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May 21, 2017

Chuck Johnson And Mike Cernovich Prepare To Launch Sites To Go After Journalists

“We would investigate plagiarism. We would investigate dishonesty,” Cernovich told TheDC.

Internet provocateurs and journalists Chuck Johnson and Mike Cernovich are each launching websites to go after reporters, The Daily Caller has learned.

Johnson, who currently runs, told TheDC Thursday, “The American press no longer behaves properly, and they need to be held to account.”

“They have decided to make themselves the story, and so if anyone has information on top journalists we will make them the story,” added Johnson, an infamous internet troll with reported ties to the Trump administration.

Johnson has been banned from Twitter for harassment and previously was a freelance contributor for The Daily Caller. He also helped launch Wesearchr, which crowd-funded for information that sometimes pertained to journalists. Some of the “bounties” on the site were for Megyn Kelly’s divorce files, or a sex tape of Gawker founder Nick Denton.

He said the website — he won’t reveal its name — will be a fusion of Wesearchr and Got News and will be launched by July 4. Johnson added that Cernovich might be involved.


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May 2, 2017

Rogue journalist stuns White House reporters with surprise grilling (Video)

‘Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?’

The journalist who scooped the establishment media and unmasked Susan Rice as a key figure in the Obama administration spying scandal turned the tables Monday and grilled White House reporters about how they are doing their jobs.

Or not doing them.

As soon as Press Secretary Sean Spicer concluded his daily briefing and left the room, documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich addressed reporters and loudly asked, “Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?”

A confused hush fell over the room as reporters, unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of shouted questions, tried to figure out what was going on.

But Cernocivh immediately continued, “And why won’t you demand that leaders of the Democrats disavow the violence by Antifa the way you demanded Trump disavow violence from his supporters?”

He then answered his own question by telling the room: “This has been completely covered up. You have no answer.”


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April 16, 2017

Assaulted For Free Speech! | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux (Video)

After being assaulted for exercising his freedom of speech, Mike Cernovich joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss being attacked by violent leftists, exercising self-defense and the free speech battle for Berkeley, California!

April 7, 2017

Journalism Takes WILL and Courage, Not Fancy Offices by Mike Cernovich

Some in traditonal media are learning a lesson. News is about relationships with people, not fancy equipment.

Last summer, I noticed that many of the most noxious and effective anti-Hillary Clinton memes on the Internet?—?that she had Parkinsons, for example?—?could be traced back to one man in Southern California, a former lawyer and self-help author named Mike Cernovich. I called him on the phone. Cernovich maintained a blog called Danger and Play, and he was particularly good at attracting attention on platforms like Twitter and the video-streaming app Periscope. He described himself as an American nationalist and a “Pulitzer-worthy journalist,” and had adopted many of journalism’s linguistic tics?—?his “scoops” were attributed to an entity he called Cernovich Media. What, I asked him, was Cernovich Media, exactly? Was he renting office space, hiring reporters, filling out W-4 forms? He laughed. “It’s definitely just me, dude,” he said. “I run a lean operation. Come out and you’ll see it for yourself.”

It was lean, indeed. Cernovich didn’t own a car, much less a satellite truck or a video-editing suite. But he did have sources.


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