ‘obliged’ to explain its alleged role in the ‘sabotage.’

A US official denied the accusations, according to the Washington Post. has reached out to the White House for comment. 


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September 27, 2022

FBI whistleblower speaks out to TPUSA: ‘the patriots are being attacked’ (Video)

Guandolo reveals that enemies of the state are much closer than most realize, and are on “American soil, present within our institutions, and advising those who are sworn to represent us throughout the highest levels of our federal government.”

Turning Point USA released its latest video which features an FBI whistleblower who details the corruption within the Bureau and how patriots are being attacked from within.

In the video, former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo reveals the inner workings of the “compromised” Bureau. 

A statement from TPUSA says that the “crucial conversation tackles the undiscussed network of jihadists and communists that have worked together to undermine America at its root, and how local communities can change the culture by pushing back against big government overreach. From 9/11, to the Las Vegas shooting, to January 6, the Mar-a-Lago raid, Ray Epps, and the NSA –  John tells truths that American intelligence agencies have long sought to deprive every American citizen of.”


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Biden’s FBI Gets More Evil And Satanic | Ep. 1095 (Video)

Biden’s FBI raids a pro-life author’s home and terrorizes his seven children, the libs try to normalize myocarditis in kids, and Biden blames Elton John for AIDS.

September 26, 2022

Kari Lake: This is a ‘poisoning’ of America (Video)

GOP nominee for governor of Arizona Kari Lake provides insight on President Biden’s deepening border crisis and the impact it has had on Americans nationwide on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’ 

Britain’s new Prime Minister announces that immigration is the way to save the country’s economy (Video)

Liz Truss is worried that the supply of foreigners in this country is running out and so is planning to relax visa rules to ensure that the number of immigrants can be increased. This will, it is claimed, boost the economy.

September 25, 2022

Karl Marx would be proud of U.S. progress

Chuck Norris compares the ’10 planks’ to the Democrats’ agenda

We’ve come a long way since Sept. 19, 1955, when Soviet communist leader Nikita Khrushchev exploded with anger after he discovered he was barred from visiting Disneyland.

Back then, during the Cold War, most Americans were radically opposed to the tenets of communism. Today, most Americans are confused about what communism is, and they are actually being shoved down the slippery slope of socialism without even knowing it. Let me explain.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, socialism is a societal system in which property, natural resources and the means of production are owned and controlled by the state rather than by individuals or private companies. A basic belief of socialism is that society as a whole should share in all goods produced, as everyone lives in cooperation with one another.

Britannica says socialism is “in opposition to capitalism, which is based on private ownership of the means of production and allows individual choices in a free market to determine how goods and services are distributed.”


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No Wonder We Lost Trust in the Expert Class

“They disgraced their profession. They tarnished the scientific community. And sold their souls to ideologues.”

For years, European policymakers had assured the world that the relatively rapid “transition” to “green” energy was the world’s preordained future—regardless of the costs.

Accordingly, many European Union governments followed the advice of green experts. They eagerly shut down coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants to transition immediately to “renewable energy.”

Most citizens were afraid to object that in cloudy, cold Germany solar panels were not viable methods of electrical generation—especially in comparison to the country’s vast coal deposits and its large, model nuclear power industry.


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