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February 27, 2017

Channelling Trump, Le Pen Vows to Make France the ‘Model Nation-State’

Marine Le Pen has vowed to make France the “model nation-state” if she wins the presidency this year, saying she is the only candidate “in tune” with the growing sense of national identity in Europe.

Speaking to supporters in the western city of Nantes on Sunday, the Front National leader likened her appeal to that of Donald Trump and said she was the best candidate to deal with the problems France was facing.

“You see America with Trump,” she said. “In this new world that is emerging, I am the best placed to speak in the name of France.”

In the wake of Mr. Trump’s election victory and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), Ms. Le Pen said that her plan was “in tune with the great planetary movement which consists of the awakening of the peoples [and] the return of national frontiers and national pride”.

Le Figaro reports she lambasted the country’s political establishment, saying that France had been ruled by a succession of “lazy kings” and “presidents who are sadly normal, which is to say incompetent”.

Ms. Le Pen was also confident her party has already won the battle of ideas. The challenge now is persuading enough people to break their traditional voting habits.


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February 23, 2017

Le Pen Wins Over Women Voters Who Feel Left Behind in France (Video)

Anti-EU candidate attracted 2 million women voters since 2012. Nationalist vows to defend France’s freedom against Islamists.

French women are starting to picture their next president as a divorced mother of three.

The anti-euro, anti-immigrant candidate Marine Le Pen has been playing up her gender as she seeks to convert a likely first-round victory into an overall majority in the run-off on May 7 — and it’s paying off. The 48-year-old National Front leader has already rallied some 2 million additional female voters to her cause since her last run for president in 2012 and she’s betting more will follow.

“Women are the key,” said Nonna Mayer, a researcher at the Sciences Po institute in Paris who has studied the National Front for 25 years. “These women often abstain and now they are backing Le Pen to protect their jobs and their security.”

While women make up just over half of the electorate in France they are far less likely to turn out than men, offering a well of untapped support for the candidate who manages to tune into their concerns. Le Pen’s pitch weaves together concerns about immigration, security, and the economic decline of many white French communities into a potent populist brew that borrows freely from U.S. President Donald Trump, blaming “the elite” for the problems of ordinary voters.


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February 16, 2017

Investment Fund Artificial Intelligence Computer Predicts Shock Victory for Marine Le Pen

Investment firm Leonie Hill Capital’s proprietary artificial intelligence program has predicted that anti-mass migration Front National presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will shock the world with a stunning electoral victory.

Arun Kant, chief executive and chief investment officer at Leonie Hill Capital, said the AI system, which looks through mountains of data to predict future trends, sees a victory for Ms Le Pen in the first and second round of the French presidential election this year. Kant said Le Pen will “walk over” all opponents in the first round and stun pollsters in the second, CNBC reports.

Kant said the AI model says Le Pen, who currently leads in the polls, will score around 28 per cent of the vote in the first round easily besting her main rivals independent candidate Emmanuel Macron, who the AI predicts will get 19 to 20 per cent, and conservative Republican François Fillon who it says will poll 16.8 per cent.

Whilst most polls predict a win for Le Pen in the first, many see her lose to either Macron or Fillon in the second and decisive round. Kant said that with left wing Macron being the likely rival in the second round, many supporters of Fillon will flock to Le Pen.

“If she wins the first round, this dynamic will change,” he said. He noted the momentum built after the first round victory could stump pollsters and lead to an electoral victory reminiscent of U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

Kant went even further saying the only way for Macron to win against Le Pen would be some unforeseen event or scandal that could attract undecided voters.


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Le Pen Blasts French Govt ‘Paralysis’ over Paris Riots

French presidential candidate and anti-mass migration Front National leader Marine Le Pen has slammed the French government claiming it has become “paralysed”.

The Paris riots, which began over a week ago, have left a wave of destruction on the streets of Paris with cars burned and local shops smashed by gangs in the heavily migrant-populated suburbs of the Seine-Saint-Denis region. The continued rioting has earned the ire of the Front National leader who has accused the government of silence and inaction in the face of the violence in a statement.

