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Italy’s left in shock after pro-migrant MP resigns amid allegations of migrant abuse and fraud

National scandal erupts after news that Italy’s only Black MP is being investigated for fraud and migrant abuse

Italian pro-migration MP Aboubakar Soumahoro, who had been heralded as a potential leader of Italy’s leftist coalition, has resigned in disgrace from his parliamentary group, the Alliance of the Greens and the Left (Alleanza Verdi Sinistra), due to ongoing investigations against his wife and mother-in-law for tax fraud and mistreatment of migrants.

Despite initial claims from Soumahoro that he knew nothing of what was going on in at the migrant centers, witnesses have come forward to be interviewed on the Italian television program “Non è l’arena,” which ran a broadcast Sunday evening covering the scandal.

The news report indicates that the situation at the centers was “serious,” with one worker there saying,  
“Sometimes there was no hot water, the radiators didn’t work, and there was no gas.” He also added that Soumahoro “knew very well everything that was happening, he knows all about the situation of each house.”


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DML Ep.74: How 65,000 Fake Students Are Robbing You Blind (Audio)

DML interviews professor and whistleblower Kim Rich.

Rich has revealed how 65,000 students (who are fake) are stealing billions from taxpayers. Meanwhile, the colleges appear to care less, here is why…

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DML Podcast Sep 4: Combat vet explains scary next phase of a woke military. They may be targeting you.

The most concerning part of the podcast is when Kent reveals the reason why the military is going woke, and how the top brass under Biden are using the mandatory COVID shots to weed out conservative service members.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for September 4, 2021, is 48-minutes.

DML is joined by combat veteran and congressional candidate Joe Kent.

Kent served in the military for 21 years, and he participated in 11 combat missions. His wife, who also served in the military, was killed in Syria during the withdraw. Kent is now running for US Congress. He lives in Washington State.

The discussion between DML and Kent starts with the events in Afghanistan. Kent provides a haunting, detailed analysis of what the 13 service members probably thought to themselves at the moment they were killed.

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Cartel in the U.S.A.- Part 3: Deadly Drugs Take a Toll in Small Towns

A brutal Mexican cartel is infiltrating small towns across the U.S.A. This is the third part of a 3-part series detailing the cartel’s leadership, tactics and dangerous influence in America.

Thousands of kilos of methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl are flooding into the United States every year, backed by a powerful international syndicate. The Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) is a brutal cartel run by a man known an “El Mencho.”

El Mencho is Rubén “Nemesio” Oseguera Cervantes, a Mexican citizen who used to hustle drugs on the streets of the United States as a teen before he was busted and deported. Back in Mexico, he rose up in the cartel ranks until he became a founder and leader of CJNG. He is responsible for incredible brutality.

In 2018, the DEA estimated that the cartel “exerts influence throughout 75 percent of Mexico,” according to the San Diego Tribune.

CJNG has set “cells” in several countries–with more than 5,000 members worldwide, including many in the United States. This dangerous group is quietly infiltrating small-town America, its members living and working in communities across the states while simultaneously helping the cartel expand and sell drugs.


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Cartel in the U.S.- PART 2: ‘Cells’ quietly embedding in small towns everywhere [VIDEO]

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on this brutal and murderous cartel and its kingpin leader, who is being described as far worse than “El Chapo,” a famous drug lord who was sentenced to life behind bars in July.

One of the most violent drug cartels in the world is quietly infiltrating small-town America, and most Americans have never even heard of it – although its leader has a $10 million reward on his head, and is on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Most Wanted list.

Rubén “Nemesio” Oseguera Cervantes, 53, most commonly referred to as “El Mencho,” is the leader of Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, better known as CJNG.

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on this brutal and murderous cartel and its kingpin leader, who is being described as far worse than “El Chapo,” a famous drug lord who was sentenced to life behind bars in July. 


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DML Op-Ed: Facebook operating a massive bait and switch game

Putting it all together, it is clear to see the strategy. They charged us to get people to LIKE our page only to hide our content from the people we paid to attract. And now, in what feels like a ransom offering, they want us to pay $800 per post to reach 1/3 of our LIKES. If this is not a bait and switch deal, I don’t know what is.

Facebook has lined their pockets by offering publishers the opportunity to buy ads that help build Facebook communities. A publisher such as DML News puts out an ad on Facebook to target users in the hope they will LIKE our page, thus, making it so the person receives our content in its newsfeed.

DML News has spent more than $100k over a two-year period to target like-minded conservatives.

Unfortunately, the ads have limited success. The best way to build real LIKES is to create viral videos and to have a consistent and busy publishing schedule.

