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December 3, 2014

“Kill the White People” Video from St. Louis Hammer Murder by Steve Sailer

“And, of course, it’s a white kid, right after black people running up and down the street yelling, ‘Eff the white people, kill the white people.’ This is what we have.”

Via Alex Jones’ InfoWars from, here’s a video shot by a white lady bystander as St. Louis EMTs load Zemir Begic’s corpse into an ambulance after he was murdered early Sunday morning by a wilding mob of black and Hispanic youths swinging hammers. The camerawoman narrates (Language NSFW):

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November 22, 2014

Did Obama Just Save the GOP from Suicide? by Steve Sailer

Obama has now made it much harder for future Republican insiders to stab their base in the back over immigration by equating immigration with Obamaism.

As we saw in this month’s election, obscure Republican backbenchers in the House snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by not letting John Boehner call for a vote on the Senate amnesty / guest worker bill pushed by GOP establishment elites like McCain, Graham, Rubio, Rove, Jeb Bush, etc. Contrary to all the conventional wisdom about how this base recalcitrance was political suicide for the Republican Party, it turned out to be 180 degrees the opposite. In reality, you don’t win elections by letting your political enemies have their way with you.

The death wish remains strong among Republican stars, however, so the odds were that if they ever got the White House back, they’d push through exactly what the Democrats want, just with even more Qatar-style guest workers/indentured servants.

But Harry Baldwin comments:

The president talked about how the house should have passed the “bipartisan Senate plan,” but the reason the Republicans didn’t do so is that their base HATE, HATE, HATES it. There is no version of immigration reform that addresses the issues that need addressing–end of birthright citizenship, end of chain migration, radical reform of refugee status, drastic reduction of legal immigration, strongly enforced employer sanctions, and deportation (self-deportation is fine) for those here illegally. Since none of those things would be included in any conceivable Republican bill, I believe Obama did the GOP a big favor by taking executive action. By taking the onus for this unpopular legislation on himself, he saved them from shooting themselves in the foot.

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August 17, 2014

Carlos Slim: A Nonwhite Hispanic Middle Eastern-North African Speaks Truth to White Power on Immigration by Steve Sailer

If only you’d been such a sharp-eyed analyst, you too could have bought the Mexican government’s telecom company from President Salinas for pennies on the peso in a completely transparent arm’s length transaction.

With Arab civil rights groups (see “The Flight from White” below) finally standing up to the white male power structure stop and demanding they stop oppressing them by considering them white and start letting them in on the minority business development preferences handed out to other immigrants such as Hispanics and South Asians for being nonwhite, it’s thrilling to see that one Arab striver, a man who has had to struggle against white privilege under the intersectional burden of being of both Latino/Latina and Middle Eastern-North African ethnicities, is taking a courageous stand against America’s racist immigration restrictions.

From Bloomberg:

Mexico’s Richest Man Urges Young U.S. Immigrants Into Workforce

By Patricia Laya Aug 13, 2014

Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who ranks as the world’s second-richest person, has introduced a campaign to integrate about half a million young immigrants into the U.S. workforce.

Carlos Slim earned his money the hard way: he personally invented the telephone in 1875.

About 1.1 million people in the U.S. are eligible for work authorization under a program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, for undocumented immigrants who arrived to the country as children. Only about half have been approved, Carlos Slim Foundation Chief Executive Officer Roberto Tapia-Conyer said in a phone interview.


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September 14, 2013

Lehman Brothers Collapse +5: “The Diversity Division Had A Bigger Budget And More People Than Risk Management!” by Steve Sailer

“Joe’s mission for diversity drove [Christine Daley, head of distressed-debt research] mad. She had no time for any of it, but Joe Gregory had us all over a barrel: he had major control over our bonus compensation, and he made it clear there would be extra money for those who rallied to his cause. Most of us did not care about the cause, but the prospect of this thirty-first-floor sycophant lopping a couple of hundred thousand off our annual check because we weren’t in there pitching for the cause of the day was seriously irritating.”

