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February 15, 2021

UCR Professor Predicts a Marxist Future and leads with Grant for $2.9 million for ‘Latinx Futures’ (Video)

“The good thing about it is a lot of students, the younger people are hungry for it. They want it. They want to do it. They want to do that work. My generation wasn’t Marxist or left leaning but these kids are. Like their whole future in a capitalist economy is like crap and they know it.” Alfredo Carlos, Ph.D

Mellon Foundation awards $2.9 million for ‘Latinx Futures’

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February 25, 2018

Chicano Founder: Kill Cops With Pride (Corky Gonzales) – Video

These are two excerpts from a speech made by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in 1969 at UCLA, one of the four founders of the radical Chicano political movement. The “Mission” incident he talks about is apparently the famous case, in which Chicanos killed a cop in the Mission District of San Francisco in 1969. These revolutionary ideas are still taught in Chicano studies classes in universities and high schools across the nation.

February 5, 2018

Chicano Founder Preaches La Raza Nationalism – Corky Gonzales, UCLA 1969 (Video)

Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales preaches nationalism for “Chicanos” in a speech at the University of California Los Angeles in 1969. This was one year before Chicano Park was occupied in San Diego and provides a good idea what the Park is about and how they feel about police. The Chicano Park Steering Committee calls it the first part of Aztlan to be occupied and they say that the domination of the rest of Aztlan will grow out of the Park. The call the Park the Ombligo (navel) of Aztlan. Gonzales was one of the four Founders of Chicano political movement.

December 31, 2017

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are not heroes

“They are using my culture to present their dumb ideology of Aztlán”

Chicanos go into Mexico and violate Mexican laws

Re: “Who does Chicano Park belong to?” Neighborhood News.

An embarrassment of Chicano park and the Anti-American sentiment: I feel sad for Chicanos and immigrants who participate in this act of hostility.

Not all Mexican Americans feel this way. I grew up back in the days when Chicanos didn’t speak to immigrants. I remember taking Chicano studies and telling myself They are using my culture to present their dumb ideology of Aztlán. I see their ideology as crying over spilt milk. The Aztec Empire did the same thing.

Mexico is looking toward a better tomorrow. Chicanos need to get over this. Chicanos go into Mexico and violate Mexican laws and then they start crying to go back to the States for protection.

Not all Mexican Americans are anti-American. I was born in Mexico and grew up in L.A. I thank this country for allowing me to be part of it. The USA and Mexico both have dark histories. We don’t like it, but we learn not to repeat them. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are not heroes — people need to read about them. The murals are beautiful, but when it gets political it’s wrong.


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December 2, 2017

Chicano Park is not welcoming

A reader thinks the murals are hostile and divisive.

Hostile and divisive

Re: “Five white men walk into Chicano Park,” Neighborhood News.

I am a mixed-race single mother who was going to bring my 11-year-old daughter to Roger’s picnic/walking tour of the murals. I’ve taught my daughter that murals are a reflection of the community, and we had driven past Chicano Park but never actually stopped to look at it.

When I saw the Anti-American sentiment online, indicating that this might be a dangerous picnic to go to, my daughter and I attended the Padres game instead. It was Military Appreciation Day, and I knew we could be Americans there and be safe at the same time. After seeing footage of the terrorist-looking aggressors with Mexican flags that showed-up for the picnic, I was glad we had gone to the Padres game instead.

The week following Roger’s picnic my daughter and I ventured into Chicano park on our own, where we found the playground area to be updated and it seemed like a nice place to pay. I encountered one homeless man who appeared to be strung-out on drugs and saw several others lying on the grass.


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November 25, 2017

Illegal Aliens Block Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Toward the end of the video as the protesters are being led away by police, supporters can be heard chanting in Spanish about ‘revolution.’

Four protesters, including illegal alien adults with temporary DACA protection against deportation, briefly blocked the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City Thursday morning. Police quickly removed the four red-shirt wearing protesters right after they sat down in the middle of the street. The protesters were detained but not arrested. Supporters on the sidewalk chanted, “Undocumented and unafraid!” in protest of President Donald Trump reversing the unconstitutional DACA program for illegal aliens who entered the U.S. as children enacted by former President Barack Obama after Congress refused to grant them amnesty.

The protest was organized by the pro-amnesty for illegal aliens group the Seed Project, which posted photos and statements about the protest.


