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January 9, 2018

James Damore just filed a class action lawsuit against Google, saying it discriminates against white male conservatives

Damore isn’t holding back any punches here. According to his filing, Google employs “illegal hiring quotas to fill its desired percentages of women and favored minority candidates, and openly shames managers of business units who fail to meet their quotas—in the process, openly denigrating male and Caucasian employees as less favored than others.”

James Damore, a former Google engineer who was fired in August after posting a memo to an internal Google message board arguing that women may not be equally represented in tech because they are biologically less capable of engineering, has filed a class action lawsuit against the company in Santa Clara Superior Court in Northern California.

His claims: that Google unfairly discriminates against white men whose political views are unpopular with its executives.

Damore is joined in the 161-page suit by another former Google engineer named David Gudeman, who spent three years with Google working on a query engine. According to Gudeman’s LinkedIn profile, he left the company in December 2016 and has been self-employed since.

The lawsuit, filed by Dhillon Law Group, says it aims to represent all employees of Google who’ve been discriminated against due to their “perceived conservative political views by Google,” due to “their male gender by Google” and “due to their Caucasian race by Google.”


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December 30, 2017

Right Wing Populism Could Become ‘New Normal’, No End in Sight For Surge: Tony Blair Institute

The “populist surge” in Europe has far from peaked and is the most significant change to the European order since the end of the Cold War, a new report by former British left-wing Prime Minister Tony Blair’s own think tank has claimed.

Assessing what the report identifies as a “populist threat” as a means to defeat it and “renew the centre”, the globalist Institute for Global Change document questions widely-held assumptions that right-populist politics is an “interlude”, or blip in history which “optimistic” observers believe will burn out.

To the contrary, the Institute’s own research shows “the trend line suggests that populists will continue to gain strength in the next round of elections”, and particularly in Eastern Europe, the report noting: “Populists are strongest in Eastern Europe. They routinely out-compete the political mainstream and have already taken power in seven countries: Bosnia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia.”

Populism could instead prove to be “the new normal” and may “drive European politics into a more nationalist and protectionist direction… governments would move decisively towards restricting net migration flows; make access to some social benefits conditional on citizenship status; and undermine minority rights in key respects.”


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December 23, 2017

Former CEO of NPR: Leaving the Liberal Bubble (Pt.2) – Video

Ken Stern (Former CEO of NPR) joins Dave to discuss his new book “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right,” his evolution on the climate change debate, how both parties are selling us out, his views on poverty programs, predictions for the future of the republican party, and more.

December 22, 2017

Former CEO of NPR: Leaving the Liberal Bubble (Pt.1) – Video

Ken Stern (Former CEO of NPR) joins Dave to discuss his new book “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right,” defining what liberal means to him, intolerance of viewpoints and lack of diversity of thought on the left, his journey from left to right, his evolution on the gun control debate, and more.

November 13, 2017

In the Heart of ‘The Resistance,’ California Conservatives Are Invigorated

“It’s almost an inverse proportion: The less powerful we got in California, the more powerful we got nationally,” said Ben Shapiro, a writer and commentator from Southern California.

California conservatives are feeling a strange sense of invigoration these days. Yes, they are vastly outnumbered, shouted off college campuses and scolded that their way of politics is an anachronism in this bright blue bulwark of the liberal resistance.

But California has become, however improbably, a leading exporter of the energy that is animating the conservative movement, and it is giving rise to some of the loudest new voices on the right, from the West Wing to the radical fringe.

Some of the most strident conservatives in President Trump’s orbit have honed and hardened their political identities in California. There is Stephen K. Bannon, the president’s ousted but still influential chief strategist, who was showered with standing ovations when he spoke at the state Republican convention in Anaheim last weekend. And there is Stephen Miller, a senior White House adviser from Santa Monica who has helped shape the White House’s restrictive immigration policy.

Several of the most aggressively pro-Trump media outlets and personalities, which provide a critical line of support between the president and his base, are based in California, like Mr. Bannon’s nationalist-oriented Breitbart News and Michael Savage, a radio host who has raised the specter of civil war if Mr. Trump is removed from office. Two of the far-right’s best-known pro-Trump conspiracy theory peddlers, Mike Cernovich and Charles C. Johnson, work from California.


