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July 23, 2015

They Come To America III – Scene about Veterans (Video)

The Cost of Obama’s Legacy.

April 9, 2015

Bringing Back the American Spirit by Dennis Michael Lynch (Video)

We need a president who can revive the principles our nation was built upon. America needs a president who can give new birth to the age old concept of working hard and taking risk. People need to believe the opportunity to live the American dream still exists. It can exist with a president who focuses on taking care of Americans first.

One part of my four-point plan for getting America back on track focuses on reviving the American spirit.


I will outline the entire four-point plan during my speech at the Republican Leadership Summit on April 17 in N.H.

The following video was shot last month after a night of trying to sleep on an Amtrak train to Iowa.

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April 7, 2015

Illegal Alien Rapes of Children by Dennis Michael Lynch

James Johnson from NC-based immigration enforcement group, NCFIRE, provides me with the numbers of illegal aliens being arrested for the rape of children. The numbers are insane!

April 6, 2015

My Visit to Islamberg by Dennis Michael Lynch (Video)

‘They Come to America 3: The Cost of Obama’s Legacy’ will be available later this month. It is the best work I’ve done to date simply because the information presented leaves no question about the issues we face when Obama leaves office. I cover everything from the surge, to refugee programs, the northern border and ISIS. As part of my investigation, I took a look at the Muslim enclaves in the US and how they continue to grow.

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April 3, 2015

Supreme Court Tosses America Under the Bus by Dennis Michael Lynch

The Supreme Court will not address the case of students being told they cannot wear USA T-SHIRTS to school because it offends Mexican students. My heartfelt reaction…

February 14, 2015

New Movie: They Come to America 3

Scene from new film by Dennis Michael Lynch.

February 9, 2015

Dennis Michael Lynch Discusses Obama’s One Party Strategy (Video)

“This is all part of Obama’s Plan. He said he was going to fundamentally transform the country, and I’ve always been saying it for years, it was going to be through immigration.” Dennis Michael Lynch

January 28, 2015

Dennis Michael Lynch threatened w/ arrest at Rep.Steve King’s Iowa Summit (Video)

Presidential Candidate Dennis Michael Lynch – well, you watch the video …

January 5, 2015

Terrorists Can Unplug America at Any Time by Dennis Michael Lynch

Dennis Michael Lynch appears on Fox & Friends to discuss the current state of Department of Homeland Security.

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December 30, 2014

They guy who convinced me to never run for Congress quits by Dennis Michael Lynch

“Nothing gets done. You go into Congress thinking you can change things but come away realizing things never change.”

I was sitting in the green room at Fox News. A handsome, well-dressed man about my age walks in and shakes my hand. “I’m Congressman Michael Grimm,” he said. “Dennis Michael Lynch,” I replied. We engaged in TV small talk and then I asked him a question which changed the direction of my journey.

DML: I’ve been thinking about running for Congress in my district on Long Island. I know I can win the seat currently held by a Democrat.

MG: You have kids?

DML: Yes.

MG: You happily married?

DML: Yes, to my high school sweetheart.

MG: Don’t do it. It will ruin your life. 80% of your time is raising money for your next election. And when you are not raising money for yourself, you are forced to raise it for the Republican Party. They are breathing down your back 24/7.


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