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Ann Coulter’s UNSAFE Opinions About Donald Trump (Video)

Ann Coulter, conservative political pundit, New York Times bestselling author, and creator of the ‘Unsafe’ Substack, joins us to discuss her early support and subsequent dismissal of Donald Trump due to his failure to fulfill his chief campaign promise of building a wall, her predictions for the upcoming presidential election and the political action Republicans need to take in order to reestablish dominance, and how the death of the legacy media establishment is paving the way for a freer and more prosperous future for actual journalism.

The Oscars DEI Requirements Are INSANE! (Video)

The 2024 Academy Awards, more commonly known as The Oscars, was the first to feature a slew of new diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) requirements in order for a movie to qualify for the coveted ‘Best Picture’ nomination. Is it any wonder that Hollywood produces nothing but crap these days?

Kevin Sorbo and Ricky Schroder Are Building a Conservative Competitor to Hollywood (Video)

Hollywood veterans Kevin Sorbo and Ricky Schroder join us to discuss how Hollywood is collapsing under the weight of woke ideology, and how courageous storytellers creating a values-based entertainment industry is the way conservatives will reclaim the culture from the left.

David Mamet DEMOLISHES Hollywood Executives and Brain-Dead Liberals (Video)

Pulitzer Prize winning writer, dramatist, and cartoonist David Mamet joins us to discuss his new book Everywhere an Oink Oink: An Embittered, Dyspeptic, and Accurate Report of Forty Years in Hollywood, why he no longer identifies as a ‘brain-dead liberal’, and how aspiring filmmakers don’t need the artistic establishment’s approval to be successful.

Ex-Hollywood Writer: Why Modern Movies Suck (Video)

In this clip, Andrew Klavan discusses the current state of Hollywood’s movie output, where he thinks they are going wrong, the golden age of cinema, how modern movies portray female characters, how TV series have experienced a golden age over the past 20 years and how wokeness is at the centre of Hollywood’s current problems.

Dear Nations of the World: America Does Not Apologize (Video)

Andrew Klavan OBLITERATES Barack Obama’s apology tour.

Klavan: Why Some Whites Have Become Allies of #BlackLivesMatter (Video)


Novelist and pundit Andrew Klavan has just released a new video from The Daily Wire in which he explains to black America just how condescending their white Democrat allies are.

In his latest “Live Wire with Andrew Klavan,” Klavan begins,

Hey black people! Ever wonder why some white people have become allies of the Black Lives Matter movement? Well, it’s because they’re racist and don’t want you to succeed. If they did, they would believe you could compete with anyone, anywhere, anytime – just like everyone else.

Check out the whole thing – it’s three and a half minutes well-spent, as Klavan’s videos always are.

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Digital Media and the War for the Culture (Video)

Below are the video and transcript to the panel discussion “Digital Media and the War for the Culture,” which took place at the Freedom Center’s 2015 West Coast Retreat. The event was held March 6-8 in Palos Verdes, CA.

Jeremy Boreing: For those of you who don’t know, everyone seated at this table is from Truth Revolt, and really, our mission at Truth Revolt was best defined by the Obama administration when they said, “Punch back twice as hard.” I don’t think that they knew when they were saying that, that a virulent right-wing organization like us would co-op their slogan, but that’s exactly what we’ve done. We call it plagiarism in our business, but really, the whole Internet runs on it.

What we do at Truth Revolt is we think of ourselves as both the activism wing of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and also as the marketing wing of the Freedom Center. We’re going to talk about both of those things as we get started. But the people who are at this table, at the moment, are all people who were involved in our Truth Revolt Original Videos program. Many of you may have seen the videos that we’re releasing. Andrew Klavan does a video series called “The Revolting Truth.” Bill does a series called “Firewall.” It’s impossible for the record to know which one of the two they were clapping for and I don’t want to start any fights, so I’m not even going to speculate.

Bill Whittle: Oh, we know.


Complete transcript linked here.

Findin’ Your Sound: America’s History of Music – Klavan & Whittle (Video)

How has America affected the history of music? Is it through rock n’ roll, or though the standard songbook? Clearly, its hip-hop!

Andrew Klavan: 50 Shades of Barack Obama (Video)

“I love you, America,” said 50 Shades of Barack Obama, “and so I’m going to fundamentally transform you into something else.”

Transcript linked here at original source.