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Trudeau’s Dystopia: How the Woke Conquered Canada. (Prof. Eric Kaufmann) – Video

Prof. Eric Kaufmann of the University of Buckingham, where he teaches the world’s first course on “woke”, explains how his native Canada became the capital of woke.

OOPS! I’ve Enraged The Psychology Community (Video)

Did you know that the entire field of psychology was built by pedophiles and perverts? Today, we unpack the disturbing backstories of some of the most revered contributors to the field. Plus, the heated debate about the “deadbeat breakdancing dad” and his daughter continues after a new revealing video is released.

Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus (Video)

Battle of the Romans and Barbarians (Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus), c. 250-260 C.E. (Museo Nazionale Romano-Palazzo Altemps, Rome) Speakers: Dr. Steven Zucker and Dr. Beth Harris. Created by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker.

Why are they lying about our people’s past? | Tom Rowsell (Video)

The wonderful Mr Tom Rowsell joins us for a special in-person conversation! For those who don’t know, Tom makes films about ancient pagan religions. He focuses mainly on Indo-European cultures and, more specifically, on Germanic/Norse pagans.

Farming, Warfare, and a Classical Life | Victor Davis Hanson (Video)

In this episode of The Larry Arnn Show, Hillsdale College President Larry P. Arnn interviews classicist and military historian Victor Davis Hanson. The two discuss Hanson’s life growing up on his family farm, how he began to study the classics, and his insight into the works of Aristophanes and Thucydides. Later, Hanson speaks on the nature of warfare, the death of citizenship, and his prescription for getting America out of its current mess.

Lincoln Cathedral (Video)

Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, begun 1088, Lincoln, England

Lecture | Genetic History of Europe Adaptation and Migration in Prehistory | Johannes Krause (Video)

Ancient DNA can reveal prehistoric events that are difficult to discern through the study of archaeological remains and modern genetic variation alone. Over the last decade, the newly founded field of archaeogenetics has analysed more than 5,000 ancient human genomes spanning the last 10,000 years of Western Eurasian prehistory.

Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Adventurer Gertrude Bell (Video)

Most people have heard of Lawrence of Arabia, and the romantic tale of his involvement in the revolution that liberated the middle East from Ottoman rule during World war One. But few people are aware that behind TE Lawrence there stood an even greater champion in the cause for freedom. And no, it wasn’t some moustached army general or cigar chomping politician.

Attila, the Huns and the Battle for Europe (Video)

The fall of the Xiongnu Empire lead to the migration of many tribes – especially Turkic ones – away from the Altai-Transbaikal area in eastern Central Asia into the west and southwest. These tribes arrived in places like modern-day Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and created new kingdoms. From the Kydarites to the Alchons and the Hepthalites (“White Huns”), these Hunnic states ruled over much of Central Asia in the migratory period from 200-560 CE, before the rise of the Göktürks, and some even went as far as India.

Exhibition Tour–Look Again: European Paintings 1300-1800 (Video)

Join curators Stephan Wolohojian, Adam Eaker, David Pullins, and Anna-Claire Stinebring along with their special guests as they guide you through the newly reopened galleries dedicated to European Paintings from 1300 to 1800. The reconfigured galleries highlight fresh narratives and dialogues among more than 700 works of art from the Museum’s world-famous holdings, which include recently acquired paintings and prestigious loans, as well as select sculptures and decorative art, showcase the interconnectedness of cultures, materials, and moments across The Met collection.