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November 18, 2017

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Denies Republican’s Request To Join, Remains All Democrats

“It is truly shameful the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has decided to build a wall around the organization to exclude Hispanic-Americans who aren’t registered in the Democratic Party,” Curbelo said. “This sends a powerful and harmful message of discrimination, bigotry, and division.”

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Thursday rejected Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo’s (R., Fla.) request to join, despite being the son of Cuban exiles.

The caucus announced that it will not accept Curbelo into its ranks because he does not share its members’ values. Curbelo responded with a statement, in both English and Spanish, accusing the caucus of partisan bias. The body has no Republican members after retiring Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.) rejected an invitation and Curbelo was denied.


The caucus claims to be bipartisan but has not accepted a Republican member since 1997; Curbelo made a presentation Thursday morning to try to sway its members. After they made their decision, Curbelo likened it to de facto segregation of Hispanics but added that he still seeks to work across the aisle on issues related to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.


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October 26, 2017

Emails Confirm: Obama DOJ Funneled Big Bank Settlement Money To Liberal Groups

Obama DOJ forced banks to “settle” lawsuits by giving $1 billion to La Raza, National Urban League & other left-wing groups.

Emails written by Obama administration Department of Justice officials confirm reports the agency engaged in a systemic effort to funnel money to liberal advocacy organizations from settlements reached with big banks.

The documents, obtained by the House Judiciary Committee as part of an ongoing investigation, reveal the Obama Justice Department effectively skirted Congress’s budgetary authority by requiring that major financial institutions donate to a group of affordable housing nonprofits and legal advocacy organizations as part of settlement agreements resulting from predatory mortgage lending practices.

The internal DOJ documents represent the latest revelation in a two-year investigation spearheaded by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

The investigation has thus far yielded evidence implicating the Obama DOJ in using mandatory donations to funnel roughly $1 billion in settlement money to activist groups, including The National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and the National Urban League. The list of third party organizations were unrelated to the legal settlements, except through general claims that they would use the funds to aid the low income Americans most severely harmed by predatory lending practices.


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September 21, 2017

Getting Rid of La Raza

La Raza depends for its survival not on grassroots, but on government contracts and kickbacks, and grants from foundations and the corporations it can shake down. Meanwhile, studies show that minorities want to join the mainstream. A leaked memo from ten years ago shows how La Raza opposes this since it is bad for business. One does not need to be a populist to think there is a problem in asking taxpayers to fund efforts that fuel insider networks—at the expense of said taxpayers.

Ever heard of La Raza? Probably not, but you and other taxpayers are funding it.

We shouldn’t be. Along with public broadcasters, environmental organizations, and other entities that use taxpayer money to keep insider networks in power, ethnic identity groups should be taken off public support. These movements have for decades lived off the government only to keep enlarging it, maintaining power in the hands of a self-dealing bureaucratic elite increasingly unaccountable and disconnected from outside society.

La Raza—recently renamed UnidosUS—is a case in point. Set up in 1968 with a grant from the Ford Foundation (which also helped create other movements), La Raza has always been more boardroom than barrio. It depends for its survival not on grassroots, but on government contracts and kickbacks, and grants from foundations and the corporations it can shake down.

This corporate and government coziness doesn’t mean that La Raza hasn’t been a divisive force in society. On the contrary, it’s been so from the beginning, and the balkanization it has caused has benefited elites.


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August 8, 2017

Petition: Remove the tributes to “Che” Guevara

That is why, from the International Foundation Bases, with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, we demand the municipal government of the city of Rosario, hometown of “Che”, to remove all monuments and honors towards this figure.

In 2017, one century after the Soviet communist revolution and 50 years after the death of Ernesto “Che” Guevara is completed. The murderous legacy of communism and this figure does not deserve state partisan-ideological court honors financed with the taxes of all citizens.

Gov’arism in Cuba has left 10,723 killed by the communist regime, 78,000 killed trying to escape the island, 14,000 killed in military operations abroad, 5,300 killed in the Escambray rebellion (mostly peasants and children), persecution of intellectuals, Homosexuals and dissidents, as well as 1,500,000 exiles who still await justice along with the bulk of 11,000,000 Cubans who remain on the island semi-unemployed, with poor health and living conditions, prostituting themselves to arrive at the end of the month and complete in the Black market the miserable official food rations. Worse still, the legacy of international communism praised by “Che”, admirer of genocides like Joseph Stalin, amounts to tens of millions of victims killed, tortured and imprisoned in forced labor camps.


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