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February 18, 2017

“Liberals playing identity politics” with Islamophobia motion (Video)

Conservative Party leadership candidate Andrew Scheer tells Faith Goldy of why he opposes the Liberals’ “Islamophobia” motion.

February 16, 2017

Canadians have had it with the elites

The report includes such gems as “80% of people think the elites who run institutions are out of touch with regular people” and “69% say we need to prioritize Canadian interests over the rest of the world.”

The elites in Canada are about to be hit by a tidal wave of anti-establishment sentiment. The country is ripe for a populist uprising.

People are losing faith in government. Their trust in media is further slipping. Even non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are taking a hit in the public’s eye.

If the elites don’t get their act in order, ordinary folks will see to it that they’re toast at the next available opportunity.

This isn’t me talking. This is a report from one of the world’s leading public affairs firms.

“Canada can no longer count itself immune from the global trend of populism and sinking institutional trust,” reads a release from Edelman.

They’ve just released their 17th annual Trust Barometer, a massive global opinion survey, and this is the first year the results put Canadian sentiment clearly in the anti-establishment category alongside the U.K., United States and France.

The survey was conducted over a long-ranging period that straddled the U.S. presidential election, from last Oct. 13 to Nov. 16.


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February 15, 2017

A Picture of Mohamed – Jordan Peterson (Video)

This five minute video addresses the issue of Islam in Canada, and in the rest of the West. I made it in part because the Canadian Parliament this week will discuss a motion, M103, discussing limitations on “Islamophobia.”

February 10, 2017

Migrant sex attacks at West Edmonton Mall pool (Video)

Faith Goldy looks at the Media Party’s “coverage” of the sex assault on six teen girls at the popular Edmonton venue.

February 8, 2017

Trudeau a “White Supremacist, Terrorist”: Black Lives Matter (Video)

Faith Goldy of looks at a distrubing statement made by a leader of Black Lives Matter Toronto at a recent protest.

January 30, 2017

How “out of control” is Islamophobia in Canada? (Video)

David Menzies looks at the people and organizations behind a public service announcement meant to bring awareness to “out of control” Islamophobia in Canada.

January 27, 2017

Free Speech, Not Sharia! (Video)

Faith Goldy of says we need to stop Canada’s Liberal government from passing anti-free speech “Islamophobia” laws.

January 10, 2017

A Muslim Murder Spree in Canada’s Capital

Muslim migration carries a heavy price.

Canada’s capital is a small sleepy city of less than a million. Its average annual murder rate is only 10. That’s a weekend in Chicago. But last year something strange happened to Ottawa’s murder rate.

It shot up to 24 homicides.

The last two murders were of Somali Muslim sisters Asma and Nasiba. Their murderer was their brother, Musab A-Noor. Despite the obvious history of Muslim honor killings of women, often carried out by brothers against their sisters, Musab was found “unfit” to stand trial. A director at the Somali Centre for Family Services insisted that Somali settlers in the city need more mental health funding.

Something certainly seems to be needed.

There were an estimated 66,000 Muslim settlers in the Ottawa – Gatineau metropolitan area. Despite forming some 5 percent of the population, they are startlingly overrepresented in Ottawa’s murders.

2016 in Ottawa ended with a Muslim murder in December and it began with a Muslim murder in January. Mohamed Najdi was killed by five other Muslim men. Mohamed had probably been shot in connection with the 2015 shooting of yet another Muslim man by an accused killer named Mohammad.


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December 30, 2016

Trump populism comes to Canada as Conservatives seek leader

“Elites pretend this isn’t an issue, but Canadians want to talk about it (immigration),” Leitch said in an interview last week from her farmhouse in rural Ontario.

Canada’s answer to Donald Trump is a pediatric surgeon and former cabinet minister who, like the U.S. president-elect, is railing against immigration and political elites.

Kellie Leitch, 46, has vaulted to the front of the race to lead the opposition Conservative Party by pushing a hard-right “Canadian values” platform that taps into discontent over the sluggish economy and Canada’s acceptance of 37,000 Syrian refugees.

Leitch is ahead of about a dozen candidates in the most recent opinion polls on the Conservative leadership election, scheduled to be held on May 27, 2017. The candidate chosen by party members will be their flag bearer for the October 2019 general election, against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

“Elites pretend this isn’t an issue, but Canadians want to talk about it (immigration),” Leitch said in an interview last week from her farmhouse in rural Ontario.

She has professed admiration for Trump’s embrace of the ordinary voter, and acknowledged similarities in their agendas.

“I am talking about screening immigrants, I am talking about building pipelines, I am talking about making sure Canadians have jobs, so yeah, some of the ideas and language are the same,” said Leitch, an energetic and plain-spoken former labor and women’s affairs minister.


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December 3, 2016

Canadian State TV Hails ‘Beige Horizon’ With No White People (Video)

Taxpayer-funded CBC disables comments on video after public outrage.

The CBC has produced a bizarre music video hailing an “inevitable” future where white people are made extinct.

The video, which was produced for the comedy show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” and stars Canadian actor Shaun Majumder, says “a beige horizon” where we’re all “gonna look the same” is “inevitable” and mocks how “pure breeds” are “losing their grip.”

“People it’s inevitable a beige horizon Brown meets white, no use in disguisin’,” Majumder begins. “People out makin’ whoopee, colour-blinded by love, genetic kris-crossin’, forgot to wear a glove.”

“Whoops! There it goes generational drip. Look at the ‘pure breeds’ losing their grip,” Majumder says.

Using racist terms like “Mexijews,” “Chonkies,” and “Beaner Schnitzels,” Majumder attacks Donald Trump and Steve Bannon as racists for their perceived relationship with the alt-right.


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