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Offered Business On England’s Worst Street (Video)

Britain; the world’s sixth biggest economy. But what is life like for the average Brit outside of the capital city? Well, I went to investigate and what I found wasn’t too promising. Join me on a journey into the provinces of this once great country for what might be my most brutal adventure yet…

The Homeless Industrial Complex (Video)

America has a homelessness crisis as record numbers of people are ending up on the streets of a few concentrated city centers. Cities are spending billions of dollars on failing projects to try and solve this problem which has attracted a growing list of companies happy to provide their services… for a price. Helping the homeless has become a lucrative business with multimillion-dollar government contracts awarded every day.

Non-woke liberals describe ‘living hell’ caused by Minneapolis homeless encampments (Video)

A vocal critic of the homeless encampments said her home was ransacked just days before three homes in the neighborhood were destroyed by fire.

NYC Gives Migrants Money and Food Meant For Citizens | Not Enough to Go Around. (Video)

Nate the Lawyer

Chicago Pays $9K In Rent For Each Migrant Family While Homeless Is On The Cold Streets (Video)

Phillip Scott reports on Chicago paying up to $9000 in rent to landlords for migrants to stay in homes or apartments.

Why Homelessness Spread Like Wildfire in California | Flindt Andersen (Video)

Siyamak sits down with Flindt Andersen, a leading expert in addiction recovery. Today he will talk about why California is falling deeper into the homeless crisis and his personal journey from a drug addict to a recovery advocate.

While Illegals Have the Welcome Mat Extended, NYC Homeless Task Force to Help Americans a Total Failure

New Yorkers are suffering, but that hasn’t stopped Adams from offering illegals  free healthcare, housing, food, other supplies and even free phones.

While American citizens are suffering under the disastrous Biden administration’s porous border policy, illegals continue to receive better resources than many of our homeless veterans, children aging out of foster care and other Americans in need.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams bends over backwards to roll out the welcome mat for illegals. But a new analysis of NYC administration task force heralded as the solution for the numerous and dangerous homeless encampments plaguing the city has proven largely ineffective.

The New York Post reports, “From March 18, 2022, to April 30, 2023, just 166 people living in encampments — out of 3,408 “engagements” by the task force — were placed in shelters following sweeps.That’s less than 5%, according to data provided by City Hall.”


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The Shocking Truth About How Cuba Became Insanely Poor (Video)

In this video, we take a deep dive into the history and current state of Cuba’s economy. From its origins as a tropical paradise and economic powerhouse, to its struggles with food shortages and economic decline, we explore the key factors that have shaped the country’s economic trajectory. From colonization and corporate domination to the impact of Fidel Castro’s communist rule, this video offers a comprehensive look at the complex history of Cuba’s economy

Welfare scandal sharpens contrasts in long-poor Mississippi

The state has ranked among the poorest in the U.S. for decades, but only a fraction of its federal welfare money has been going toward direct aid to families. Instead, the Mississippi Department of Human Services allowed well-connected people to fritter away tens of millions of welfare dollars from 2016 to 2019, according to the state auditor and state and federal prosecutors.

In Mississippi, where elected officials have a long history of praising self-sufficiency and condemning federal antipoverty programs, a welfare scandal has exposed how millions of dollars were diverted to the rich and powerful — including pro athletes — instead of helping some of the neediest people in the nation.

The misuse of welfare money rankles Nsombi Lambright-Haynes, executive director of One Voice, a nonprofit that works to help economically vulnerable communities in Mississippi.

“It’s shameful and disgusting, especially when we’ve been a state where we hear discussion every year about poor people not needing resources and poor people being lazy and just needing to get up to work,” she said.


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What The Heck Happened To San Diego?? (Video)

Who can afford San Diego?? They call themselves America’s Finest City. It’s got perfect weather and wonderful beaches and lots of people have good jobs and good bodies. Today, it’s the 8th largest city in the country, and it’s growing. At this rate if the city keeps spreading out it might one day be in the top 5.