“The forces of order are targeted by bands of scoundrels,” Le Pen said and noted that nothing has so far dissuaded the roaming gangs from continuing to commit acts of violence. Calling the situation “a shame for France” on the international stage, Le Pen said, “The government is silent. A silence that reflects both its cowardice and its impotence.”

The presidential candidate asked why the demonstration for the alleged victim of police abuse, a 22-year-old black youth worker Theo who was allegedly sodomised with a truncheon, was allowed to go on Sunday evening despite clear evidence the protest may turn violent. The protest did indeed turn violent that evening with several vehicles torched and protesters throwing stones at police.

Earlier this week, a busload of Korean tourists were also attacked in the area by the mob who robbed them and tried to set fire to their vehicle. The attack led the South Korean government to warn tourists against visiting Paris due to the violence.


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February 12, 2017

Half of French police ‘back Front National’ as Le Pen pledges to crackdown on street chaos (Video)

Marine Le Pen has been handed a vote of confidence from French police forces as around half of them have voiced their support for the far-right party.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National has pledged to give power and resources back to French police in order to combat disorder unfolding across European streets.

French forces responded in kind to the promise, as a new poll revealed that half of the country’s police consider backing the party in this year’s presidential election.

In a bid to cast her party as one of ‘law and order’, Mrs Le Pen said the police would be given the resources they need and the respect they deserve.

This comes amid growing escalation of protests against police brutality on French streets, after a black man was raped by several officers last week.

In an interview with France24, Le Pen’s campaign director, David Rachline, said that Front National are the party of the police and safe streets.

The 29-year-old politician, who is also mayor of the southern French town of Frejus, said: “We want the police to know we’re on their side and their claims are legitimate.

“It’s right they’re asking to be presumed innocent when they resort to self-defence. And they need more resources.”

Mr Rachline appears to strike a chord with those across the political spectrum, with his insistence to put France first, above all.


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February 11, 2017

Best campaign ad ever? Marine Le Pen’s powerful new ad “In The Name Of The People” will blow you away (Video)

SOUND OFF in the comments: is this the best campaign ad you’ve ever seen? Do you think Le Pen can win in 2017? Let us know.

Marine Le Pen’s newest ad may as well be a movie trailer. It’s that impressive.

It begins with the National Front Leader introducing herself and the passion she has for France. She goes on to say the country has lost its way with Islamic fundamentalism, victims not getting justice, and politicians betraying the people.

Essentially, she promises to make France Great Again and restore the country to its once united, proud and prosperous state.

The ad has spawned the hashtag #AuNomDuPeuple which translates to In The Name Of The People, which is what Le Pen says at the end of the ad.

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February 6, 2017

Le Pen: ‘We’re At A Crossroads. This Election Is A Choice Of Civilizations’

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen blasted globalization and Islamic fundamentalism in her closing speech Sunday of a two-day National Front party conference, calling them “two totalitarianisms” threatening France.

To applause and cries of “On est chez nous” (We are in our land), Le Pen served up the grand themes of the party that have made her a leader in early polls of the spring presidential election.

“We are at a crossroad….This election is a choice of civilization,” she said, asking whether her three children and other young citizens would have the rights and culture of the current generation. “Will they even speak our French language?”

Le Pen on Saturday unveiled her 144 “commitments,” a nationalist agenda that envisions a France unshackled from the European Union and NATO and that ensures work, health care and other services for its own citizens amid drastically reduced immigration.

She said she is defending both France’s material and immaterial patrimony, “which has no price” and is “irreplaceable.”

Running on a campaign slogan of “In the Name of the People,” Le Pen called out for French “patriots” on the left and right to join with her.

In politics, “the division is no longer right-left (but) patriot-globalist,” she said. “You have your place at our side.”

