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January 28, 2017

The Fruits of Mexico’s Cheap Labor (Video)

In their 2014 global slavery index, the Walk Free Foundation estimated that more than a quarter of a million people in Mexico could be classified as modern day slaves.

November 27, 2016

Wage theft is common in garment manufacturing in Southern California

Earlier this month, U.S. Labor Department officials cited three multi-billion dollar retailers, with thousands of stores nationwide, as the worst offenders in setting prices that drive illegal wage theft: Ross, TJ Maxx and Forever 21.

Beating drums and waving hand-lettered signs, 40 garment workers marched in front of a Los Angeles Ross Dress For Less outlet chanting “Ross Stores, you can’t hide! We can see your greedy side!”

Among the protesters on a sunny Saturday before Thanksgiving, Maribelia Quiroz, 46, mother of three, said she stitches blouses for Ross at a downtown contractor, earning $300 a week for up to 60 hours of work, with no overtime.

That’s less than half California’s legal minimum wage. “The bosses fire anyone who asks for more,” she said.

A spokeswoman for Ross said the retailer complies with labor laws. But federal officials say Quiroz’ wages are typical of Southern California’s underground garment industry, a vast web of factories which employs immigrants from Latin America and Asia, many of them undocumented, in Los Angeles and Orange counties and the Inland Empire.


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November 2, 2016

Most college students think America invented slavery, professor finds

“They came to college without the basic rudiments of American history or Western culture and their reading level was pretty low,” Pesta told The Fix.

For 11 years, Professor Duke Pesta gave quizzes to his students at the beginning of the school year to test their knowledge on basic facts about American history and Western culture.

The most surprising result from his 11-year experiment? Students’ overwhelming belief that slavery began in the United States and was almost exclusively an American phenomenon, he said.

“Most of my students could not tell me anything meaningful about slavery outside of America,” Pesta told The College Fix. “They are convinced that slavery was an American problem that more or less ended with the Civil War, and they are very fuzzy about the history of slavery prior to the Colonial era. Their entire education about slavery was confined to America.”

Pesta, currently an associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has taught the gamut of Western literature—from the Classics to the modern—at seven different universities, ranging from large research institutions to small liberal arts colleges to branch campuses. He said he has given the quizzes to students at Purdue University, University of Tennessee Martin, Ursinus College, Oklahoma State University, and University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.


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September 14, 2016

Modern Slavery in Africa (Video)

This should be required viewing for all American children so that they would realize how lucky they are. Education is a privilege, not a chore.

June 1, 2016

Almost 46 million people trapped in slavery with North Korea, India key offenders: global index

Incidences of slavery were found in all 167 countries in the index, with India home to the largest total number with an estimated 18.4 million slaves among its 1.3 billion population.

Almost 46 million people are living as slaves globally with the greatest number in India but the highest prevalence in North Korea, according to the third Global Slavery Index launched on Tuesday with Australian actor Russell Crowe.

The index, by Australia-based human rights group Walk Free Foundation, increased its estimate of people born into servitude, trafficked for sex work, or trapped in debt bondage or forced labor to 45.8 million from 35.8 million in 2014.

Andrew Forrest, founder of Walk Free, said the rise of nearly 30 percent was due to better data collection, although he feared the situation was getting worse with global displacement and migration increasing vulnerability to all forms of slavery.

Forrest, an Australian mining billionaire and philanthropist, urged businesses to check their supply chains for worker exploitation, saying he found thousands of people trapped in slavery making goods for his company Fortescue Metals Group.

“But I’ve had some of some biggest entrepreneurs in the world look me in the eye and say I will not look for slavery in case I find it,” he said at the launch of the index in London.

Crowe, who played Roman general-turned-slave Maximus in the 2000 movie “Gladiator”, described the plight of people “in our communities who are stuck, utterly helpless and trapped in a cycle of despair and degradation with no choice and no hope.”


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Islamic State Jihadi Posts Slaves for Sale on Facebook

A series of Facebook posts, quickly removed by the social media platform’s administrators, apparently offered two female slaves for sale at a price of $8,000 each.

“To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000,” said the first post sourced to an Islamic State fighter who calls himself Abu Assad Almani. The Washington Post describes the girl in the accompanying photo as “young, perhaps 18, with olive skin and dark bangs that droop onto her face.”

Almani soon posted another photo, a woman who had “a pale young face with weepy red eyes,” and said, “Another sabiyah, also about $8,000. Yay, or nay?” Sabiyah means “slave.”

The Washington Post notes it is “unclear whether the account’s owner was doing the selling himself or commenting about women being sold by other fighters.”

In any case, Almani hung around to exchange comments with readers of his posts, discussing whether $8,000 was a good price for the women — he argued the prices were set by “supply and demand” — and even fielding some criticism for posting pictures of unveiled women.

