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The continuing destruction of London, caused by the ever-soaring population (Video)

London is being systematically demolished and replaced with vast swathes of anonymous blocks of flats which look as though they could be in any part of the world. In doing so, the character of the city is being dismantled.

Elon Musk Calls Out ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION Replacing US Births, Media Calls it Great Replacement Theory (Video)


In the last 40 years, the population of London has increased by almost 50% (Video)

The population of London was falling after the end of the Second World War. In the 1990s, it began rising again, until there are now 3 million more people living in the city.

White Flight from multi-ethnic areas, is it racial prejudice or a shrewd and calculated decision? (Video)

The phenomenon of white people moving outward from inner cities, towards the countryside or suburbs, has long been known. It is often dismissed as covert racism on the part of people who dislike the idea of having black or Asian neighbours. Is there more to it than that though?

They Know We’re Going Extinct (Video)

The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

US Fertility Rate COLLAPSES Sparking PANIC, Economy Is IMPLODING, Conservatives Have MORE Babies (Video)


‘France Will Become Islamic Country’: Why This Muslim Cleric’s Startling Prediction Is Going Viral? (Video)

Amid rising tensions in France, the six nights of violence and arson have exposed long-running racial tensions within French society. Following the rising tension in the region, a video of a Muslim cleric Sheikh Abu Taqi Al-Din Al-Dari is going viral on social media. In a video dated March 12, 2019, the Al-Aqsa cleric said that “in 2050, Muslims will outnumber French in France”.

Professor David Coleman: Becoming A Minority? (Video)

A talk on the subject of demographic trends in both Britain and globally by Professor David Coleman, Emeritus, St John’s College, Oxford. Coleman is also an advisor to Migration Watch and a member of the Galton Institute. Professor Coleman caused some controversy in 2013 when he put the fateful date that the British people would slide into minority status as 2066 and was viciously attacked by his peers for doing so. He informed our attendees that he is revisiting this earlier model due to the much higher levels of immigration and lower birth rates since.

Victor Davis Hanson – Demographics and the Future of California (Video)

Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains the changing demographics and dynamics that will determine the future of California.

The End Of White People (Video)

White people officially get displaced as the majority population, Obama’s biographer discovers his loafers to be a bit light, and Pornhub closes up shop in Arkansas to avoid age verification laws.