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Video: You’re Not Laughing Now, Are You? ;)

Happy Brexit Day!

Complete Classic Movie: The Illusionist (2006)

Set in early 1900s Vienna, illusionist extraordinaire Eisenheim (Edward Norton, “American History X”) falls for an aristocrat (Jessica Biel, “Total Recall”) well above his social standing. The master magician employs his powers to win her love and his daring scheme creates tumult within the monarchy and ignites the suspicion of Chief Inspector Uhl (Paul Giamatti, “Sideways”).

Dead Malls, Explained – Learn Liberty (Video)

Imagine your local mall today. How empty has it become? How many bored people are working in discounted stores with only a few mall walkers left to visit them? How did it get this way?

Heather Mac Donald: Why China Laughs at Western Diversity Quotas (Video)

Heather Mac Donald is a scholar in immigration, policing, and analyzing colleges & universities. She’s a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Contributing Editor at City Journal, and the author of, The Burden of Bad Ideas, and most recently, The Diversity Delusion.

Complete Classic Movie: Despite The Falling Snow (2017)

In 1950s Moscow, communist Katya secretly spies for the Americans in the Cold War arms race. When she lands her biggest assignment, stealing secrets from rising government star Alexander, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with him. Reconciling her passion for him with her beliefs about communism means making the greatest sacrifice – of her life – a sacrifice that Alexander only uncovers thirty years later.

Life in the Soviet Union (Video)

Excerpt from Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God (Bloomsbury, 2010), pp. 59-66.

Liberia: The Real Wakanda (Video)

Liberia is divided into fifteen counties, which, in turn, are subdivided into a total of 90 districts and further subdivided into clans.

Complete Classic Movie: King of California

After spending several years in a mental institution, Charlie (Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, “Wall Street”) is sent home, reuniting with his teenage daughter (Emmy nominee Evan Rachel Wood, “Westworld”). Soon after, he becomes obsessed with the notion that a long-lost Spanish treasure is buried under their local suburban Costco. Stars: Michael Douglas, Evan Rachel Wood.

Nigel Farage’s dramatic final speech at the European Parliament ahead of the Brexit vote (Video)

Nigel Farage’s final speech at the EU ended very dramatically when he was cut off for ‘disobeying the rules’ ahead of the Brexit withdrawal agreement vote.

George Soros to Start $1 Billion School to Fight Nationalists, Climate Change (Video)

Will seek to combat authoritarian governments, climate change

Billionaire George Soros said he will commit $1 billion to start a global university to fight authoritarian governments and climate change, calling them twin challenges that threaten the survival of our civilization.

The Open Society University Network will offer an international platform for teaching and research, the 89-year-old said Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The university will be launched through a partnership of the Soros-backed Central European University and Bard College.

“As a long-term strategy our best hope lies in access to quality education, specifically an education that reinforces the autonomy of the individual by cultivating critical thinking and emphasizing academic freedom,” Soros said.


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