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March 7, 2022

How the Bin Laden Family Rose to Power & Privilege: Oil, Money & the Temptations of the West (2008) – Documentary

The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century is a New York Times best-selling book written by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author Steve Coll in 2008. The book illustrates the story of the Bin Laden family’s rise to power and privilege, with Coll’s journalistic investigation revealing how American influences affected the family and how one member, Osama bin Laden, led a rebellion that changed the United States of America.

August 31, 2021

Our Afghan Nightmare: Tanks for Nothing by Victor Davis Hanson

Afghanistan has been reinvented as the best-equipped terrorist nation in the world, basking in the prestige of humiliating the world’s superpower.

Joe Biden’s scripted or no-questions press conferences, and the clean-up afterward by Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and Jen Psaki, have been some of the most misleading episodes in modern presidential history—mostly in what was not said rather than was exaggerated, warped, and misrepresented. 

Biden as Commander-in-Chief

The more Joe Biden mutters “The buck stops here” or “I take full responsibility,” the more we know he will not—and not just because of his now reduced mental state, but because 1) he repeats the same opportunist messaging that he has for the last 50 years of his political career, and 2) the only true thing he could say was “I ordered a withdrawal in the most reckless manner in U.S. military history.”

When Biden then blames Donald Trump, it raises the immediate questions: 

1) If the Afghanistan deal was so flawed, why did Biden stick with it, given his other radical departures from what he inherited on the border, on fossil fuels, on the Middle East—on just about everything before January 20, 2021? 


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August 27, 2021

In Afghanistan, the Worst Is Yet to Come by Pat Buchanan

After Aug. 31, the fate of those left behind will be determined by the Taliban, and we will be made witness to the fate the Taliban imposes. This generation is about to learn what it means to lose a war.

Say what you will about President Joe Biden, he has stuck to his guns on ending America’s 20-year involvement in Afghanistan’s forever war.

His decision not to delay our departure after Aug. 31 was fortified by hard intel that the terrorist ISIS-K was preparing attacks at Kabul airport.

Thursday evening, the two bomb attacks occurred.

It now seems inevitable that the withdrawal will be completed by Aug. 31, with all U.S. military forces following the last civilians out.


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New Ivy League Report Reveals Devastating Human, Financial Costs of Afghanistan War

Don’t lose sight of the truly tremendous loss of life involved in this conflict amid considering the disruption ensuing as it comes to an end. 

The chaotic aftermath of the US military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is making international headlines and capturing the world’s attention. Lost in this conversation is the true scope and cost of the 20-year war that is finally coming to an end. But a new Ivy League report sheds light on this reality—and sums up the truly devastating human and financial costs of the War in Afghanistan. 

The Watson Institute at Brown University just released an updated accounting of the public expenditure and loss of life incurred by the conflict to date. The researchers found that up to 241,000 people have died directly as a result of the war. They note that this astounding figure doesn’t even include “deaths caused by disease, loss of access to food, water, infrastructure, and/or other indirect consequences of the war.”

Per Brown, 2,442 of the lives lost in Afghanistan were US military personnel, 6 were Department of Defense civilians, and 3,846 were US contractors. Meanwhile, at least 66,000 of the deceased were members of the Afghan national military and police.  Approximately 1,144 were troops from US-allied countries. A heart-breaking 47,245 civilians were killed and 72 journalism/media workers and 444 humanitarian aid workers. 


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August 24, 2021

Taliban Afghan Hell – Was it All DELIBERATE??? (Video)

From the perspective of some of the most powerful people in the U.S., it may have been an extraordinary success. Notably, the boards of directors of all five defense contractors include retired top-level military officers.

August 19, 2021

Guess Who’s The Taliban’s Biggest Weapons Supplier? (Video)

The lightning-fast Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has left billions of dollars of US weapons scattered around the country for the taking. And this doesn’t just mean rifles or handguns. After 20 years of fighting them, the US has turned into the Taliban’s biggest weapons supplier. But the US arms merchants got paid…

August 18, 2021

Big Tech’s Role In Helping The Taliban Capture Afghanistan

In times like these it’s “dangerous” to think for yourself. It’s dangerous to speak freely. It’s dangerous to point out that Facebook and Twitter get a free pass on the rampant child exploitation, terrorist groups, live streamed murders, and illegal activity that pervades these platforms.

It has been widely reported that Taliban leaders used Facebook’s WhatsApp and Twitter to help capture Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid enjoys free reign on Twitter with an account that has over 300,000 followers.

Facebook’s WhatsApp has become the de facto communication platform of the Taliban, who reportedly used the service to spread propaganda, communicate with residents of Kabul, and share official statements with the world.

In messages apparently distributed to Kabul residents via the messaging group WhatsApp, the group proclaimed that “we are in charge of security for Kabul.” The messages listed telephone numbers in various neighborhoods that citizens should call if they saw problems such as looting or “irresponsible” behavior on the part of armed individuals.


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August 17, 2021

Who Benefits From the Taliban Takeover? The Same Country That Has Paid Millions to the Bidens. (Video)

When China recognizes the Taliban as Afghanistan’s new master-blasters, other countries will likely climb on the Tali-bandwagon. Win-win for China and the Taliban, and a humiliating loss for the Adderall-soaked Joe Biden

The beheadings have just begun and the rape rooms haven’t even been repainted yet, but the Chinese commies are already willing to recognize the Taliban as the new leaders of Afghanistan, following their victorious, high-speed chase of the Afghan army.

China stands to hit the jackpot with the Taliban in charge. On the table for them are several things:

  • The Taliban has agreed not to harbor any Muslim terrorists looking to ignite a putsch in the Xinjiang region, where those pesky Uyghurs live
  • Mining rights in Afghanistan
  • Building a major highway in the Wakhan Corridor for trade purposes

The commies are also in bed with Pakistan, even going so far as to share top-secret information with them. Not to mention there are a bunch of Chinese economic investments in Pakistan. China’s influence in the region grows while Joe Biden gets lost in his own yard.


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August 16, 2021

Fall of Afghanistan is NOW | Why AMERICA FAILED (Video)

Felix Rex

August 15, 2021

Dubai Is A Parody Of The 21st Century (Video)

The worst of urban planning and capitalism, plus some slavery for good measure. Welcome to Dubai, everyone.