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Complete Classic Movie: Serpico (1973)

Stars: Al Pacino, John Randolph and Jack Kehoe. The true story about an honest New York cop who blew the whistle on rampant corruption in the force only to have his comrades turn against him.

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Raging Bull – Trailer


Complete Classic Movie: This Is Spinal Tap (1984)

Stars: Rob Reiner, Michael McKean, Christopher Guest. Spinal Tap, one of England’s loudest bands, is chronicled by film director Marty DeBergi on what proves to be a fateful tour.

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NFL Vet Blasts League’s New Brand of ‘Anti-Americanism and Thuggery’

An NFL veteran has spoken out against the leftist activism of the National Football League. A league which, he says, used to be synonymous with patriotism and character.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday, Burgess Owens claimed that the NFL has rebranded from patriotism to “anti-Americanism and thuggery.”

Owens, who played for the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets during his ten year career, said, “We’re fighting against an agenda of liberalism, socialism, and Marxism.”

Owens comments bear particular relevance this week, after a J.D. Power survey found that the Colin Kaepernick-led anthem protests of last year led more fans to turn away from the league than any other single cause. With 26 percent of respondents saying they watched the league less, specifically due to the anthem protests.

In response to the survey’s findings, Owens said, “I’m not surprised at all.”

Owens likened the anthem protests, to the way liberals use the politics of race and class to garner support in the black community.


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‘All white people are racist’: Cambridge University probes head of equality group for saying white men, women and children ‘can all get it’ as he heaps praise on London rioters in shocking Twitter outburst

Jason Osamede Okundaye posted tweets amid violent protests. He said white people ‘colonised’ Dalston and said it was ‘delicious’ to watch riots. The Cambridge student wrote: ‘ALL white people are racist. White middle class, white working class, white men, white women, white gays, white children’.

The student head of Cambridge’s equality group has claimed that ‘all white people are racist’ after praising rioters in Dalston who lit bonfires and hurled petrol bombs at police.

Jason Osamede Okundaye, who runs the Black and Minority Ethnic society at the elite institution, posted the shocking tweets amid violent protests in east London last night over the death of Rashan Charles.

He said that white people had ‘colonised’ Dalston and ordered them to ‘go back’ to areas such as Exeter and ‘Solihurst’ (sic).


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Quick Pix: Nina Foch w/Video

Nina Foch (born Nina Consuelo Maud Fock; April 20, 1924 – December 5, 2008) was a Dutch American actress of film, stage, and television. After signing a contract with Columbia Pictures at age nineteen, the tall, blonde Foch became a regular in the studio’s horror pictures and films noir before establishing herself as a leading lady in the mid-1940s through the 1950s, often playing roles as cool, aloof sophisticates.

Why do medieval buildings overhang their lower floors? (Video)

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What Schools Don’t Want You to Know! – John Taylor Gatto (Video)


Seven Food Stamp Recipients Pleaded Guilty for Taking Part in $5 Million Food Stamp Fraud

Seven South Carolina women who received food stamps as part of a $5 million food stamp fraud scheme pleaded guilty to defrauding the government of more than $20,000 at a store in Rock Hill.

A state court judge ruled that the women who pleaded guilty Thursday will be able to avoid jail sentences and probation if they pay back the money by December 31, 2017, the Charlotte Observer reported.

The seven women who pleaded guilty, in order of who defrauded the most money to those who defrauded the least amount, include: Jatonica Williams, 31, $5,238 in fraud; Dequitta White, 31, $3,070; Labrecia White, 24, $2,962; Shenisa Davis, 36, $2,549; Victoria Sanders, 25, $2,234; Kimberly Johnson, 28, $2,195 in fraud; and Brooke Rogers, 27, $2,134.

Johnson entered a guilty plea by herself while the other six pleaded guilty in two groups of three.

As part of the plea deal, all seven women pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fraud charges and promised to pay the money back in exchange for a 30-day suspended sentence and two years’ probation that will be dismissed if they pay the money back before the end of the year.


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Sorting Yourself Out | Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux – Video

“People who spend time writing carefully about themselves become happier, less anxious and depressed and physically healthier. They become more productive, persistent and engaged in life. This is because thinking about where you came from, who you are and where you are going helps you chart a simpler and more rewarding path through life.”