With the fifth anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the ensuing Great Financial Crash coming up on Sunday, I dug up an over-written bookimage, A Colossal Failure of Common Sense, by a Lehman employee named Lawrence G. McDonald. He’s not the best prose stylist in the world, but he sounds like a Wall Street guy, all right. Here’s a description of Lehman in the mid-2000s:

One of these was our corporate president, Joe Gregory, the right-hand man of the reclusive CEO, Dick Fuld. … But Joe Gregory was a regular, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum financial sycophant, devoted to his master, Richard Fuld, … Joe’s fixation was a subject called diversity. He was consumed with it. His aim was the mission of inclusion. He had an entire department devoted to it, headed up by a managing director. Great rallies were staged in New York’s auditoriums, with free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served for up to six hundred people, all listening to Joe or one of his henchmen pontificating. “Inclusion! That must be our aim!” he would yell, as if we were running a friggin’ prayer meeting. … Which was all very well, but down in the trenches, where a trader might sweat blood to make a couple of million dollars, most of us were a bit tetchy about Joe Gregory going off and spending it on a cocktail party for six hundred people.

… Especially when it emerged that the top dog in diversity was earning well over $2 million a year and that the diversity division had a bigger budget and more people than risk management!


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May 27, 2013

SAT Canceled In For The Entire Country South Korea Because Of Massive Fraud By Would-Be Immigrants To US

It’s the first time the SAT test has been called off in an entire country.

by Steve Sailer

From Time magazine:

For the First Time, SAT Test Gets Canceled in an Entire Country

By Kayla Webley | – Fri, May 10, 2013

Some 1,500 South Korean students who dream of attending elite American colleges are scrambling after the U.S.-based administrator of the SAT cancelled the scheduled May 4 session of the exam because of allegations of widespread cheating.

Have you come to hate the word “dream” as much as I have?

It’s the first time the SAT test has been called off in an entire country.

… Test center managers told the Journal that the problem is widespread and that official test booklets can be purchased from brokers for about $4,575 — a relatively small price to pay for families fighting to gain admittance to Harvard, Stanford and other prestigious American schools no matter the cost. According to the Institute of International Education’s most recent annual report, South Korea sent 72,295 students to study in the U.S. in the 2011–12 school year, making the country the third largest provider of foreign students to U.S. colleges after China and India. Worldwide, international student enrollment at U.S. colleges has soared in recent years with a record 764,495 foreign students attending American universities in 2011–12.


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April 11, 2013

Almost 100 Million People In America Aren’t Smart Enough To Enlist In The Military by Steve Sailer

Moreover, we have a whole bunch of our fellow American citizens who aren’t of the cognitive quality currently necessary to fight for their country. Shouldn’t we be worrying more about what kind of living they’ll be able to earn before we care about solving Mexico’s problems?

Because the pundit class in America is related to so few people who want to enlist in the military, there’s negligible media awareness of how hard it has become to join up. A major hurdle is scoring high enough on the AFQT cognitive test.

The Pentagon isn’t in any hurry to make its intelligence requirements explicable to the media. The conventional wisdom is that intelligence testing is a racist hoax or it just applies to academia, not the real world, or whatever. The fact that the military is obsessive about cognitive testing is something that simply isn’t in the reigning worldview, and the military is fine with that. It likes testing and it dislikes outside interference, so the more convoluted its jargon for talking about its intelligence requirements, the better.

For example, the entrance exam is, in one sense, the ASVAB, a 9 or 10 part 3-hour test. But a 4-part subset of the ASVAB called the AFQT determines whether you’ll be allowed to enlist or not. (The non-AFQT ASVAB subtests influence assignments, such as to vehicle repair.)

Are you losing interest in this topic already as you try to keep ASVAB and AFQT straight? The military doesn’t mind if outsiders are baffled and bored. In fact, it kind of likes it that way. And if potential recruits can’t keep this stuff straight in their heads, well maybe they aren’t military material.


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March 22, 2013

Mexicans Illegally Immigrate To Avoid Starvation by Steve Sailer

A 2012 federal health and nutrition survey found that 64 percent of men and 82 percent of women in Mexico were overweight or obese. Obesity levels have tripled in the past three decades.

From the McClatchy Newspapers:

Mexico facing a diabetes ‘disaster’ as obesity levels soar

By Tim Johnson | McClatchy Newspapers

Last updated: November 21, 2012 06:41:34 AM

MEXICO CITY — With each bite into a greasy taco and slurp of a sugary drink, Mexico hurtles toward what health experts predict will be a public health crisis from diabetes-related disease.

A fifth of all Mexican women and more than a quarter of men are believed to be at risk for diabetes now. It’s already the nation’s No. 1 killer, taking some 70,000 lives a year, far more than gangster violence.

Public health experts blame changes in lifestyle that have made Mexicans more obese than anywhere else on Earth except the United States. They attribute changes to powerful snack and soft drink industries, newly sedentary ways of living and a genetic heritage susceptible to diabetes, a chronic, life-threatening illness.

