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May 24, 2022

Magnificent Vietnam Green Beret Tells What Happened To Him (Video)

Green Beret David Christian was unquestionably a war hero in the Vietnam war and as he says, fought valiantly on behalf of the USA. David Christian was wounded 7 times receiving 7 purple hearts as well as the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism. When he returned from the war, he worked as he does today, to help Vietnam veterans.

May 22, 2022

Woke Warriors: How DEI Risks Destroying DoD (Video)

Rep. Mike Gallagher recently led a guest lecture at Hillsdale College outlining concerns over identity politics infecting the military and the consequences it has on U.S. national security. He also discussed how the Department of Defense’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) bureaucracy has been built on bad social science and fringe history, which is being exploited by our adversaries.

May 6, 2022

Diversity and inclusivity in the British Army; the Psychosis of Whiteness (Video)

Three months ago, on February 8th, the British Army held a training day called Operation Teamwork, with a particular emphasis on tackling racism. One of the documents used, and with which soldiers had to agree, was called ‘The Psychosis of Whiteness’ and its aim was to present the idea of being white as a mental illness.

April 20, 2022

22 Cadets Leave, Hundreds Put on Probation After 2020 Air Force Academy Cheating Scandal

The 210 cadets put on six-month probation could not represent the academy at any sporting events or competitions nor participate in any school clubs. They also faced additional honor code training and instruction.

The Air Force Academy placed 210 students on probation, while nearly two dozen others were either expelled or chose to resign from the school, in the aftermath of a 2020 cheating scandal.

In the two years since the incidents occurred, the Air Force hadn’t publicly revealed how many students were disciplined in the scandal, with the figures only surfacing during a Board of Visitors meeting earlier this month. In total, 245 students were suspected of cheating, and 231 of them admitted they had violated the school’s honor code.

Faculty caught wind of alleged cheating on papers, tests and homework after the school transitioned to remote learning during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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March 17, 2022

US Deploys Marines To Australia Amid Fear Of WAR With China, Russian TV Discusses INVADING NATO (Video)

US Deploys Marines To Australia Amid Fear Of WAR With China, Russian TV Discusses INVADING NATO. The show discussed cutting off NATO between Kaliningrad and Belarus igniting fear of potential escalation.

December 22, 2021

Can The U.S. Military Still Protect Americans?

U.S. leaders have enabled China to fund the rise of its military while presiding over the decline of ours.

Can the U.S. military actually protect our country? We should all have serious doubts.

A few years ago there were troubling signs when the Iranian navy captured two U.S. Navy command boats and ten sailors; a U.S. Army tank crew finished in fourth place, behind Germany, Denmark, and Poland, in a North Atlantic Treaty Organization tank “rodeo;” and when “whistleblowers” admitted that an unacceptable number of U.S. aircraft were not airworthy and lacked capable mechanics, spare parts, and even the pilots necessary to fly them.

More disconcerting and recent are the U.S. Navy’s extraordinary construction woes in what has become the most expensive aircraft carrier in the world, the U.S.S. Gerald Ford. The designers abandoned the time-proven cable system for the carrier’s elevators, the steam-driven aircraft catapult, and the hydraulic-engine arresting system in favor of electromagnetic systems.


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October 21, 2021

Gen. Keith Kellogg: Our military and the alarming disappearance of accountability

Too many have forgotten that they lead the military to fight and win our nation’s wars

Accountability remains one of the most important tenets in leadership and, until recently, was a crucial component to success in the military.  Accountability develops trust, demonstrates stewardship, and influences decision-making. By virtue of its necessity, it is interwoven into nearly every aspect of life in uniform. Troop formations, combat success, physical fitness tests, individual performance reports, financial liability investigations for property loss — all are mechanisms and tools of accountability.   

Dangerously, accountability in decision making at the highest levels of the military appears to have all but disappeared. Over the past decade, stars on shoulders became Afghan participation trophies and we all but celebrated mediocrity in our leaders. 

As Kabul fell so did our trust and faith in our military senior leaders. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the ‘just-for-show’ hearings in Congress that followed indicate the weakness and inability of our uniformed and elected leaders to accept the most fundamental aspect of their job…accountability. 


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September 4, 2021

DML Podcast Sep 4: Combat vet explains scary next phase of a woke military. They may be targeting you.

The most concerning part of the podcast is when Kent reveals the reason why the military is going woke, and how the top brass under Biden are using the mandatory COVID shots to weed out conservative service members.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for September 4, 2021, is 48-minutes.

DML is joined by combat veteran and congressional candidate Joe Kent.

Kent served in the military for 21 years, and he participated in 11 combat missions. His wife, who also served in the military, was killed in Syria during the withdraw. Kent is now running for US Congress. He lives in Washington State.

The discussion between DML and Kent starts with the events in Afghanistan. Kent provides a haunting, detailed analysis of what the 13 service members probably thought to themselves at the moment they were killed.

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September 3, 2021

Putting the “War” Back in War Colleges

Our nation’s senior-officer educational institutions no longer teach warfighting—and that must change.

We must reckon with the hard truth that the United States has lost another war. Though errors made by policymakers certainly played a part, our military lost in Afghanistan because it no longer knows how to fight and win wars. This wasn’t because our military professionals lack will or effort but because they have forgotten the real purpose for which militaries exist. Nowhere is this truer than in America’s war colleges—the schools our nation established to teach officers how to fight and win wars. The plain fact is that these schools no longer teach warfighting. This may sound incredible—even unbelievable—but it is true.

In May 2020, the Joint Chiefs of Staff published guidance for the education of future senior military leaders that repeatedly emphasized the need for all senior officers to learn how to fight wars and campaigns as a joint force. The various services are specialized to fight and win battles on land, at sea, and in the air, but campaigns and wars require building, supporting, and commanding formations that fight in all three environments simultaneously, often far from the United States. The Joint Chiefs issued their guidance because our senior-officer education system does not prepare its students for joint warfighting, which is enormously complicated.


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August 30, 2021

Marine fired for criticizing military leaders resigns, says chasing stability makes ‘slave to the system’ w/Video

Scheller said he wanted senior leaders to accept accountability

The U.S. Marine relieved of his command for calling out his superiors over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that led to the deaths of 13 service members said Sunday he was officially resigning. 

In a tell-all video posted on social media, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller acknowledged he was sacrificing a comfortable retirement by criticizing the way the withdrawal was handled. 

“I could stay in the Marine Corps for another three years, but I don’t think that’s the path I’m on. I’m resigning my commission as a United States Marine, effective now,” Scheller said. “I am forfeiting retirements, all entitlements, I don’t want a single dollar. I don’t want any money from the VA. I don’t want any VA benefits [even though] I’m sure I’m entitled 100%.”


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