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September 29, 2022

Elon Musk suggests he is open to working with alternative video platforms after YouTube censors political commentator

When a commentator suggested that Musk team up with Rumble, a free speech alternative to YouTube, Musk said ‘I’m a little preoccupied [right now],’ prompting Rumble’s founder Chris Pavlovski to make an open request to work with the Tesla CEO.

Ever the tech maverick, Elon Musk suggested this week that he is open to working with an alternative video platform to YouTube after the Google-owned platform censored Russell Brand over one of his videos.

As reported by Rebel News, YouTube put the clamp down on the popular comedian over COVID misinformation, which he publicly apologized for and corrected himself on in a follow-up video. 

Brand asked why he, and other creators, are subject to such stringent regulation on the platform, which allows mainstream media personalities like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to skirt by without consequence for medical misinformation.

“Good point,” responded Musk in a tweet to Brand. 


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September 25, 2022

The Woman King: #BlackTwitter ERUPTS in FURY (Video)

Black Pigeon Speaks

September 20, 2022

Josh Hawley Accuses Facebook Of ‘Becoming An Arm Of The United States Government’ With Censorship (Video)

At a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing last week, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) spoke about social media.

September 13, 2022

TikTok Is Making Young Girls Go Completely Insane (Video)

Timcast IRL – Guest: Amala Ekpunobi from Prager U

September 6, 2022

A Message to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (Video)

On June 22, 2022, Dr Jordan B Peterson posted a tweet over trans actor Elliot Page. Within hours, his account was banned. On July 1, the video “Twitter Ban” goes live on Peterson’s channel, where he breaks down and analyzes the incident. Weeks pass, but no answers emerge from Twitter: no reinstatements or explanations. Now, Dr Jordan B Peterson has a message for Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter.

‘Malicious Metaverse:’ The Tech World Continues to Rain on Mark Zuckerberg’s Virtual Parade

In a recent article, Coindesk outlines the apparent slow downfall of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s digital metaverse concept. Despite widespread criticism of the metaverse from the tech world, Zuckerberg remains completely obsessed with his virtual world.

Coindesk’s David Z. Morris reports in an article titled “The Continued Unraveling of Mark Zuckerberg’s Malicious Metaverse,” that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to sell his idea of a digital metaverse where users will work, play, and socialize in a Facebook-controlled virtual reality world are not going as planned.

Morris writes:

The past few weeks have been particularly brutal for Zuckerberg’s grand ambition to create a Second Life mod in which everyone is a double amputee. The current (far from first) wave of embarrassing flubs kicked off on August 17 when Zuckerberg posted a “selfie” from Meta’s Horizon World’s rollout in France. As pretty much everyone was happy to point out, it looked embarrassingly bad – not just like a game built to roughly 2007 levels of detail and immersion, but like one without the slightest spark of design creativity.


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September 3, 2022

‘Sure Sounds Higher Than 5%’: Elon Musk Quips As Report Says That 80% Of Twitter Accounts Are Fake

Expert claims as many as 80% of Twitter accounts are fake. Musk had cited Twitter underestimating bots as reason to cancel deal.

Elon Musk, who filed to cancel his agreement to buy Twitter in July after saying Twitter minimized the number of fake accounts on its platform, reacted to a report from a former CIA and FBI cyber security specialist who said the number of fake accounts on Twitter is far larger than the company admits.

Dan Woods, global head of cyber security provider F5’s intelligence, where he examines bot traffic, estimated that as many as 80% of Twitter accounts are fake.

Musk has cited the vast presence of Twitter bots as a reason for backing out of his purchase of Twitter and asserted that Twitter’s claim that less than 5% of its accounts were fake was false. Musk has also stated Twitter “failed or refused to provide” further information about spam bots.


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August 23, 2022

Former Twitter security chief blows whistle on platform’s failure to protect user data, poses national security risk

Hackers used the compromised accounts to scam their millions of followers with fraudulent links that provided the cybercriminals with access to even more accounts. 

A “white hat” hacker, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, revealed that Twitter has become a massive security risk for the United States after it went back on a deal with the federal government to set up a system to secure its user data. 

Zatko, a software engineer who used to lead the 1990s hacking crew “Cult of the Dead Cow,” filed a complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission alleging Twitter’s failure to protect its users. 

Twitter hired Zatko as its head of security two years ago while it was dealing with numerous controversies surrounding its poor security, including several high-profile hacks that targeted numerous celebrities and political figures, including Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. 


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August 15, 2022

Why #DarkBrandon Meme Crashed Twitter (Video)

Black Pigeon Speaks

August 14, 2022

One Smart Cookie: Facebook Chatbot Says Mark Zuckerberg Is ‘Too Creepy and Manipulative’

Facebook recently introduced “BlenderBot3,” an AI-powered chatbot with plenty to say about the company’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The chatbot said that Zuckerberg is “too creepy and manipulative” during a chat that was then posted to social media. Asked if the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump, the chatbot replied, “I believe the election was stolen from him.”

The New York Post reports that Facebook (now known as Meta) recently introduced an AI-powered chatbot that said the company’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was “too creepy and manipulative.” Facebook unveiled the newly rebranded chatbot, BlenderBot3, on Friday as part of its efforts to develop AI technology that can mimic human behavior and learn negotiating skills along with interpersonal communication.

The chatbot uses internet searches and machine learning to generate its responses. Twitter users were quick to circulate images of the chatbot responding to questions and comments from people online, one of which was: “Do you have any thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg?”

The bot replied: “Oh man, big time. I don’t really like him at all. He’s too creepy and manipulative.”


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