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‘No guard at any time asked to see my face’: Defiant Pauline Hanson stands by burqa stunt and insists she was trying to expose security flaws by wearing ‘un-Australian’ garment

Pauline Hanson shocks the Senate by walking into the chamber wearing a burqa. The Queensland Senator was pictured in the Islamic garb in Parliament Thursday. ‘A large majority of Australians wish to see the banning of the burqa,’ she said. Her appearance was met with laughter and outrage from her fellow Senators. She said no security guard even asked to see her face as she entered chamber.

Pauline Hanson says no security guards even asked to see her face as she walked into the Senate chamber wearing a burqa.

The One Nation leader shocked her parliamentary colleagues when she turned up to Question Time wearing Islamic garb on Thursday afternoon.

However, it seems security guards and attendants on the floor of parliament were unprepared too.

‘I walked straight from my office down the hallway, down the stairs,’ she told Sydney radio 2GB broadcaster Ben Fordham.

‘I met two security guards as I walked straight up the chamber. No one, no security guard at any point of time asked to see my face.

‘One of the attendants who was on the floor of parliament, he just gasped. You should have seen the look on his face.’


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