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There’s a racial war in South Africa — and I’m going there to bring you the facts by Katie Hopkins (Video)

I’m about to travel to a war zone: South Africa.

I’m going there to report on the racial war waged by black extremists who are systematically murdering white farmers.

The mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about it. They only have one narrative for South Africa: that whites are the racists who enforced apartheid.

Apartheid ended more than 25 years ago, and that’s a good thing.

But today’s anti-white racism and sadistic violence is just as evil.

What’s behind it — is it just random violence, or is it part of a political agenda?

I want to talk to victims — and to the perpetrators, if I can.

So I’m going South Africa for nearly two weeks.


Complete text and video linked here.

Tucker Carlson And Katie Hopkins Discuss The Migrant CRISIS On Britain And The Rise Of NATIONALISM In France (Video)

Must watch video.

Katie Hopkins Calls Out British Men to Rise Up After Manchester Bombing (Video)

In the wake of the Manchester bombing this week, Ms. Hopkins is under investigation for comments on social media under the new domestic terrorism laws. Yup, this is a thing…