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Why Africans treasure statues of their own slave-traders and celebrate them as heroes (Video)

The campaigns in Britain to remove statues of people connected with the slave trade is baffling to people in countries such as Nigeria

Behind Asia’s cyber slavery | DW Documentary (Video)

They scam unsuspecting victims all across the world — but they are victims themselves. Thousands of people are trafficked worldwide into Myanmar’s war-torn east, where they are forced to trick people in Europe, the US, and China into scam schemes.

Houston rapper accused of holding a homeless woman captive for at least 4 years

That room included “a makeshift toilet that did not flush,” a mattress “covered in fresh vomit” and a few packages of chips and Twinkies, the affidavit said.

A Houston rapper allegedly kidnapped a homeless woman and held her captive in his garage for at least four years before she managed to get access to the suspect’s computer to call rescuers, officials said.

The woman allegedly held by Lee Carter, 52, was found in April but the arrest on a charge of felony aggravated kidnapping only happened on Thursday, court records and Carter’s attorney said.

Records do not explain why it took authorities nearly nine months to arrest the suspect. The condition of the woman, who prosecutors say was 70 pounds and pregnant when authorities located her, was unclear Monday.

Court filings showed Carter posted $100,000 to secure his freedom on Sunday. He was no longer in the Harris County Jail on Monday, a sheriff’s official told NBC News.


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The white slave trade & the British crusade against slavery | Uncomfortable truths about slavery (Video)

Here we explore some uncomfortable facts about slavery to bring more nuance into the discussion. These include the Barbary pirate slave trade that enslaved over a million Europeans, the Arab Slave trade that some argue may have been more brutal than the transatlantic, and the British Crusade against slavery.

Drug Cartels Trafficking Migrants to CA for ‘Modern Day Slavery’ on Black Market Marijuana Farms (Video)

The origin of these hidden operations traces back to a familiar evil south of the border.

Drug cartels are trafficking migrants to northern California and then forcing them to work on illegal marijuana farms. And these black market farms are producing cannabis that’s tainted with toxins, and also threatening California’s water supply. These are just a few of the far-reaching repercussions of the crisis at our southern border.

The impact of migrants pouring across the U.S. southern border is reaching here in Humboldt County, helping fuel a rise in illicit cannabis operations staffed by undocumented workers. Instead of escaping poverty and oppression, many migrants often find a rude awakening here in America.

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal tells CBN News, “So modern-day slavery is happening here. Labor trafficking is a major deal here when it comes to marijuana.”


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Irish slave-traders preyed on Britain for 700 years. When will they be offering us reparations? (Video)

Britain was involved in the slave trade for less than 300 years, from the middle of the 16th century until the early 19th century. Ireland, on the other hand, was mixed up in the business for over 700 years. Britain was the chief source of their slaves. Dublin was actually founded as a slave-trading centre, as were the cities of Limerick and Waterford.

The reparations bandwagon picks up speed and is heading our way… (Video)

The Prime Minister of Barbados has helpfully calculated how much Britain owes in reparations for slavery. She says that it comes to $24tn. In case you wonder how much that is in real money, it is 19 thousand billion pounds. Where we will find this sum is an interesting point.

How Silicon Valley enables online slave markets | Maids For Sale | Full Documentary

Google, Apple and Facebook-owned Instagram are enabling an illegal online slave market by providing and approving apps used for the buying and selling of domestic workers in the Gulf. BBC Arabic’s undercover investigation exposes app users in Kuwait breaking local and international laws on modern slavery, including a woman offering a child for sale. The discovery of Fatou in Kuwait City, her rescue and journey back home to Guinea, West Africa, is at the heart of this powerful and shocking investigation into Silicon Valley’s online slave market.

Those seeking reparations for the African slave trade might like to approach some Arab nations (Video)

There is no doubt that the trade in enslaved Africans was a terrible thing, but it is possible that the transatlantic slave trade was not the worst as far as deaths go. The Arabs operating in East Africa probably were responsible for more deaths overall.

What was life really like for slaves in America before the Civil War brought them freedom? (Video)

We are taught to think that black people in America had a terrible deal as slaves in the Confederacy. What did the slaves themselves think about their lives at that time?