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March 19, 2017

David Horowitz: Why I am No Longer a Leftist (Pt. 2) – Video

David Horowitz (author) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his 1986 column in the Village Voice titled ‘Why I Am No Longer a Leftist.

David Horowitz on Communism, Marxism, and the Black Panther Party (Pt. 1) – Video

David Horowitz (author) joins Dave Rubin to discuss the Communist Party, Black Panthers, similarities with the hate for Reagan and the hate for Trump and more.

January 24, 2017

David Horowitz: Democratic Party Is Marching Off The Cliff (Video)

Freedom Center president joins Stuart Varney to discuss the Trump inauguration and his new book, “Big Agenda.”

David Horowitz recently appeared on the Fox Business channel’s “Varney & Co.” to discuss Donald Trump, inauguration, the Democratic Party and his new book, “Big Agenda.” View the clip below.

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December 31, 2016

Man of the Year: Chief Trump Strategist Stephen K. Bannon

A tribute to an unsung hero.

TIME magazine named Donald Trump “Person of the Year” for 2016, and we could have done the same. But this would have been to over-simplify a victory that millions of Americans believe has brought this nation back from the brink of destruction, and has done so against what seemed impossible odds. In the just completed election campaign, a vicious partisan press substituted character assassination for reporting and joined malicious Democrats in demonizing Trump and his supporters as racists, sexists, Islamophobes, xenophobes and religious bigots, while dismissing the candidate as “unfit to sit in the White House.”

From the outset Trump distinguished himself as a self-confident warrior who refused to be “politically correct.” Trump won the primaries and eventually the election because, unlike Republicans before him, he refused to be intimidated by leftist witch-hunters and their reputation-burning attacks.

But Trump’s very fearlessness, self-confidence and disregard for progressive bigotry – his indisputable strengths – came with a downside that threatened to undo him. Even as he responded to the defamation from whatever quarter it came, his campaign message was pushed into the background until it was in danger of being altogether lost. Questions began to be raised and not only by opponents. Could Trump be presidential? Could he stick to a winning message? Lackluster polling numbers sparked a panic among feckless Republicans who began demanding that Trump be replaced as the nominee. Even in the camp of the faithful, supporters began to wonder if their candidate was too thin-skinned and undisciplined to win, and – equally important – whether such a strong-willed individual could listen to a voice that was not his own. Could he ever trust and then avail himself of a counselor, who would focus his message and keep him on course?


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December 26, 2016

David Horowitz speaking at USC (Video)

From March 23rd, 2016.

December 23, 2016

Monica Crowley Speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center (Video)

Must watch video!

December 21, 2016

David Horowitz – The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America (Video)

Left-wing radicals have taken over various departments at universities around the country and use their privileged positions to propagandize about their own political biases. Horowitz criticized certain academics in humanities departments where they are allowed to teach subjects beyond their expertise. Mr. Horowitz, speaking at a student-sponsored event at Duke University, also pointed out professors at the school whom he believes are trying to limit the spirit of open debate that universities are supposed to embrace.

November 12, 2016

MILO Receives Annie Taylor Award For Courage At David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend

On November 11th, MILO accepted the Annie Taylor Award For Bravery presented to him at the David Horowitz Restoration Weekend in Palm Beach, FL.

Other guests of the night included BREXIT champion Nigel Farage, Dinesh D’Souza, creator of Hillary’s America, Peter Schweizer, creator of Clinton Cash, and more.

MILO began his acceptance speech discussing his recent travels to New York City, where he attended the Donald J. Trump presidential victory party.

“Hillary Clinton’s supporters couldn’t imagine a world in which she’d lose to Donald Trump. Look at it from their perspective — although their candidate is obviously ill, completely out of touch with the real world, an insane old megalomaniac, and surrounded by a staff curiously obsessed with cheese pizza, they thought they had this wrapped up.”

He continued on, explaining just how the fate of the election came about, and how nobody expected it one bit.

“The courage of Trump and his voters handed Hillary Clinton the worst electoral defeat of a Democrat in 28 years. 28 years! Some of you were the age of my typical college audiences the last time this happened! No one in the media predicted it, vanishingly few on the conservative side predicted it, and we know a lot of cowardly conservatives didn’t even want Trump to win.”


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October 31, 2016

Why David Horowitz Loved Donald Trump From The Start (Audio)

For David Horowitz, Donald Trump’s candidacy was a love affair from the beginning. Horowitz explained why in the latest episode of “The Jamie Weinstein Show,” where the former New Left activist turned conservative firebrand also discussed what he loves most about Trump, his decision to call Bill Kristol a “Renegade Jew,” his influences and much more.

Though he says he didn’t officially support a candidate in the Republican primary, Horowitz admits he “really enjoyed Trump from the outset because he was so politically incorrect.”

“For years I’ve been frustrated by Republicans and by conservatives who are too damn polite when it comes to confronting Democrats and thethreat posed by the left,” Horowitz, who runs David Horowitz Freedom Center and, said. “Republicans and conservatives can get very blood thirsty when they’re attacking each other. But they put on the velvet gloves when they’re talking about or to Democrats. And Trump wasn’t doing that. I thought that was great.”

“‘Crooked Hillary,’” he mused, using Trump’s name for his Democratic rival. “I loved that. He was the first person to call Hillary a liar. The first one to call her a crook. How refreshing was that?”


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August 25, 2016

‘Progressive Racism’: David Horowitz’s New Book Unveils the Left’s Assault on MLK’s Dream and the American Social Contract

The timing for the recent release of “Progressive Racism,” Book VI in David Horowitz’s series, The Black Book of the American Left, could not be more propitious.

This volume, which explores the politicized betrayal of MLK’s vision in detail, is arguably the most important of the series because, as Horowitz writes in his preface, the subject “goes to the heart of the most problematic assault on the American social contract.” The book is a compilation of Horowitz’s columns on race published (mostly, with a few recent exceptions) in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Horowitz writes that he structured the chronologically arranged articles to,

“form a running journal of the conflicts that accompanied the transformation of the civil rights cause. Until this transformation it had been a movement to integrate African-Americans into America’s multi-ethnic democracy. In less than a decade it had become a movement led by demagogues to refashion racial grievances into a general assault on white people and on the country they were said to ‘dominate.’ In its core agendas, the new civil rights movement was an assault on the basic American social contract, and in particular the 14th Amendment’s commitment to equal rights under the law and thus to race-neutral standards and race-neutral government practices. Post-King civil rights became a movement to institutionalize racial preferences – the same kind of discriminatory practices that characterized segregation – and to recreate a race-conscious political culture in which blacks and a handful of designated minorities were singled out as the groups to be racially privileged. On the other side of the coin, whites were made targets of exclusion, suspicion and disapprobation.”


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