… Somewhere between 6.5 million and 10 million Mexicans now have diabetes, the Health Secretariat says. While the numbers are fewer than the 20 million who suffer from diabetes in the United States, Mexico carries the seeds of an unfolding tragedy linked both to soaring obesity and shifting demographics that will heavily burden health systems.


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March 9, 2013

White Journalist Talks About “Being White In Philly” by Steve Sailer

“I think they’re blind, that they’ve stopped looking. Indeed, I’ve begun to think that most white people stopped looking around at large segments of our city, at our poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods, a long time ago. One of the reasons, plainly put, is queasiness over race.” Robert Huber, Philadelphia Magazine

Here’s a massively controversial article in Philadelphia Magazine where a white journalist talks about the subject of race in Philadelphia with less misdirection than is the norm:

Being White in Philly

Whites, race, class, and the things that never get said.

By Robert Huber

March 2013

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My younger son goes to Temple, where he’s a sophomore. This year he’s living in an apartment with two friends at 19th and Diamond, just a few blocks from campus. It’s a dangerous neighborhood. Whenever I go see Nick, I get antsy and wonder what I was thinking, allowing him to rent there.

One day, before I pick him up for lunch, I stop to talk to a cop who’s parked a block away from Nick’s apartment.

“Is he already enrolled for classes?” the cop says when I point out where my son lives.

Well, given that it’s December, I think so. But his message is clear: Bad idea, this neighborhood. A lot of burglaries and robberies. Temple students are prime prey, the cop says.

Later, driving up Broad Street as I head home to Mount Airy, I stop at a light just north of Lycoming and look over at some rowhouses. One has a padlocked front door. A torn sheet covering the window in that door looks like it might be stained with sewage. I imagine not a crackhouse, but a child, maybe several children, living on the other side of that stained sheet. Plenty of children in Philadelphia live in places like that. Plenty live on Diamond, where my son rents, where there always seem to be a lot of men milling around doing absolutely nothing, where it’s clearly not a safe place to be.


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November 30, 2012

WSJ: “Most-Racial America: Antiwhite bigotry goes mainstream” by Steve Sailer

“One way of holding together such a disparate (multicultural) coalition is by delivering prosperity, so that everyone can feel he’s doing well. Failing that, another way is by identifying a common adversary–such as the ‘white male.'” James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

Something I haven’t been able to bring myself to do is make a list of the vast outpouring of animus toward white men since the election. Of course, this orgy of insults has nothing to do with the unfair strength of white men, and everything to do with their weakness and fairness.
James Taranto, WSJ editorial page editor, inspects a representative example of this rhetoric in the Wall Street Journal:

Most-Racial America

Antiwhite bigotry goes mainstream.


At issue is a Nov. 19 letter to the President Obama, written by Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and signed by 97 House Republicans, which declares that the signatories are “deeply troubled” that the president is considering nominating Rice secretary of state, and that they “strongly oppose” such a nomination.

“Ambassador Rice is widely viewed as having either willfully or incompetently misled the American public in the Benghazi matter,” the letter states. We noted Tuesday with some amusement that Rep. Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat and member of the Congressional Black Caucus, was claiming that “incompetent” was the latest code word for “black.”

October 18, 2012

Post-Apocalypto by Steve Sailer

Few apologized to Gibson when The Passion didn’t cause the predicted pogroms. Never having to say you’re sorry is one of the benefits of not “losing control of the media,” to quote Sarah Silverman in her 2005 movie Jesus Is Magic.

Among literary critics, a controversy has been raging tepidly over what purpose reviewing might hold in this age of crowdsourcing. Why rely upon one fallible pundit’s thumbs up or thumbs down when you can access the wisdom of crowds by averaging dozens of ratings, whether elite or mass?

As a 21st-century movie reviewer, I’ve always found this catcall hard to dismiss, which is why I try to only write about movies where I can explain something more interesting than whether I liked it or not. While I take a backseat to no one in admiration of my own taste, I have to admit that the aggregation sites are reasonably reliable.

Consider Mel Gibson’s new crime movie Get the Gringo, which debuted in Israeli theaters back in March but is finally out now on Netflix and DVD here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Mel plays a California bank robber similar to his tough-guy character in 1999’s Payback. With a car full of cash, he makes a run for the Mexican border like an outback O. J., only to find a large fence has recently been erected. After crashing through, he’s sentenced to Tijuana’s hilariously vibrant El Pueblito prison, a pre-apocalyptic wasteland reminiscent of Bartertown, the free-market dystopia in Mel’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.


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