These posts are grimly consistent with reports that the Islamic State is running out of money and turning to the slave trade as a new income stream, complete with official regulations for how slaves should be handled.


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February 14, 2016

Berkeley Falsely Teaches Students That Americans INVENTED Slavery (Video)

Yes, slavery is a horrible, evil thing. Lying about it is also morally reprehensible…

In case you haven’t been around Twitter or Facebook because, well, you work for a living, today is the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 13th Amendment. Not up on your Amendments past five? That’s cool, we’ve got you covered. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude (unless you were tossed in prison for being a scurvy turncoat). Let it not go unsaid that it was Western civilization which abolished slavery. Neither America nor western civilization invented slavery, despite what leftists may tell you. Slavery was a horrible thing, but invented thousands of years before smallpox blankets were not given to the Indigenous peoples (we went there for our Thanksgiving video).

Keeping all that in mind, watch this:


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February 2, 2016

More slavery today than at any time in history

Bill Federer remembers people who ‘die to make men free’


After the Civil War, slavery was ended in the United States, but recent research reveals that there is actually more slavery today than at any time in history. Slavery is called by different names, such as human-trafficking, generational indebtedness, as in South Asia; forced labor in North Korean prison camps; exploited labor for mining and agriculture in South America and Africa; illicit drug production and trade; and sex-slavery in cities across the world, including the United States, of which Super Bowl weekend is unfortunately a big venue.

Slavery is part of Islamic sharia law, with long histories of slave markets, forced marriages and child brides. An estimated 180 million Africans and over a million Europeans were enslaved in the 1,400 years of Islamic expansion.

In “Fear God and Take Your Own Part,” 1916, Theodore Roosevelt wrote his address to the American Sociological Congress: “The civilization of Europe, America and Australia exists today … only because of the victories of civilized man over the enemies of civilization … stretching through the centuries from Charles Martel in the 8th century and those of John Sobieski in the 17th century…”

Theodore Roosevelt continued: “During the thousand years that included the careers of the Frankish soldier and the Polish king, the Christians of Asia and Africa proved unable to wage successful war with the Moslem conquerors; and in consequence Christianity practically vanished from the two continents; and today nobody can find in them any ‘social values’ whatever, in the sense in which we use the words, so far as the sphere of Mohammedan influences are concerned. …”

Theodore Roosevelt concluded: “There are such ‘social values’ today in Europe, America and Australia only because … the Christians of Europe possessed the warlike power to do what the Christians of Asia and Africa had failed to do – that is, to beat back the Moslem invader. If Europe … had not been able to defend itself … there would have been no ‘social values’ … and no sociologists to discuss them.”


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January 13, 2016

4 Arrests Made in Clayton County Sex Slave Ring

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office has identified the three adults charged in the case as: Twanecia Taquoyah Smith, Samtreshia Kiara Smith and Gary Darrell Farrell. They are being held at the Clayton County jail on a number of charges including human trafficking, sexual exploitation of a minor and keeping a place of prostitution.

A sex slave ring has been busted in Clayton County.

Investigators said an undercover operation led to the arrests of three adults and a juvenile. All suspects are accused of using numerous hotels in the area.

The arrests were made at the Days Inn Hotels in the 1500 block of Adamson Parkway.

According to investigators, a juvenile female was forced to perform sex acts for money while the suspects would hide out in a bathroom. Investigators said she was not allowed to keep any of the proceeds from her sex acts, was fed occasionally and forced to stay with the group. The female victim was turned over to her mother through DFACS after she was taken to a nearby medical facility.


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December 19, 2015

Investigation Finds U.S. Stores Selling Shrimp Prepared by Slave Labor in Thailand

Several of America’s largest retailers are selling shrimp prepared in Thailand by slave labor, including children, says a media investigation.

The investigation was carried out by the Associated Press, and it tracked shipments Thai facilities known to employ slave labor, to export companies on Thai docks, all the way to U.S. retailers selling the products.

The AP tracked the shipments using U.S. customs records which shows the shrimp moving from Thailand–one of the world’s biggest exporters of seafood products–through the supply system to such U.S. retailers as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Whole Foods, Target, Dollar General and Petco, as well as restaurants such as Red Lobster and Olive Garden.

The AP investigation found the products in all 50 states.

In response to the information most of the U.S. retailers said they would investigate their suppliers.

The AP said that customers in the U.S. have no reliable way to know if the food products they buy are made by slave labor because the supply chain is so long and because U.S. retailers don’t divulge their supply lines.

Fish products are especially insidious, according to the AP, because slaves are often forced to work on boats that sometimes don’t dock “for months or years at a time, creating floating prisons.”


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