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34 US Political Prisoners in DC Gulag Demand Transfer to Guantanamo Bay to Escape Intolerable Conditions in Heartbreaking Letter

These men and women know that if they were to be moved to Gitmo they would not have flooded toilets, mold, flies, and frequent beatings.

Thirty-four US political prisoners of the Biden regime penned a very sad letter this week requesting a transfer to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba facility where they would receive meals, sunlight, freedom of religion, exercise, entertainment, and be treated like human beings.

These thirty-four January 6 political prisoners have been held for over a year and a half without trial for misdemeanors and trumped-up felony charges.

This group of men have been isolated, beaten viciously, abused, threatened, tormented, and belittled by the guards based on their political and religious beliefs.

The men and women have been without medical assistance, medications, exercise, and most of these men have been held in isolation with little human contact for months at a time.


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Who Was Colonel Crawford? Torture on the Ohio Frontier (Video)

Colonel William Crawford was a trapper, land surveyor, farmer, and judge. He survived Braddock’s Defeat during the French and Indian War, then led men during the American Revolution, first as Lieutenant Colonel of the 5th Virginia, then as Colonel in command of the 7th Virginia. Crawford led his men across the Deleware River on Christmas Eve with Washington’s Army, fought at Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, and Germantown, and was eventually transferred to the Western Department of the Continental Army to oversee actions on the frontier.

Chinese Concentration Camp Survivor Reveals Torture, Rape, And Plans For Invading Europe

‘I was barely even listening to myself talk about our self-sacrificing patriarch Xi Jinping [while] several of the ‘students’ collapsed unconscious and fell off their plastic chairs,’ Sauytbay recalls.

While Sayragul Sauytbay was held in a government-run concentration camp in China’s Xinjiang province, she was forced to sign a paper mandating her own death if she spoke of the camp’s atrocities. Undeterred, since her escape she has raised awareness of the horrors perpetrated against the Uyghur people, receiving an International Woman of Courage Award from U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2020.

Her book “The Chief Witness: Escape From China’s Modern-Day Concentration Camps,” written with journalist Alexandra Cavelius, came out earlier this month and is available from publisher Scribe. Excerpts published Saturday by the Daily Mail reveal stories of torture, organ harvesting, rape, and plans for global dominance from the gulags of the Chinese Communist Party.

The U.S. State Department estimated in 2018 the CCP had forced possibly more than 2 million people, mostly Uyghur Muslims, into camps in China’s Xinjiang province. According to satellite photos from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the number of camps had reached 380 by September 2020. Sauytbay was forced to work as a teacher at one of them, before her release in 2018 and subsequent escape to Sweden.


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Witnesses: Chinese Concentration Camp Victims Endured Gang Rapes with Electric Batons

Uyghur, Kazakh, and other ethnic minority survivors of China’s brutal concentration camp system told the BBC in an extensive report published Wednesday that they witnessed and endured rape at the hands of Chinese government agents on a regular basis, including the use of electric batons to rape and torture women.

China has been operating concentration camps in Xinjiang, its westernmost and largest region, since at least 2018. While estimates suggested as many as 3 million people were imprisoned in the concentration camp system at its peak, the most recent estimates from the U.S. government suggest a population of about 2 million people remain trapped there. The number dropped after reports that the Chinese Communist Party sold concentration camp victims as slaves to factories nationwide. Beijing officials claimed the missing prisoners had simply “graduated” from the camps.

China admits to building and maintaining the camps, but claims they are “vocational training centers” where members of local majority-Muslim ethnic minorities, particularly members of the Uyghur community, can learn the trade skills they need to compete with Han Chinese peers in the modern Chinese economy.


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Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

It is not clear how many women were branded or which Nxivm officials were aware of the practice. A copy of a text message Mr. Raniere sent to a female follower indicates that he knew women were being branded and that the symbol’s design incorporated his initials.

Last March, five women gathered in a home near here to enter a secret sisterhood they were told was created to empower women.

To gain admission, they were required to give their recruiter — or “master,” as she was called — naked photographs or other compromising material and were warned that such “collateral” might be publicly released if the group’s existence were disclosed.

The women, in their 30s and 40s, belonged to a self-help organization called Nxivm, which is based in Albany and has chapters across the country, Canada and Mexico.