The National Front has taken heart in the disarray of the left with the unpopularity of Socialist President Francois Hollande who decided not to seek a new mandate. The right’s leading candidate, Francois Fillon, has been caught up in a corruption scandal, opening the way for maverick centrist Emmanuel Macron — who could face off Le Pen.


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February 5, 2017

Le Pen Mirrors Trump As She Launches Presidential Campaign

Le Pen announced a 144-point platform to give “freedom” back to the people. Main points include abandoning the euro as France’s currency, a referendum on European Union membership and increasing taxes on imports and foreign labor and curbing migration.

French populist leader Marine Le Pen kicked off her presidential campaign Saturday with the hopes of pulling off a Donald Trump-style upset in April.

Le Pen and her National Front (FN) colleagues mirrored Trump’s rhetoric during the campaign launch in Lyon. The party has struggled to survive run-off elections in the past, but the election of Trump has given the party a real boost ahead of the election.

“We were told Donald Trump would never win in the United States against the media, against the establishment, but he won,” Jean-Lin Lacapelle, a top FN official told the conference. “We were told Marine Le Pen would not win the presidential election, but on May 7 she will win!”

Le Pen announced a 144-point platform to give “freedom” back to the people. Main points include abandoning the euro as France’s currency, a referendum on European Union membership and increasing taxes on imports and foreign labor and curbing migration.

“The aim of this program is first of all to give France its freedom back and give the people a voice,” Le Pen said of the manifesto.


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January 22, 2017

Geert Wilders at Europe Populist Conference: ‘If we do Nothing, we Cease to Exist’ (Video)

Geert Wilders has predicted Marine le Pen will be the next French President as he praised newly inaugurated President Donald Trump and called for patriots to “make Europe great again” in a speech on Saturday.

Speaking at the Europe of Nations and Freedom group conference in Koblenz, Germany, this weekend Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders said if patriots fail to act to preserve freedom and national identity in Europe, “we cease to exist”.

Praising President Trump was met with sustained cheering at the conference, which also saw addresses by French Front National leader Marine le Pen, Alternative for Germany leader Frauke Petry, and other key figures of the European populist movement. Referring to the transfer of power in the United States on Friday, Mr. Wilders said it augured well for the future on the other side of the Atlantic too, remarking: “Yesterday a new America, today Koblenz, and tomorrow a new Europe”.

Mr. Wilders, who has seen his poll ratings soar after his conviction “incitement to discrimination” in what he called a politically “charade” trial, is preparing to face the Dutch general election in March. Mr. Wilders hopes, and faces good odds to come out the largest party and called this in Saturdays’ speech an opportunity to “liberate” the Netherlands.

Signalling his optimism for other coming elections in Europe, he said of the chances of his French and German counterparts: “I am certain about it: Marine le Pen will be the next President of France. And in the Autumn it is your turn, my German friends. I am fully convinced that with Frauke Petry Germany’s future has been secured. Long live the German [patriotic] spring!”.


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January 21, 2017

Le Pen: Brexit domino effect ‘will bring down Europe’ (Video)

Marine Le Pen, leader of the French far-right Front National party, has said the Brexit vote has set off a domino effect that “will bring down all of Europe”.

She said the British and Americans had pulled off “coups” in 2016 and predicted that 2017 would be the “year the people of continental Europe woke up”.

Ms Le Pen is seen as highly likely to make the run-off for the French presidency in May, while the right-wing nationalist party, Alternative for Germany, is expected to make significant gains at the election there in September.

Speaking at a meeting of nationalist leaders from major European countries in the German city of Koblenz, Ms Le Pen said the EU was a “system of oppression” and added: “We are experiencing the end of one world and the birth of another.”

She said: “The first real blow struck against the old order, the thing that will set off the domino effect that will bring down all of Europe, is Brexit – a sovereign people has decided to leave an agreement of the powerful, to decide its own destiny.

“The second blow came shortly afterwards and that was the election of Mr Trump to the presidency of the United States, putting the friends of neo-liberalism in an even more difficult situation.”


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