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Crisis in the Amazon: Will the largest rainforest in the world survive? – BBC World Service (Video)

The Amazon rainforest experienced its worst drought on record in 2023. Villages became unreachable by river, wildfires raged and wildlife died.

Wildfires – the rise of the eco-terrorists (Video)

In Greece, 79 arsonists have been arrested and the government knows that it was organised gangs who were responsible for the ‘wildfires’ in July.

Despite the dramatic scenes of fires on Rhodes, wildfires have for centuries been declining globally (Video)

The BBC and British newspapers are now hysterical about wildfires and climate change. There are actually fewer wildfires across the world than there have been for centuries.

How California’s Wildfires Get Out of Control and Erase Climate Gains | Kevin Olson (Video)

“We need to have control, but we need to have consensus on that control from all parties involved. And plus meeting the needs of the public and what’s best for the public.” Siyamak sits down with Kevin Olson, retired staff chief with CalFire. Is California’s approach to wildfires our best option? Are we spending more money to control wildfires rather than prevent them?

Tijuana hit by gang violence that included vehicles being set ablaze and road blockades (Video)

Speaking about the Ciudad Juarez violence Thursday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said: “They attacked the civilian, innocent population like a sort of revenge. It wasn’t just a clash between two groups, but it got to the point where they began to shoot civilians, innocent people. That is the most unfortunate thing in this affair.”

The Mexican border cities of Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito and Ensenada were hit by gang violence that included vehicles being set ablaze and road blockades.

The U.S. Consulate in Tijuana instructed its employees “to shelter in place until further notice” around midnight because of the violence.

It was the third time this week Mexican cities have seen widespread arson and shootings by drug cartels. The gangs appear to be targeting stores, vehicles and innocent bystanders in response to disputes or attempts to capture gang members.

Baja California state officials said a total of 24 vehicles had been burned at different points throughout the state: 15 in Tijuana, three in Rosarito, and two each in Mexicali, Ensenada, and Tecate.


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Dozens of mysterious fires start in Britain and are immediately blamed on climate change

The very day that Britain has its hottest ever day, which is being widely linked to climate change, many fires start across the country, but chiefly around the capital. These are also blamed on climate change. It is more likely that they were started deliberately. Is this the work of environmentalists such as Extinction rebellion?

French Police Arrest Far-Left Extremist Linked to Estimated 60 Car Burnings

Earlier this week, French anti-terrorist police arrested a man in his 40s who is believed to have been behind at least sixty car burnings since 2017, many of the vehicles belonging to public companies.

The man, who was not identified by name, was arrested last weekend and has been placed in pre-trial detention after being accused of setting at least 60 vehicles on fire since 2017, many of them belonging to various companies, including telecommunications companies.

The anti-terrorist sub-directorate (SDAT) of the judicial police is said to have carried out the arrest after the man was accused of setting a diplomatic vehicle on fire in the 17th arrondissement of Paris on the night of June 10th, Europe1 reports.

Investigators say the man, who is believed to be linked to the far-left extremist movement, was already under investigation and was known to police after a series of arson attacks on public companies and telecommunications companies.


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Earth Liberation Front radical admits arson conspiracies

Pleads guilty to counts from cases in Oregon, California

On Earth Day 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that a suspect affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front has admitted to arson and arson conspiracies in the states of Oregon and California.

Officials with the DOJ identified the defendant in the cases as “Pacific Northwest environmental extremist, arsonist and former fugitive” Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, 53.

He pleaded guilty for his role in two arson conspiracies targeting commercial and government-owned animal processing facilities in Oregon and California, authorities said.

Court documents charged that beginning in October 1996 and continuing through December 2005, “Dibee and at least 15 other individuals affiliated with the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, loosely affiliated environmental extremist groups, knowingly conspired with one another to damage or destroy various commercial and government-owned properties.”


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Strange Trend of Food Processing Plant Fires Appears Across the US

At least sixteen fires have broken out at food processing plants, impacting the nation’s supply of beef and poultry

There has been an outbreak of fires in food processing facilities across the nation in the last six months as food prices soar and supply chains are stressed to their limits. 

The fires began showing up regularly in the news after a fire closed a Tyson Foods meat processing plant in Kansas. The location was a primary beef processing location for the company and the U.S. supply chain, providing about 6% of U.S. beef. 

After the fire, analysts began speculating that the impact could drive up market prices for meat nationwide. Dan Norcini, part of the beef and poultry trading markets, said the cattle market would likely “respond negatively” to news of the fire. He said the long-term impact would depend on how long the plant stays closed.


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Greece’s Summer of Fire and Anger (Video)

After a week of wildfires, VICE World News travelled to the island of Evia, Greece to meet local villagers that defied evacuation orders. With insufficient forces on the ground, volunteer firefighters took matters into their own hands and fought the fires themselves. They are angry at the mismanagement of the country’s fire services, a force that has long been underfunded and ill prepared to tackle the onslaught of the climate crisis.