Sarah Edmondson, one of the participants, said she had been told she would get a small tattoo as part of the initiation. But she was not prepared for what came next.

Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”


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Chicago Kidnapping: What They’re Not Telling You (Video)

Lauren Southern joins Paul Joseph Watson to expose how Black Lives Matter rhetoric led to the racist hate crime kidnap, torture & racial abuse of a mentally disabled teen in Chicago.

‘F–k Donald Trump, F–k white people!’ (Video)

4 in police custody after special-needs man kidnapped, tortured on Facebook Live.

A graphic video has emerged of a white special-needs man in Chicago apparently being kidnapped, beaten and tortured by black attackers who can be heard cursing white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

The footage was streamed Tuesday on Facebook Live by a woman identified on the social media platform as “Brittany Herring.”

A white man – reportedly a special-needs person who was reported missing from a suburb – can be seen slumped against a corner on the floor of a room.

He is tied up and has tape binding his mouth.

“F–k Donald Trump, nigga! F–k white people, boy! F–k white people, boy!” one attacker shouts as he kicks the man.

The assailants laugh about their attack being reported to the police after a Facebook user warns them that they will be arrested.

When another Facebook commenter tells them their torture isn’t funny, they mock her and claim it is.

CBS Chicago reported that the victim’s clothes were slashed, he was “peppered with cigarette ashes, and then his hair cut with a knife until his scalp bled.”


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Thousands of Turkish soldiers ‘RAPED and STARVED’ as punishment for failed Turkey coup

Thousands of Turkish soldiers are being raped, starved and left without water, according to Amnesty International.

The human rights group said it has “credible evidence” that around 10,000 Turkish soldiers face the severe punishments for their part of the failed military coup against president Erdogan.

Victims are being held in makeshift cells, such as stables and sports halls, and are being tortured and held in stress positions for 48 hours, the group said.

“The grim details that we have documented are just a snapshot of the abuses that might be happening in places of detention.”

A lawyer working at the Caglayan Courthouse in Istanbul said she saw a detainee attempting to jump out of a sixth floor window and another banging his head against a wall.

The non-profit organisation has asked for access to prisoners who have been rounded up and arrested in the wake of the failed coup.

Dalhuisen said: “It is absolutely imperative that the Turkish authorities halt these abhorrent practices and allow international monitors to visit all these detainees in the places they are being held.”

“Reports of abuse including beatings and rape in detention are extremely alarming, especially given the scale of detentions that we have seen in the past week.”


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France ‘Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan Massacre

Elsewhere the investigator says women were sexually tortured, stabbed in the genitals, and their eyes were plucked out. People were decapitated.

A French government committee has heard testimony, suppressed by the French government at the time and not published online until this week, that the killers in the Bataclan appear to have tortured their victims on the second floor of the club.

The chief police witness in Parliament testified that on the night of the attacks, an investigating officer, tears streaming down his face, rushed out of the Bataclan and vomited in front of him just after seeing the disfigured bodies.

The 14-hour testimony about the November attacks took place March 21st.

According to this testimony, Wahhabist killers reportedly gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were reportedly stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda. For that reason, medics did not release the bodies of torture victims to the families, investigators said.


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WATCH: Trump Rusher Tommy DiMassimo’s Films Feature Torture Porn of Black People

Tommy DiMassimo—the flag-desecrating young man from Ohio whose attempt to get onstage with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was thwarted by the Secret Service Saturday—is also a budding filmmaker, whose work is posted on YouTube and often seems to involve images of black people being tortured.

Prior to his newly-found Trump fame, Mr. Dimassi,o was a child actor, according to his IMdB resume. His page features a professional-looking headshot of DiMassimo as a youngster and credits including two appearances in 2004 on the series Reno 911 as well as a 2008 credit on the Tyler Perry series House of Payne.

Like many young thespians, Mr. DiMassimo wanted to branch out into producing and directing later in life, prior to branching into Black Lives Matter activism.

Here are couple of Mr. DiMassimo’s own efforts.

Red, Black and Blue is a short film that DiMassimo both wrote and produced in addition to portraying the role of “Killer Cop.”

The movie seems to be about black people murdering police officers after being humiliated and tortured by them. The “teaser” for the film shows a number of young black men being first tortured by police and then engaging them in a firefight with automatic weapons. The teaser ends with the title “United, or Die.”


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