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September 19, 2022

Why Are Young People Converting to Conservatism? | Eric Duhaime | #289 (Video)

Canada is facing a conflict of wills. Trudeau stands on his high pillar of morality, self-justifying actions that impact everyone from farmers to the current youth generation. Eric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative party of Quebec, discusses pressing issues for his province, and how he plans to fight back.

September 15, 2022

Kamloops: The Buried Truth (Video)

A new Rebel News documentary exposing the truth about the discovery of unmarked graves in Kamloops, British Columbia in 2021.

In May 2021, the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation band in Kamloops, British Columbia, published a shocking press release that shook the nation to its core.

The claim: “the confirmation of the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School” had been discovered.

On one hand, the claim served as a reminder of a dark chapter in Canada’s history. A time when Indigenous children were snatched from their homes, forced to live in government-mandated church-run residential schools, where some suffered from poor living conditions and even abuse.


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July 28, 2022

Jordan B. Peterson: Reflections On The Sorry State of Canada (Video)

From draconian Covid policy to the freezing of private bank accounts, Justin Trudeau has run the worst administration in Canadian history and it’s time for him to go.

July 26, 2022

Conservative Resistance in Canada | Roman Baber & Dr Jordan B Peterson (Video)

Canadian Politician Roman Baber joins Dr Peterson to discuss the state of the Conservative Party in Canada and their approach to climate change, and the devastating hit Canada’s reputation has taken at the international level.

July 24, 2022

Canadian government invests $8.5 million into insect production facility “to support sustainable food production”

On June 27, 2022, Agriculture and Agric-Food Canada announced that the federal government is investing up to $8.5 million into an insect production facility in London, Ontario.

The government said the $8.5 million investment for Aspire was “to support the building of a commercial facility to produce cricket protein.”

The government said they choose the company to invest in because “Aspire’s goal to tackle global food scarcity led to its focus on edible insect production, which can provide high volumes of nutritious food with a low environmental footprint.”

The government says the funding will be used by Aspire to “use the latest smart technology to create the ideal growing conditions for crickets at its facility in London, Ontario” and “allow the company to monitor and grow billions of crickets at a time, producing a nutrient-rich protein for premium health food and pet markets.”


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July 5, 2022

Trudeau vs. Canada (Video)

In this episode, Rex Murphy and I discuss the strange times in current Canadian politics, the perpetual scandals of Justin Trudeau, media censorship and the appalling Bill C-11, fascism on the Left, Zoom parliament, and much more.

June 16, 2022


Black Pigeon Speaks

June 14, 2022

Justin Trudeau Announces Second Coronavirus Infection; Thanks ‘My Shots’ for Protection

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday that he has contracted the Chinese coronavirus for the second time, despite being at least triple vaxxed.

“I’ve tested positive for COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus],” Trudeau announced Monday.

“I’ll be following public health guidelines and isolating. I feel okay, but that’s because I got my shots,” he continued, using the opportunity to urge others to do the same.

“So, if you haven’t, get vaccinated – and if you can, get boosted,” he added. “Let’s protect our healthcare system, each other, and ourselves”:


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May 19, 2022

Alberta Premier Mocks Biden for Refusing Canadian Oil: ‘You Don’t Need the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet to Patrol the Great Lakes’

“After the United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars securing Persian Gulf energy over the last fifty years, it turns out that the solution to the challenge of energy security is your closest friend and ally!” he added.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Biden administration — and Lord knows there are a lot of things that infuriate people about them — is the way the U.S. went from a net energy exporter to record high gas prices and a reliance on oil imported from other countries.

The administration knows exactly what it’s doing. The White House has acquiesced to the environmental lobby, and the end game is a push for “green energy” that’s both infeasible and expensive, at least right now. But that hasn’t stopped the drive to punish Americans who haven’t followed the administration’s flippant advice to buy an expensive electric vehicle.

In the meantime, until all you rubes go electric, the administration is looking to nations that are hostile to American values like Venezuela and Iran. If we must import our oil, why not get it from North America? I’ve written before about one Canadian official who has invited the U.S. to buy oil from our friendly northern neighbors, and this week the premier of one Canadian province (like the governor of a state) spoke to a U.S. Senate committee to make the same offer.


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April 27, 2022

Canadian college’s tenure track position open only for ‘women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit’ people

The Ontario Human Rights Code allows for ‘special programs’ designed to assist underrepresented groups

The University of Waterloo announced an opening for a tenure track position last month that is only available to “qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit.”

The university’s Faculty of Environment is seeking applicants with experience in geography, earth science, environmental science, or sustainability to join as the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Tier 2 Canada Research Chair. 

Applicants are asked to fill out a self-identification form to ensure that they fall into one of the four categories that the job is open for, in order to “address the underrepresentation of individuals from equity deserving groups among our Canada Research Chairs.” 


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