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Trump Requested Second Wave of Troops to Texas, Abbott Thanks Governors, Biden Vs TX Migrant Crisis IVideo)

More States send second wave of Troops to Texas (1 Batallion National Guard and State Guard members to Texas border).

They’re Fighting Back & NOT Giving In To The World Economic Forum! (Video)

The Jimmy Dore Show

Ireland’s immigration crisis: Hermann’s Powerful Speech: Feb 05 March! (Video)

Don’t miss Hermann’s powerful speech at the Feb 05 anti-immigration protest in Dublin, Ireland. Watch as he speaks out against the immigration crisis and how every man and woman in this Country needs to stand up now for Irish Freedom, Irish Sovereignty, Irish Culture and Heritage!. This is a must-see for anyone interested in this issue that is crippling and destroying our Country before our very eyes

“Take Back Our Border” convoy rally in Yuma, Arizona – Drone and Documentary footage (Video)

Hundreds of participants – some armed – gathered in Yuma, Arizona on Saturday for the “Take Back our Border” rally demanding “close the border!” This was one of three locations where such rallies were held, including California and Texas.

‘NO BRAINER’: Every state is a border state, says Montana governor (Video)

Republican Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte and Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp join ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss why they stand behind Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on the border.

Trucker Convoy Headed To U.S.-Mexico Border Highlighting Biden’s Lax Enforcement

“There will be a ‘Take Our Border Back’ multi-day trucker convoy from January 29th through February 3rd,” Rep. Keith Self (R-Texas) wrote in an X post. “Routes will end at Eagle Pass TX, Yuma AZ, and San Ysidro CA.”

A trucker convoy is preparing to head to several locations along the U.S.-Mexico border next week to draw more attention to President Joe Biden’s lax immigration enforcement policies Republicans have blamed for millions of illegal crossings.

The issue is really coming to a head in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott (R) appears to be defying the administration and the U.S. Supreme Court by ordering his National Guard to erect razor wire barriers along a section of border near Eagle Pass to staunch the flow of migrants.


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Fearless Mom HUMILIATES Entitled Democrat at Congressional Hearing (Video)

Blaze News

Javier Milei’s Ruthless Attack on Communism (Video)

Tucker Carlson and Javier Milei discuss the dangers of communism.

Patriotism, Gratitude, and Western Civilization (Audio)

“From the moment most of the people on the planet today wake up until the moment they lay their heads down at night, almost everything they do or interact with is a result of Western civilization.”

Many years ago, I attended West Forsyth High School near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Though our sports teams then were generally mediocre, at basketball and football games our cheerleaders would inevitably break into a chant: “WEST IS BEST! WEST IS BEST!”

That cheer came back to me while reading “The Decline and Fall of the Descendants of the Roman Empire.”

In this article, Vince Coyner gives a quick overview of some of the world’s great civilizations, including Rome. He notes that “Culture and civilization are fragile; they’re hard to build and harder to maintain.” He succinctly but accurately points out that a dry rot has spread throughout Western Civilization, created largely by those who “see the sins of their fathers and the imperfections of their society and believe that their tunnel vision means the West is nothing but evil.” He writes of the insanity of opening borders “to tens of millions of people who don’t share their culture and, indeed, most of whom come from nations hostile to Western values.”  He takes a shot at “citizens who became fat, dumb, and happy during prosperous times.”


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Joe Rogan’s URGENT Call to Americans: “Stay Prepared for Anything” (Video)

The Soul Not For Sale podcast is hosted by Coach Colin. He is a high performance coach, stand up comedian, and identifies as the black Tucker Carlson. Joe Rogan is a stand up comedian, UFC commentator, and the most famous podcaster in the world. He’s also the main inspiration for me starting this podcast.