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October 27, 2017

Trump Jr: Universities are ‘captive to political hatreds’

Donald Trump Jr. blasted America’s universities for condemning conservative viewpoints as “hate speech” while failing to “teach civility or intellectual openness” during a speech in Texas on Tuesday, remarking that colleges are happy to “train your children to hate our country” for $200,000.

Donald Trump, Jr. blasted America’s universities for condemning “hate speech” while failing to “teach civility or intellectual openness” during a speech in Texas on Tuesday.

“A lot of other universities don’t teach civility or intellectual openness anymore,” Trump said during a speech at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas that was sponsored by the University of North Texas, as reported by The Star-Telegram. “They’ve become captive to political hatreds. That’s how innocent questions become verbal assaults.”

Trump argued that those who oppose “hate speech” actually seek to stifle conservative viewpoints by portraying them as hateful and extremist.

“Hate speech is anything that says America is a good country and our founders were great people, that we need borders,” Trump said. “Hate speech is anything faithful to the moral teaching of the Bible.”

Echoing Republican concerns about the value of higher education, President Trump’s son further berated universities for straying from their educational mission, stressing that parents often get a bad deal when spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a college diploma.

“We’ll take $200,000 of your money; in exchange we’ll train your children to hate our country,” Trump said, speaking from what he considers the perspective of a typical American university.


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October 24, 2017

Republican students harassed, threatened for wearing MAGA hats

Members of the University of California, Riverside’s College Republicans chapter were threatened and harassed for holding a “#MAGA Monday” event on campus last week. One social media comment compared MAGA hats to “Nazi armbands,” while another warned that “SOMEONE IS GONNA GET SMACKED” for donning the headgear.

Members of the University of California, Riverside’s College Republicans chapter were threatened and harassed for holding a “#MAGA Monday” event on campus last week.

Members of the group, wearing “Make America Great Again ” hats, posted a photo of the event on Facebook, instantly sparking backlash and threats of violence.

Joseph Avila, former assistant news editor for the school’s newspaper, went so far as to suggest that the hats signify support for white supremacy, sarcastically asking the group to explain “the difference between Nazi armbands and those MAGA hats.”


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Conservative Professor Banned By University From Speaking. Here’s His Terrific Rebuttal

“If you were smart, you would lift the ban on me speaking at UM. Then, you could hire me as your new Dean of Journalism.”

After being “disinvited” from speaking at the University of Montana because of his conservative views, UNC-Wilmington Criminology Professor Mike Adams penned an open letter to the UM president that not only defends his own track record but also succinctly highlights several key conservative stances in the face of the increasingly fascistic campus left.

Adams, who writes columns for Town Hall, where he published his open letter, is one of the very limited number of professors who actually holds mainstream conservative views and who has the guts to openly voice and promote those views. For that, he has been the target of much antipathy among his peers and the administration, but he’s also become somewhat of a celebrity among conservatives who appreciate his willingness to push back against the overwhelmingly left-wing forces in academia.

As Adams explains in his letter, after being invited earlier in the summer to speak at UM’s journalism lecture series, which he notes is funded by an outside source, he was “banned from speaking” on the campus. The decision was made by the Dean of Journalism Larry Abramson, who took the position after a career with NPR.


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October 23, 2017

“Your Enemies Are the Following” Laura Ingraham Lays Out ENEMIES LIST For Conservative Voters (Video)

The Values Voter Summit continued its annual conference in Washington, D.C. Speakers included former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, and former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka.

October 22, 2017

Bannon on Fire in CA: Three Standing Ovations at GOP Convention Keynote (Video)

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon delivered a fiery keynote address to about 500 people at the opening dinner of the California Republican Party’s Fall Convention Friday night, praising President Trump and declaring war on the GOP establishment.

Stepping out from behind the podium, comfortably walking about the stage, Bannon gave a forty-minute-long speech covering a myriad of issues that began with effusive praise of President Trump, the importance of winning and how victories beget victories, and about the great challenge ahead in taking on the, “corporatists, lobbyists, consultants, and the politicians they control.”

In referring to his work with President Trump, Bannon said early in his remarks, “I’ve had the honor of being the CEO of his campaign, the chief strategist in the white house — and now I’m proud to say his wingman outside.”

“Donald Trump has been an existential threat to the system,” Bannon declared to overwhelming applause from the audience.

Bannon went on to talk about the importance of the recent victory of Judge Roy Moore in the Republican U.S. Senate runoff election in Alabama.


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