Over the course of time, Facebook has screwed with the publisher’s ability to reach the audience they’ve built up over time. Here is an example: For the past two years, DML News has consistently posted original content. On average, we have 40 unique posts per day. For a very long time, our posts to Facebook would result in 1,000 people landing on our website at any given moment during the day. But they’ve changed things at Facebook so drastically that today, the number is more like 150.

Facebook has literally stripped us of our reach. We may have 1.1M LIKES, but our posts reach just a few thousand people. Notice the photo below, a post that would once reach 100k people, now reach a mere 6k out of the 1.1M who have LIKED our page.


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DML on location: Islanders don’t want the illegal Haitians (Video)

In the video clip, I ask a local islander how he feels about the illegal immigration taking place in his home island. He says he hates it. He doesn’t want the Haitians to enter because he says “they destroy the place, they live in huts and work for peanuts — making it near impossible for legal workers to earn a fair wage.”

I can’t get into specifics, and I will not divulge my location, but in short I have been filming this week for “They Come to America 4.” Believe it or not, the location I decided to film is getting crushed by Haitian illegal immigrants who are destroying what was once a paradise island.

“There are more illegal Haitians than there are native islanders here,” a local told me during my travels in uncovering how illegal immigration takes shape in other areas not far from the USA.

The focus of my investigation was how Haitians are fleeing Haiti and taking advantage of immigration systems that are lax, e.g. the USA. I had no idea when focusing on this aspect of immigration that President Trump would have made the statements he did about Haiti this week. Let me say this, the islanders I am speaking to say Trump is spot on correct.


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Join Team DML: Donate to the new media platform

He has already pledged $100,000 of his own money to help launch this new platform. Please feel free to donate at whatever level you can. No donation is too small. DML will be providing more details about the platform in the days and weeks to come during his Walk & Talk broadcasts on Facebook LIVE (M-F 11:40am ET).


Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) has been urged by many of his supporters to launch a new media platform that provides truthful news to the American people. He is responding to those requests with a promise of getting it done within the next six-months.

If you are tired of the mainstream media and cable news outlets dictating the narrative, telling half-truths, and avoiding the stories and news reports that need to be told, then we ask for your help.

DML is all in. He is vowing to build a new media platform that provides a real voice to the American people. The platform will leverage the power of the web and social media, and it will include written content, videos, LIVE news reports, TV style news programs, documentary films, and citizen journalism.

Dennis Michael Lynch understands media, politics, and business. As an acclaimed filmmaker, TV host, and political commentator, he understands the false narratives that fuel the news, and he rejects what takes place behind the closed doors at major media companies. DML will ensure this new media platform provides complete transparency to the American people, and the end result will be a news organization that merges citizen journalists with seasoned pros like himself.


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Video: ‘Hillary’s America’ is already here

And it’s spreading rapidly across the U.S.

They call it “culture shift.” Places, in America, that no longer look or feel like America.

Cedar Riverside in Minneapolis fits the bill, with its large Somali community known as “Little Mogadishu,” as does and Hamtramck, Michigan, where the Islamic call to prayer is shouted over loudspeakers and the local city council is now majority-Muslim.

Parts of Amarillo, Texas, have been flooded with so many Muslim refugees that some ethnic enclaves claim to have elected their own tribal leaders independent of the city government, the city’s mayor recently testified before the Texas Legislature.

Then there is Dearborn, Michigan, which is now 40 percent Muslim and spilling over into neighboring cities and towns.

Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch recently drove through Dearborn, guided by a lifelong resident of the city named Brian. What Brian showed him was not just a culture shift but something closer to a shock.

Women walk the streets dressed in long, black burqas that cover all but their eyes. Almost all the signs on storefronts are in Arabic or some other Middle Eastern dialect.


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The President Who Has Done the Most Damage by Dennis Prager

Virtually nothing Barack Obama has done has left America or the world better since he became president. Nearly everything he has touched has been made worse.

I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a president is doing lasting damage to our country. I did not like the presidencies of Jimmy Carter (the last Democrat I voted for) or Bill Clinton. Nor did I care for the “compassionate conservatism” of George W. Bush. In modern political parlance “compassionate” is a euphemism for ever-expanding government.

But I have never written or broadcast that our country was being seriously damaged by a president. So it is with great sadness that I write that President Barack Obama has done and continues to do major damage to America. The only question is whether this can ever be undone.

This is equally true domestically and internationally.

Domestically, his policies have gravely impacted the American economy.

He has overseen the weakest recovery from a recession in modern American history.

He has mired the country in unprecedented levels of debt: about $6.5 trillion dollars in five years (this after calling his predecessor “unpatriotic” for adding nearly $5 trillion in eight years).

He has fashioned a country in which more Americans now receive government aid — means-tested, let alone non-means tested — than work full-time.


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