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“Showers With My Dad” – Ashley Biden Admits Details In Her Diary About Her Father (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana discuss the DOJ suing the woman who attempted to sell Ashley Biden’s diary to James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

Trump Says Biden Has Caused BLOODBATH At Border, He Is ALLOWING Criminals To Enter The US (Video)


The castration of white Europeans and the export of eunuchs to Africa

For centuries, there was a flourishing business of castrating young men and boys in Europe and then selling them as slaves to the Muslim world.

Mention of eunuchs summons up for most of us images of those guarding the harems of Arab potentates. We are also aware that slaves on plantations in ante bellum America were on occasion castrated for some transgression or other. Whatever other horrors the Atlantic slave trade entailed though, routine castration was never one of them. It is true that black slaves in America and the Caribbean were, from time to time, castrated, but this was never a common occurrence and was usually inflicted due to exceptional circumstances, such as an accusation of rape. With the act of castration so likely to result in death, it would have made no sense to hazard the lives of slaves in this way too frequently. In Europe, by contrast, the castration of white slaves was carried out on an industrial scale (Tracy, 2013). In Venice and the French city of Verdun ‘castration houses’ were set up to produce eunuchs for export to Egypt and other Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The majority of the young boys were Slavs taken prisoner by the Vikings and then sold on to slavers. The Slavs, from whose name is derived the modern word ‘slave’, are an ethnic group which originated in what is today western Russia. By the sixth or seventh century AD, they had spread south into the Balkans, almost as far as Greece, and west into what is now Poland.


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“Diddy Will Take The Fall” – Jesse Watters’ SHOCKING Claims Diddy Is An FBI Informant (Video)

Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick, Tom Ellsworth, and Vincent Oshana are joined by FOX News host Jesse Watters as they discuss the mounting evidence that Diddy was working as an FBI informant.

Predator Poachers Catch Vile Pedo! (Video)

Today, a new sexual orientation just dropped and it might be the dumbest one yet, our very first exclusive collaboration with Alex Rosen and Predator Poachers

The Darien Gap & Postmodernism | Bret Weinstein | EP 434 (Video)

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with evolutionary biologist, author, and podcaster Dr. Bret Weinstein. They discuss the migration crisis, what values make up the “American Identity,” the potential for defining the transcendent, the origins of mutual reciprocity, and how the founding fathers codified these ideas into guidelines for the most functional nation in history.

Bad Cops Are HELPING Corrupt Politicians Traffic Children, Back The Blue (Video)

Timcast IRL

Black Mob ARRESTED After LYNCHING 20 Year Old Mother As Liberal Media And Race Hustlers GO SILENT! (Video)

Mahogany Jackson, a Birmingham mother held against her will and tortured for hours before she was killed by a gunshot.

Megyn Kelly Reveals the Truth About George Stephanopoulos’ Past Shaming of Sexual Assault Victims (Video)

Megyn Kelly reveals the truth about George Stephanopoulos past shaming of sexual assault victims while working for Bill Clinton, his outrageous questioning of Rep. Nancy Mace over her support of Trump and past rape, the leftist hypocrisy from ABC and the rest of the corporate media, and more.

Patrick: ‘I’m Reporting This Because No Other Channel Will’ – Syrian Refugee Child Rape Gang Exposed (Video)

We are clearly importing and giving refuge to some people who go on to commit crimes like this, and the BBC seem to trip over themselves at the first opportunity to do some PR for them’ Patrick Christys exposes a Syrian refugee grooming gang that repeatedly raped and abused a child, and reveals why a BBC Newsnight documentary into one of the rapists is causing outrage.