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White Chicago Cop SUES In Order To CHANGE HIS RACE Over Diversity Practices, Wants To Be BLACK (Video)


The continuing destruction of London, caused by the ever-soaring population (Video)

London is being systematically demolished and replaced with vast swathes of anonymous blocks of flats which look as though they could be in any part of the world. In doing so, the character of the city is being dismantled.

The Full Charles Murray: Race and IQ, Government Welfare, and Crime (Video)

Many people hate Charles Murray. They call him “dangerous” because he wrote about racial IQ differences.

Google HATES WHITE PEOPLE, New Google Gemini AI REFUSES To Make Pictures Of White People (Video)


Black Residents Of Chicago Say They Are Being REPLACED By Illegal Immigrants, SLAM Democrat Mayor (Video)

Timcast IRL

These Race Zealots Hate Britain & the West. They Don’t Care about Ethnic Minorities or Countryside (Video)

NCF Senior Fellow Rafe Heydel-Mankoo told GB News that those claiming the “Countryside is racist” don’t care about ethnic minorities at all. They are motivated by a deep seated hatred of Britain and the West and seek to undermine them at every occasion. They are engaged in a war of attrition against our culture, our values and our way of life.

Awful photographs on cigarette packets only feature white people; this is part of a general trend (Video)

In most visual images of people produced in Britain and America these days, there is a conscious effort to ensure that they ‘reflect the community’. This is seldom or never the case when something unsavoury is involved. Then, only white people are used.

Black “leaders” spreading the lie of the KC shooting and others are failing their communities (Video)

Legally Armed America

What is it with Nigerians? (Video)

The news that many Nigerian nurses in Britain have fake qualifications will surprise very few people.

The War on Noticing | Steve Sailer (Video)

Race, culture, human biodiversity with the man who “notices.”

Pariah to some, and prophet to others, Steve Sailer is one of the most thought-provoking writers in America today. A journalist and blogger known for his writings on race, genetics, and intelligence, he has at times been accused of “inventing” identity politics for the right, though that’s perhaps of a byproduct of his own brand of ruthlessly interrogating the data and offering his own conclusions, no matter how blunt.

Steve has a new book out, Noticing, a compendium of his writings on observations on culture, immigration, class, politics, and human biodiversity going back to the 1970s.


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