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Migrants Send City “List Of Demands” For Free Lawyers & Housing Because They Deserve It. (Video)

Migrants in Denver on Monday submitted a list of 13 demands that they say the city must meet before they leave their packed encampment and head into shelters.

The chief economist at the Bank of England blames immigration for the housing crisis! (Video)

In a surprise move, an official from the Bank of England told the truth about immigration recently.

Denver Has NOW Fallen | Mayor Issues DIRE Warning to America (Video)

Whats Happening in Denver Comes To ALL of America

Michigan Offers Homeowners $500 a Month to House ‘Newcomers’

The state of Michigan is reportedly pushing a program offering citizens $500 a month to take in migrants.

The program, called the Newcomer Rental Subsidy, is set to provide shelter outside state shelters for “refugees.” The assistance would be available to homeowners for up to a year, according to

Michigan is now offering $500 a month in rental assistance for up to 12 months to ‘newcomers,’ as they call them

— Clown World ™ (@ClownWorld_) March 23, 2024

According to the state, those eligible include, refugees, asylees, special immigration visa holders, victims of human trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Afghan nationals, and Ukrainian humanitarian parolees.


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Fannie Mae, Wall Street & The Foreclosure Crisis Threatening American Homeownership! (Video)

In this eye-opening video, I look at the pressing issue of homeownership in the United States, a cornerstone of the American dream now under threat by strategic decisions made by key financial institutions. Discover how millions of Americans could face mass foreclosures, not due to market fluctuations or personal financial missteps, but because of calculated moves by mortgage financing giants like Fannie Mae, Pretium, PIMCO and D.R. Horton.

Renters In America Are Running Out Of Options (Video)

The need for affordable housing continues to grow in urban centers. The traditional form of affordable housing for suburban and rural areas, mobile homes, have become overrun with speculation, pricing people out through a new type of landlord – private equity.

We Uncovered a Secret Immigrant Housing Operation (Video)

Tucker Carlson and his team investigate how America’s cities have been destroyed by the immigration crisis.

Non-woke liberals describe ‘living hell’ caused by Minneapolis homeless encampments (Video)

A vocal critic of the homeless encampments said her home was ransacked just days before three homes in the neighborhood were destroyed by fire.

English people living on the streets, while foreigners are given hotel rooms or council houses (Video)

An increasing number of small tents may be seen on the streets of England, housing homeless people. They are treated more poorly than rough-sleepers from the beaches of Calais who arrive in this country.

“People Cannot Survive” — Lauren Southern: Foreign Investors, Migrants Creating Housing Crisis (Video)

“I know people that are educated individuals, we’re talking they’ve got their masters degrees, they’re having to live in their parents’ basements, living in trailers,” said author and filmmaker Lauren Southern referring to the housing market crisis in Canada.